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UCLA Student Council rejects anti-Israel divestment resolution

UCLA Student Council rejects anti-Israel divestment resolution

Huge defeat for Boycott Divest Sanction movement — anti-Israel students in shock

After an all-night session, the UCLA student council defeated an ant-Israel divestment resolution by a vote of 7-5.  (Featured image is moment vote announced.)

The vote received enormous attention, and was trending in the U.S. on Twitter.

This is a huge defeat for BDS on campus. Divestment resolutions recently were overturned at UC-Riverside and defeated at UC-Santa Barbara. I can’t say whether this is a national trend, but it does signify that pro-Israel students now are more organized than in the past.

(added) Ben Shapiro made a “guest” appearance against the resolution:

In this image, one of the student council members a student note taker, who appears to have supported the resolution, is crying and screaming that she’s never been so disappointed and that “we just fucking blew it.”


UCLA student we just fucking blew it

From Israel hater Ben White, one of the most aggressive BDS supporters (not a student at UCLA), the consolation prize:

(Note: The student crying in the image above apparently was a note taker, not council member, and the text has been updated accordingly.)


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RReaganConservative | February 26, 2014 at 10:13 am

I am so proud of the brave students who stood up to the liberal fascists, and stood by the State of Israel’s right to live, to actively pursue business, to exist, to be free from terrorism- financially, politically, or physically.

Congratulations to my alma mater! So proud of all these groups I used to be part of – Bruins for Israel for their good work as usual; Bruins United (the political party I co-founded that controlled 6 seats in the 7-5 vote) for standing strong against the mighty race card (they sometimes have not); and Bruin Republicans and its amazing (Arab!) chairman for their very active support for Israel. The Bruin Democrats deserve some credit too for their less active but still important official anti-BDS position. And of course, the outside help, particularly the amazing StandWithUS, a great group that far more people should know about.

“we just fucking blew it.”

Is she referring to the meeting, or her Saturday night date ?

Oh wait, nevermind, I just saw her face ….. no dates for her !

[…] Legal Insurrection reports on the drama that took place last night at UCLA–the latest U.S. campus to attempt an anti-Israel boycott or divestment resolution: […]

Ben Shapiro’s remarks were biting. He brought home to the students that the vote was about whether UCLA was going to declare itself anti-Semitic.The vote against BDS is especially heartening because of the aggressive actions of Islamic students at CA universities to prevent people from presenting the other point of view.

Mr. Ben Shapiro, you are beyond my skills at description. I’m going to have to leave it to ask, “Can you be any better?” Thank you for having to courage to stand up to these cretins! You inspire me!

May He come soon, even in our day!

[…] after the vote, one of the anti-Israel activists on the panel burst into tears and starting screaming and whining incomprehensibly, and in general throwing a tantrum worthy of a frustrated two-year-old. Luckily, the whole meltdown […]

Here is an excerpt from archival information on UCLA students having worked together in the past to stand up for the Jewish people.

“Regents revoke rent amidst protests”, June 1981, Rabbi David Berner.
On May 13, I participate in a protest to preserve history. The rally to stop the Nazi [sic] Institute for Historical Review from using the U. C. Lake Arrowhead retreat center was one of the most significant causes I have been a part of. … An important ingredient to the success of the campaign was the solidarity that the Black Student Alliance, Asian Coalition, [the Armenian Students Association –malca] and MECHA showed. Their participation in the rally had a very special meaning to those that attended….A key inspiration to the campaign’s activities was a letter from Professor Geoffrey Symcox of the History Department to President Saxon. This letter expressed the basic issues of the campaign: “As a member of the academic community at UCLA, I am alarmed that our University would allow its good name to be exploited by this group, whose sol aim is to gain respectability….”