One of the beauties — and sometimes nightmares — of Twitter is that sometimes people tell you how they really feel without filters.

Such as the NYU Dorm Stormers at Students for Justice in Palestine, who sent out the tweet in the featured image above.

That tweet puts the lie to the claims of SJP and similar anti-Israel groups on campus that they do not seek the destruction of Israel, and merely want to have Israel leave Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank).

There are naïve followers of these groups who actually believe that spin, but that’s not what the groups are about.

When they say “Justice in Palestine,” what they really mean is that Israel has no right even to exist.

NYU SJP was called out on the tweet at Truth Revolt:

Truth Revolt NYU SJP denies Israel's right to exist

A funny thing then happened. The tweet was deleted, rendering this image at the Truth Revolt post:

Twitter- @NYUSJP Israel existence violates Intl Law

The link now leads to this:

Twitter- @NYUSJP Israel existence violates Intl Law - dead link

Thank you NYU SJP for confirming what we always knew.