If you followed our coverage of the Boycott Divest and Sanction movement on campuses this past academic year, you would know that the BDS movement on campus was on the verge of violence.

From confrontations with professors, to dorm storming, to vandalism, to publication of a Nazi cartoon, to disruptions of speeches and demands for Zionists to get off campus, to takeovers of student government offices, to demands for a new Intifada, to intimidation of Jewish students, to defacing pro-Israel posters, to seeking disqualification of pro-Israel students from student government, to threats from faculty at one college to boycott me, and so on.

The tactic was to completely dehumanize Israeli Jews, and BDS gets support from some influential faculty in such endeavors.

The campus BDS movement came unhinged this past academic year in part because of failures on campus, leading to calls for “direct action.”

And that was before the July 2014 Gaza conflict.

Now we are witnessing a worldwide upsurge of open anti-Semitism in which BDS is part of the message, accompanied by threats and in some cases violence, including in the United States.  We already have seen  in the reaction The threatening face of anti-Israel boycotters in America.

(language warning)

Haaretz reports, Anti-Israel protests go viral – and violent – in U.S. and Europe:

Fallout from the hostilities between Israel and Hamas is spreading across Europe and the United States. Protests about the conflict have flared up, much like they did during past battles, increasingly turning confrontational, notably in the United States, Israel’s staunchest ally.

Although the violence from Palestinian supporters at pro-Israel rallies in Los Angeles and Boston has not approached the seriousness of recent incidents in Paris and Berlin, many community leaders on both sides have noted an upswing in the level of vitriol and frustration reflected in the rhetoric emanating from the pro-Palestinian camp.

The vitriol is being whipped up by people who are frequent speakers and activists on college campuses and who completely disconnect the thousand plus rockets fired by Hamas from civilian areas with Israel’s retaliation. They demonize people who point out that the story is not one-sided as having blood on their hands and worthy of prosecution.

Merely unhinged BDS on campus will be the good old days.

That’s my prediction.

(Background on video here)


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