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Rolling Stone Paid a Stunning $43,000 for False UVA Gang Rape Story

Rolling Stone Paid a Stunning $43,000 for False UVA Gang Rape Story

What a waste.

As the defamation case over Rolling Stone’s false rape story continues, some very interesting details are coming to light. Like the unbelievable amount Rolling Stone paid for the story.

The Daily Caller reports:

Rolling Stone Paid Reporter Nearly $43,000 For Disastrous UVA Article

Rolling Stone magazine paid reporter Sabrina Erdely nearly $43,000 for her now-retracted article, “A Rape On Campus,” which triggered a massive defamation lawsuit against the magazine.

Erdely’s article, published in Nov. 2014, told in lurid detail of Jackie Coakley’s gang-rape at a University of Virginia (UVA) fraternity. The article provoked a massive wave of outrage, but shortly after its publication serious holes in Coakley’s story were exposed. The story was subsequently retracted, and an investigative report by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism exposed many serious errors in Erdely’s reporting.

Now, Rolling Stone is fighting a $7.5 million defamation lawsuit from UVA dean Nicole Eramo, who says Erdely’s article defamed her by portraying her as callously indifferent to sexual assault victims at UVA. The trial phase of the lawsuit began this week, and Erdely has testified three consecutive days.


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