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Obama's 2020 DNC speech was almost the opposite of the 2004 DNC speech that propelled him onto the national stage. If you watched this week, you heard very little about hope and the things that bring Americans together. Instead, this was a dark speech that was heavier on Obama's dislike of Trump than why you should vote for Joe Biden. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow loved the speech, naturally, but it also scared her.

Lev Parnas is to the Impeachment Trial as Julie Swetnick was to the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, if Republicans let Democrats get away with it. Recall that after the Kavanaugh hearings were done, but before the committee vote, Democrats leaked that they had a surprise witness they had known about for several weeks, Christine Blasey Ford. Her claim that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school fell apart when the four people she said were present in the house that night all said they had no memory of such an event -- not just the sexual assault, but even of being in the house as a group.

Rachel Maddow gets my nod as the Worst Media Person for 2016-2019. She deserves that title not because she's anti-Trump deranged -- so are most of the hosts and guests on MSNBC and CNN, and large numbers of reporters and opinion-makers at major newspapers. And Maddow's not the worst at MSNBC -- Lawrence O'Donnell is hate-filled and angry, but no one takes his intellect seriously. Maddow, by contrast, managed to defraud her own viewers with pungent conspiracy fear-mongering that has led them down a dark dead-ended alleyway, while maintaining the patina of intellectualism.

MSNBC host and conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow will moderate the first Democratic primary debate along with NBC anchors Jose Diaz-Balart, Savannah Guthrie, Lester Holt, and Chuck Todd. Maddow is the only one out of those who host an opinion-based TV show, which caused some people to raise eyebrows. It does not help that Maddow has dived into numerous conspiracy theories since President Donald Trump took office.

There was no media figure more humiliated and shamed by the actual facts about the supposed Trump-Russia conspiracy than MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.  She was all-in on the Russian conspiracy, collusion, Manchurian candidate fantasy.  All. In.  Night after night she regaled her audience with her tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, and they lapped it up.

How many times must MSNBC's Rachel Maddow end up with egg on her face before she stops with the tabloid behavior? So many explosive reports that turned into absolute duds. Maddow claimed yesterday she had video that showed the White House edited video of the conference between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to remove the question from Reuters about Putin's desire for Trump to beat Hillary. Yeah....except that's not what happened. Even The Washington Post shot her down.

Rachel Maddow's big SCOOP on Donald Trump's tax return turned into an embarrassing flop, with mockery coming at her from all directions, Rachel Maddow’s career committed suicide live on national TV tonight. Maddow did the unthinkable -- bringing together pro-Trump and anti-Trump together in horror at the horrendous clickbait. What was key was how Maddow herself build up the expectations with a pre-show tweet:

Appearing on this evening's Hardball, David Johnston, who received part of Donald Trump's leaked 2005 tax return, said "I suspect" that Trump leaked "pornographic" photos of Melania to the New York Post.
DAVID JOHNSTON: At first I thought Donald might have leaked it [the tax return], but his reaction in turning what could have been for him a terrific story about himself, he's managed to squander by his reaction to this, so clearly he didn't leak. When Donald leaks things, he doesn't complain about them. He didn't complain about the pictures of his wife, the pornographic pictures that were published in the New York Post. He didn't complain about the three pages of state tax returns that got out last year. And I suspect both of those came from him.

Rachel Maddow has a history of claiming big scoops which then flop. There was the debunked 2012 big scoop about supposed GOP wrongdoing in Michigan. And the 2014 big scoop that the Koch Brothers were behind Florida groups pushing drug testing for welfare recipients, which was not true. We covered the Florida non-scoop big scoop, Rachel Maddow’s come undone with Koch Derangement Syndrome.

Rachel Maddow has wondered out loud whether President-elect Trump might be under the influence of Russia. On her MSNBC show this evening, Maddow suggested that Trump might betray the most sensitive intelligence to the Russians—including the identity of US spies. She questioned whether US intelligence agencies should provide Trump with such information.