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Purdue Punishes ROTC Student After Girlfriend Accuses Him of Snuggling Without Consent

Purdue Punishes ROTC Student After Girlfriend Accuses Him of Snuggling Without Consent

A good argument for staying single.

In what universe does this situation appear fair to the male student?

The College Fix reported:

Purdue kicks out ROTC student after girlfriend accuses him of snuggling without consent

Are you a snuggler and a Purdue University student? Don’t date.

A male student sued the public school for suspending him a year – and expelling him from its ROTC program – after his ex-girlfriend accused him of snuggling without her consent while they were dating, The Indianapolis Star reports.

The ex only accused him three months after they broke up, according to the federal suit:

During the time they dated, the female student alleges that during several nights when they slept together, the male student groped and fondled the woman while she was sleeping, without her consent. The complaint also states that he “chased her down a hallway” threatening to taser her.

He was never charged.


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Paging Dr. Ruth! Paging Dr. Ruth!

Well, did he have a taser in his possession?

Girl might want to consider convent life. Won’t get NUN of that nasty behavior there.,

What motivates women who make accusations like this? Does this accusers really think it’s appropriate for her ex to have his life ruined, as punishment for the “crime” of cuddling her when they were in bed together? Does she believe that her accusation is needed to fight the alleged “rape culture”? Are feminist professors encouraging this sort of accusation? Is it peer pressure?

If she was asleep how the hell does she know he fondled her? Maybe it was a dream.

My advice to all college men is to just date townies.