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Expecting anti-Israel violence on campuses this fall

Expecting anti-Israel violence on campuses this fall

BDS on campus already was unhinged, and that was before the recent Gaza conflict.

If you followed our coverage of the Boycott Divest and Sanction movement on campuses this past academic year, you would know that the BDS movement on campus was on the verge of violence.

From confrontations with professors, to dorm storming, to vandalism, to publication of a Nazi cartoon, to disruptions of speeches and demands for Zionists to get off campus, to takeovers of student government offices, to demands for a new Intifada, to intimidation of Jewish students, to defacing pro-Israel posters, to seeking disqualification of pro-Israel students from student government, to threats from faculty at one college to boycott me, and so on.

The tactic was to completely dehumanize Israeli Jews, and BDS gets support from some influential faculty in such endeavors.

The campus BDS movement came unhinged this past academic year in part because of failures on campus, leading to calls for “direct action.”

And that was before the July 2014 Gaza conflict.

Now we are witnessing a worldwide upsurge of open anti-Semitism in which BDS is part of the message, accompanied by threats and in some cases violence, including in the United States.  We already have seen  in the reaction The threatening face of anti-Israel boycotters in America.

(language warning)

Haaretz reports, Anti-Israel protests go viral – and violent – in U.S. and Europe:

Fallout from the hostilities between Israel and Hamas is spreading across Europe and the United States. Protests about the conflict have flared up, much like they did during past battles, increasingly turning confrontational, notably in the United States, Israel’s staunchest ally.

Although the violence from Palestinian supporters at pro-Israel rallies in Los Angeles and Boston has not approached the seriousness of recent incidents in Paris and Berlin, many community leaders on both sides have noted an upswing in the level of vitriol and frustration reflected in the rhetoric emanating from the pro-Palestinian camp.

The vitriol is being whipped up by people who are frequent speakers and activists on college campuses and who completely disconnect the thousand plus rockets fired by Hamas from civilian areas with Israel’s retaliation. They demonize people who point out that the story is not one-sided as having blood on their hands and worthy of prosecution.

Merely unhinged BDS on campus will be the good old days.

That’s my prediction.

(Background on video here)


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The cops will be culpable when it happens, too. They are less than worthless. If they weren’t there, both sides might be more inclined to police their own. When the cops stand by and take no decisive action, they make violence more likely.

Watch the footage from the most Dainty Blue cities from the Occupy days. That’s where the most damage and injury happened.

Sad to say it will have to get worse for people on the outside to wake up and bring about the repudiation of those who are motivated by hate for Israel and Western values.

mumzieistired | July 16, 2014 at 5:30 pm

I pray you are wrong, Professor. But I’ve never known you to be wrong yet…

They are getting frantic because they know they are losing the battle for the hearts and minds of …. everyone. As the decent people drift away, there will be nothing left but the nuts. The reason the decent people are drifting away is because they are learning what the BDS creeps stand for.

BDS creeps support Hamas. Here is the Hamas Covenant.

Decent people do not support a$$holes who publicly proclaim that they are going to “sacrifice” their souls “in the path of Allah,” and go on to describe their entitlement to world domination, followed by decades of acts of senseless violence. Offering up soul-destroying sins to a God whose basic Commandments are “Love God” and “Love your neighbor” cannot be satisfying to either that God or those who adhere to anything that calls itself a Religion of Peace.

Nearly all the Hamas sympathizers are either leftists, radical muslims, or Democratic minorities, all of which are predisposed to violence and crime.

Uncle Samuel | July 17, 2014 at 8:37 am

Takes a special kind of insanity to ignore all evidence of Islam’s malevolence, racism, misogyny and other assorted atrocities.

Same people ignore the 40-80 times increased incidence of STDs, violence, mental illness, suicides, early deaths, cancers, injuries correlated with the LBGTXYZ lifestyles.

Callipygian1 | July 17, 2014 at 11:06 pm

I would not advise any of those lowlifes to wiggle a finger in my face.

The answer to this: explode back.

    Some guy in Beit Shemesh did that. You know what happened.

    Look, they outnumber us. Do you know what actually happened in Crown Heights? It’s in the New York State report. The mob went to a house, shook the door frame off the hinges. They basically went to the Jewish community and said, “We can massacre you, but we won’t this time.” What if there was no police force? Yes, even the do-nothing NYPD under the racist Mayor Dinkins was enough to stop a massacre, and did happen through Jewish history in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

All that is happening in our days is the prelude to enormous changes but even before discussing in regard of the possible remedy one must be clear about how we came to this point recognizing both physiognomy and origin of the threat:

Since 9/11 it’s the War on Terror

One “false flag” attack so called by error

Blair, Bush and Israel had a Pact in store

Their next surprise is knocking at your door

A hidden vile Idea from those who want “more”

will use you and your Belief for the next World War

As “chosen people” gain while Humankind loses

Greed wins not by the swords but by the words of Moses

Daring is to tell you when, better then to tell you rhymes

could not side with either one to get ready for our times

to look beyond and past today to seek for a solution

one only hope is there for you and spells Wavevolution


A new type of Revolution wins with the ultimate weapon:

Your Mind.