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Libel Suit Over Rolling Stone’s False UVA Gang Rape Story Headed to Trial

Libel Suit Over Rolling Stone’s False UVA Gang Rape Story Headed to Trial

The fallout continues…

A dean at the school is suing over the way she was portrayed in the story. What a mess. People will study this case for years to come.

The Daily Caller reports:

Rolling Stone Gang-Rape Libel Suit Headed To Trial

A University of Virginia (UVA) dean’s lawsuit against Rolling Stone over its retracted gang-rape article has survived summary judgment, and is now completely clear to go to trial next month.

Nicole Eramo sued Rolling Stone for $7.85 million last year over her portrayal in its story “A Rape on Campus.” It tells the story of UVA student Jackie Coakley, who claimed she was gang-raped at a fraternity party and then spent years struggling to get justice. The article portrayed Eramo as callous toward Coakley’s plight and unwilling to take action to stop sexual assault because “nobody wants to send their daughter to the rape school.” The magazine even took a photo of Eramo giving a lecture and photoshopped it to make her look more sinister.

But Rolling Stone eventually had to retract its entire story, after follow-up investigations revealed Coakley had invented the story as part of a bizarre scheme to win the affections of a boy she had a crush on.

Eramo’s case was the first lawsuit filed against Rolling Stone over the article, and is the most likely to succeed. Eramo claims Rolling Stone and writer Sabrina Erdely had ample reason to distrust Coakley’s story, but published the story anyway due to a mixture of recklessness and desire to push a particular narrative.


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I think I read Rolling Stone just sold half the magazine to a Chinese investor. So they will have plenty of money to pay the judgement against them.


Suck it, Rolling Stone. Let this be a reminder to every so called journalist who fancies themselves to be a Social Justice Warrior or Social Engineer.