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Students at Exclusive Boston School Say Dress Code Perpetuates Rape Culture

Students at Exclusive Boston School Say Dress Code Perpetuates Rape Culture

“Establishing a sense of shame towards girls bodies”

Boston Latin is a public school, but also an exam school with an admissions process so you might say the students who attend enjoy a certain level of (ahem) privilege to do so.

The school also has a dress code which some students find problematic with some even claiming it perpetuates rape culture.

FOX News reports:

Students at prestigious Boston school claim dress code perpetuates rape culture

Administrators at prestigious Boston Latin School have been embroiled in a dispute with female students over rape culture.

And the whole thing was triggered by the school’s decision to actually enforce its longstanding dress code.

The code is fairly conventional as schools go: It bans gang-related colors and symbols, sexually explicit logos, hemlines higher than 4 inches above the knee, and shirt-shoulder straps narrower than the width of three fingers. It also prohibits leggings worn as pants (as opposed to under a skirt or dress).

The female students, in middle and high school, didn’t react well to the announcement. In a petition, they said it sends the message that “we still live in a patriarchal society where men can decide whether a female’s clothing is appropriate or inappropriate.”

The petition also claimed the dress code creates “a sense of shame towards girls bodies” and reinforces the notion that “yes, it is our fault when girls get raped because they should have covered up and avoided the situation by dressing in a way that does not attract another person.”

You can read the full text of the petition below:

Tell interim headmaster of Boston Latin School to reconsider strict dress codes

As of November 1st, Interim headmaster Michael Contompasis has decided to reform the dress codes of Boston Latin School allowing the school to control more and more of what students wear. These new restrictions prevent many clothing choices including tank tops, leggings and a variety of other clothing. Most of these rules, if not all of them, have already been in place for some time. However, it has now been said that these rules, which have up until now selectively enforced, are to be heavily enforced. If you have read the daily bulletin, you may notice that many of the restrictions are aimed towards the female gender.

By allowing the school to dress code us, we are telling the school several things:

Yes, we still live in a patriarchal society where men can decide whether a female’s clothing is appropriate or inappropriate.

Yes, a body should be covered in order to be attractive. Establishing a sense of shame towards girls bodies is okay and perfectly acceptable.

Yes, a girl’s body is a sinful temptation that needs to be covered up at all costs for others to focus on their education.

Yes, a female’s body is more tempting and sexual than a male’s body.

Yes, it is our fault when girls get raped because they should have covered up and avoided the situation by dressing in a way that does not attract another person.

Are these statements correct to you? Is it okay to assign a dress code in this manner? If the answer is NO! then sign this petition to tell Mr. Contompasis to reconsider his dress code restrictions.

Here’s a video report from CBS News in Boston which focuses more on the gang colors issue:

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Spoiled little rich girls. “Daddy lets me do anything I want, so should you.”

    OnlyRightDissentAllowed in reply to LWP. | October 28, 2016 at 1:54 am

    It is a public school. I do hope that fact doesn’t ruin your point.

    Massinsanity in reply to LWP. | October 28, 2016 at 7:54 am

    It is a public school and I suppose it remains fairly exclusive but the reality is that BL is no longer exceptional when it comes to student performance/achievement thanks largely to affirmative action and the impact of SJW movement on the school. There once was a time when suburban parents would try extraordinary means to find a way to get their kids into BL but now it trails most of the top suburban high schools in academic performance.

legacyrepublican | October 27, 2016 at 4:10 pm

Ummm, right.

Let’s see where this vapid logic goes next. Soon, school uniforms will be considered porn.

So, naturally, those first few moments of Prince Caspian in the Narnia series where the kids parade around in their evil school uniforms have to be now rated XXX.

    OnlyRightDissentAllowed in reply to legacyrepublican. | October 28, 2016 at 2:01 am

    In Japan, girl’s school school uniforms have spawned a fetish. The arousal is in the mind, not the clothing.

    But I understand. Ideologues have a simple, unequivocal, and universal solution to all problems. If only we would all listen to you or the Taliban, the world’s problems would be all solved.

      legacyrepublican in reply to OnlyRightDissentAllowed. | October 28, 2016 at 3:45 am

      We have entered into an era in which perversion has become normative and those who are god fearing and self-disciplined are considered perverse and anathema.

      As a result, I have come to see the political term of being on the “left” not as a direction, as most would think, but rather as the pernicious act of having “left” sanity and sound reason behind.

“Parents, to the white courtesy phone, please. Parents to the courtesy phone…..”

Tell them you’re adopting a muslim-sensitive dress code and they’ll happily cover themselves head to toe.

Slut walk?

Pro-Choice perpetuates a rape-rape culture through debasement of human life.

That said, Viva la sexual revolucion!

    OnlyRightDissentAllowed in reply to n.n. | October 28, 2016 at 1:53 am

    But Trump is “pro-life”. He used to go on Howard Stern for the sole purpose of promoting abstinence.

    Massinsanity in reply to n.n. | October 28, 2016 at 8:02 am

    Trump may not be consistently pro-life but Hilary has told us the she believe unborn babies have NO rights whatsoever until they are entirely outside the womb. A truly chilling position.

If schools keep bowing to the pressure of these precious snowflakes, then these kids won’t ever figure out how to live/work in the real world. If these are supposed to be good and bright kids, they can’t show up to work at a law firm in yoga pants.

    Massinsanity in reply to Mr. Izz. | October 28, 2016 at 8:04 am

    They won’t go to a law firm but they will go work for the Justice Department or some other government agency where they can do far more damage.

The “school” will cave.

Who gets to be the one with the tape to measure the skirt height.

Boys are much more covered up than girls, yet that elicits no response. I submit this has nothing to do with “rape culture”, and everything to do erasing limits on female sexual power.

This has nothing to do with “rape culture,” but rather with trying to maintain an environment conducive to studying and learning. I hope the school also prohibits males from wearing muscle shirt tank tops (without a shirt underneath) and from letting their pants tops hang down four or five inches below their waistlines.