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Manhattan Institute scholar and author Heather Mac Donald appeared on the Mark Levin show this weekend to discuss how campus culture has begun to surface in American politics. Social justice warriors used to be confined to college campuses, now their world view has been adopted by many elected officials.

A female student from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut was sentenced to a year in jail this week for falsely accusing two male students of rape. Nikki Yovino, it was revealed, made the accusation because she was worried her consensual experience with the two football players would hurt her relationship with another student.

Signs were recently posted in hallways and bathrooms at Grant High School in Oregon which read "trigger warning: sexual assault" then the word "BEWARE" followed by the names of five male students. This story is an example of the perpetuation of "rape culture" we have often covered on college campuses. Now it's trickling down to high schools, apparently.

Former Boston TV anchor Heather Unruh told a press conference today that Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted her then-18-year-old son in 2016 in Nantucket. From CBS Boston:
Fighting back tears, she said her son was a “star-struck, straight, 18-year-old young man, who had no idea that the famous actor was an alleged sexual predator or that he was about to become his next victim.”