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Boston Latin is a public school, but also an exam school with an admissions process so you might say the students who attend enjoy a certain level of (ahem) privilege to do so. The school also has a dress code which some students find problematic with some even claiming it perpetuates rape culture. FOX News reports:
Students at prestigious Boston school claim dress code perpetuates rape culture Administrators at prestigious Boston Latin School have been embroiled in a dispute with female students over rape culture. And the whole thing was triggered by the school’s decision to actually enforce its longstanding dress code.

A male student at Brown University was accused of sexual misconduct and some students led a pressure campaign on the judge to find him guilty. Luckily, the judge resisted and drew his conclusions based on the facts. The Washington Post reported:
Judge reinstates Brown Univ. student accused of sexual misconduct, blasts ‘organized’ pressure to get him not to A federal judge has reinstated a Brown University student after finding that the Ivy League school in Providence, R.I., improperly judged him responsible for sexual misconduct.

If progressives were allowed to re-write the 10 Commandments, they'd probably include something like: Thou shalt not question rape culture. The College Fix reports: Federal judge who ruled against Brown’s rape investigation targeted by student campaign When Judge Aaron Persky in California gave a convicted student rapist a sentence...

Remember the whole Rolling Stone/University of Virginia/faux rape story?
An investigation conducted by the Charlottesville Police Department found no evidence of rape at the accused University of Virginia fraternity. Months ago, Rolling Stone broke Jackie’s story. Jackie claimed she’d been gang raped by members of Phi Kappa Psi in 2012. When the Rolling Stone article sparked national outrage, UVA’s administration acted swiftly and without facts, punishing Greek life on campus. Then the Washington Post began to dig deeper into the Rolling Stone shocker. And that’s when the story began to quickly unravel and was eventually debunked in entirety.

The White House held a State of Women Summit this week and for some reason, chose Vice President Joe Biden to represent the Obama administration at the event. Joe Biden isn't guilty of any crimes against women but he does have a demonstrable habit of being a little too intimate with ladies. Wired has a report on the summit:
VP Biden: Changing Rape Culture Will Take All of Us Biden, speaking today at the White House State of Women Summit, made two things abundantly clear: violence against women is an epidemic, and the country is a long, long way from eradicating it.