The media and political frenzy we’ve witnessed since the Charlottesville riots and death of Heather Heyer last Saturday has been as intense as anything in recent memory.

I’ve often used as a measure of frenzy the media reaction when Mitt Romney made a statement during the 2012 campaign criticizing the Obama administration’s response to Benghazi. By that measure, the current situation is off the charts.

For anyone who remembers, the death of four Americans, including our Ambassador, were cast aside for 2-3 days as the media foamed at the mouth in anger that Romney dared criticize the President and politicize such a moment. Reporters even were caught on tape colluding as to which questions to ask at Romney’s press conference. Romney’s act of stating the truth about Benghazi was an act that could not be tolerated, and so his statements were twisted.

The political sphere went hand in hand with the media frenzy, as Democrats fed and fed off of the media frenzy.

That media and political frenzy was, of course, a reversal of reality. It wasn’t Romney who politicized Benghazi by asking serious questions about lack of protection of our Ambassador and consulate. It was the Obama administration that put out false explanations in order to shield Obama’s campaign. The media frenzy was not to get to the truth, but to protect the lies of the Obama administration.

That 2-3 day frenzy was nothing compared to what we are seeing now, because Trump told a simple truth about the riots. Both sides came ready to fight, and both sides were violent. That’s an undeniable fact for anyone who cares about facts.

Unfortunately, many people seem uninterested in facts. So Trump’s words have been twisted into a supposed endorsement of neo-Nazis and White Supremacists, even though there was no such endorsement stated or implied. In each of his three statements, Trump went out of his way to condemn racism and hatred, and in two of the three statements he condemned neo-Nazis and White Supremacists.

What makes this more intense than the media attacks we have seen on Trump before is that Republicans are running scared. The fear of being falsely called a Nazi supporter by the media and political opponents is so intense that Republicans are falling all over themselves to denounce Trump for stating the simple truth that both sides came ready to fight.

Antifa (fka Black Bloc) anarchists are being portrayed as merely opposed to bigotry, when in fact that are violent thugs opposed to civil society.

In an obscenity, Antifa is being compared to U.S. soldiers who landed on D-Day.

That truth that both sides were violent doesn’t mean both sides were equal.

But the denial of the truth that both sides were violent seems to go beyond mere criticism, into a reversal of reality.


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