The White House held a State of Women Summit this week and for some reason, chose Vice President Joe Biden to represent the Obama administration at the event.

Joe Biden isn’t guilty of any crimes against women but he does have a demonstrable habit of being a little too intimate with ladies.

Wired has a report on the summit:

VP Biden: Changing Rape Culture Will Take All of Us

Biden, speaking today at the White House State of Women Summit, made two things abundantly clear: violence against women is an epidemic, and the country is a long, long way from eradicating it.

That much is obvious to anyone online this month as a powerful letter written by a rape survivor went viral. The letter lays out in stony detail everything the woman knows and feels about the crime committed against her. It inspired a deluge of posts on social media, with people voicing support for the woman and condemning the judge who sentenced her rapist to six months in jail, arguing that prison would too adversely impact his life.

Biden was among those who lent support to the survivor, who remains anonymous. In his own viral open letter, the vice president told the woman, “I do not know your name — but I know that a lot of people failed you that terrible January night and in the months that followed.”

He reinforced that message today. “Those of us who find this action reprehensible, the talk reprehensible, you have to be heard,” he said. “You are the ones who are going to impact the change in the culture.”

Here’s a clip of Biden using a weird and creepy hypothetical example of a nude woman walking into the U.S. Capitol for some reason:

“No man has a right to touch her.”

We agree, Mr. Vice President. Perhaps you should take your own advice.

Here’s a flashback from the Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden’s woman-touching habit

Vice President Joe Biden left some observers in and out of Washington aghast with his whisper-in-ear embrace of new Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter’s wife Stephanie at Carter’s swearing-in Tuesday. As Carter was delivering his first speech as Pentagon chief, Biden, standing in the background, put his arms on Stephanie Carter’s shoulders and his face to her ear, apparently telling her something in what could reasonably be interpreted as an intimate embrace. A still image of the gesture shot around the social media world:

Biden woman 1

Biden’s behavior at the Carter ceremony follows his hands-on performance at the swearing-in of new senators in January. The vice president’s performance on that day brought comment from around the world, ranging from “Biden being Biden” to “handsy Joe” to “creepy.”

The Senate swearing-in followed various times in the past in which Biden has been particularly affectionate with women in business and social situations, like the 2013 Christmas party at which he embraced reporter Amie Parnes.

Biden woman 2

Please lecture us more about touching women, Joe.

Featured image is a screen cap from the Washington Examiner.