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Chaos is a ladder for America’s Mainstream Media

Chaos is a ladder for America’s Mainstream Media

…to get out of the hole they dug during 2016 election coverage

I would like to expand upon Professor Jacobson’s excellent post on Charlottesville, Reversal of Reality.

He notes that the failure of the American press to fairly report the truth — that both sides were violent during the protest/counter-protest — goes beyond mere criticism.

True! But there is method to the current media madness. I had an epiphany while rewatching a key scene in which two of the primary contenders in the Game of Thrones discuss royal politics..likening chaos to a ladder.

Chaos is the ladder that the American press is attempting to climb to get out of the pit it dug in its awful, unbalanced, and often incorrect assertions about the entire 2016 election cycle and its aftermath.

Let’s review some of the “serious” and “informed” coverage about President Trump over the past 18 months that we have been treated to by the American mainstream media:

Here is an amusing trip down memory lane:

Just before the Charlottesville chaos, President Trump could point to some significant successes. For example, his strong stance on North Korea appeared to be working. The “Russian Collusion” case against Trump appeared to be a nothing-burger, but there was renewed interest in the Clinton-Lynch collusion on the Arizona tarmac. Between promoting American business and removing needless regulations, the nation’s economy is humming along and people are optimistic about the future.

However, the chaos in Charlottesville gave the press the opportunity to conflate President Trump with Nazis, the KKK, and White Supremacists…a theme they were already familiar with:

So, the chance to connect President Trump to the Nazis who organized the original protest in Charlottesville was a golden opportunity to twist all the false coverage of the past 18 months into “real news”.

The trouble is that most Trump supporters have already dismissed the press coverage of Charlottesville for the partisan hackery that it was.  Additionally, many of us are waiting for more details on white national organizer Jason Kessler, who formerly was an activist for Occupy Wall Street.There are now people checking into an LA firm, Crowds on Demand, to determine if it supplied agitators to enhance the chaos.

Trump supporters also have a long list of alt-left attacks they vividly remember that include beatings of rally attendees in San Jose, a riot in Berkeley, and a stink bomb plot intended for the Inaugural Ball.

Furthermore, after smearing Trump’s supporters as deplorable…again…many or responding in social media to counter the media’s charges and reiterate support for the president.

Americans also shouted out support for our historic monuments, which are now under attack:

And some plucky Facebook friends from Seattle finally drew some much-needed attention to a particularly vile local monument.

I cover many of these points in today’s Canto Talk show:

In conclusion: The American media may want to use the chaos of Charlottesville as a ladder, but in the end, it will likely be another #FakeNews pit.


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Get out of a whole?

Some of them would like too, surely. Just hit reality’s EJECT button and take the rest of the day off.

” Additionally, many of us are waiting for more details on white national organizer Jason Kessler, who formerly was an activist for Occupy Wall Street.”

I’d like to know what happened to his blog site that disappeared the very weekend of Cville.

It was his own domain too (, so I don’t think it was censored. It had the most detailed account of the racist tweets of the vice mayor Wes Bellamy. I haven’t been able to find as thorough of a collection in any other reportings.

The Lenin statue has already been removed from its original location in Slovakia, and is now on private property for sale. If you want to move it again, you can buy it, then move it, or destroy it, at your leisure.

De Libertas Quirkas: We dress him up in a tutu for gay pride.

Very good.

On the bight side the news media is dying a slow and delightfully painful death. Take McClatchy, a company I am very familiar with. They are a major news corporation with news outlets in many states.

A couple of years ago they had to pull off a 10 to 1 reverse stock split in order to get their stock above $1 per share and getting kicked off the NY stock exchange. Using the new valuation (10 X higher than reality) their stock was at a high of $748 a share on March 8, 2005. Today their stock is $6.11 a share (or in reality 61 cents a share). Hehehe…. gotta love it.

What is really funny is most of their papers have a business section. Perhaps they should ask their classically trained professional journalists with the highest ethical standards who are experts in the world of business what is wrong with their own business model.

#MSM == #RaceToTheBottom

“Additionally, many of us are waiting for more details on white national organizer Jason Kessler, who formerly was an activist for Occupy Wall Street.”

That makes the entire Charlottesville incident look like a false-flag operation. Organize a “right-wing” rally for the sole purpose of denouncing it and blaming all the left-wing violence you’re planning on engaging in on the “right-wing”. Furthermore, the maps of the barriers and exits offers the strong appearance of the local police herding said “right-wing” people into the waiting 2x4s and baseball bats of the ready-to-do-violence antifas.