The anti-Israel boycott movement in Ireland is perhaps the most aggressive anywhere in Europe, something I highlighted in the post The Irish anti-Israel sickness isn’t limited to Ireland. Other British universities are not far behind.

If you want to know what the ugly face of the BDS movement looks like, watch this video of an anti-boycott speaker being shouted down, as reported by Irish for Israel:



[Note – on March 12, 2014, the original Irish4Israel video was removed by YouTube after a complaint. The text below was in the original YouTube “About” description.]

Published on Mar 7, 2014

Watch these BDS bullies try to break up an anti-boycott meeting on the campus of National University of Ireland Galway, 5 March 2014. Disgraceful, but typical. Defend free speech on campus! At the lectern is Professor Alan Johnson, editor of the pro-‘two states for two peoples’ journal ‘Fathom: for a deeper understanding of Israel and the region’. The anti-Israel fanatic shouting vile abuse, threatening the students, and trying to break up the meeting is Joseph Loughnane.

Loughnane, the person identified by Irish for Israel as doing the shouting, was a big supporter of the NUI Galway student BDS vote which passed yesterday.

The ugly face of BDS often is just below the surface, but this time it surfaced.

It’s the same face of the anti-Israel academic boycotters on campuses in the U.S. who wrap themselves in propaganda about Israel being an Apartheid state, ethnic cleansers, and uniquely and solely worthy of boycott.

Look at the hate in that man’s eyes, then read this letter just issued by dozens of Vassar faculty members in support of the academic boycott of Israel.

I see no difference between the two, the guy in the video is just more open and honest about how he feels.

Update 3-8-2014:  Loughnane would fit right in on the Vassar faculty and that of many other campuses (via Facebook):

Our final speaker of the night was Joseph Loughnane. He said how Israel was created as a Western outpost in a region un-brainwashed by American interests. He told us how ultimately it was the Jews that stole the land, and so they are to blame. Joseph also said how the Jews run the American media and push their agenda, and that ultimately, the West uses and controls Israel as a tool for keeping the Middle East in line.

He also is running for student office:

Joseph Loughnane campaign poster

Update 3-9-2014: Galway Univ: Shout down of pro-Israel speaker “unacceptable” and “will be investigated immediately”.


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