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Rachel Maddow Was ‘Scared’ by Obama’s Warnings About Trump Ending Democracy

Rachel Maddow Was ‘Scared’ by Obama’s Warnings About Trump Ending Democracy

“his warnings we could potentially be at the end of American democracy scared me, and I found upsetting and hard to watch”

Obama’s 2020 DNC speech was almost the opposite of the 2004 DNC speech that propelled him onto the national stage. If you watched this week, you heard very little about hope and the things that bring Americans together.

Instead, this was a dark speech that was heavier on Obama’s dislike of Trump than why you should vote for Joe Biden. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow loved the speech, naturally, but it also scared her.

You see, one of the gloomy and looming aspects of Obama’s speech was that if you don’t vote the way Democrats want you to, our ‘democracy’ may end.

Anthony Leonardi writes at the Washington Examiner:

Maddow: Obama’s tone at Democratic convention was upsetting and hard to watch

MSNBC hosts found former President Barack Obama’s remarks at the Democratic National Convention difficult to watch.

Reacting to the third night of DNC speeches, network hosts Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid said the former president’s pessimistic remarks were “hard to watch,” which they interpreted as a warning that President Trump’s reelection could mean the “end of American democracy.”

“President Obama’s speech tonight slayed me. I’m sure people will have different opinions about it because it’s a different kind of thing from him. But his warnings we could potentially be at the end of American democracy scared me, and I found upsetting and hard to watch. But it’s powerful. Powerful stuff,” Maddow said.

Reid said she shared Maddow’s reaction to Obama’s speech, speculating that Obama, whom she describes as a “poet,” purposefully used that rhetorical tone to forewarn about the consequences of the election.

See the clip below:

It’s just a little over the top, right?

Years ago, Democrat would often accuse Republicans of exploiting the politics of fear.

What do they call this?

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She’s either horribly gullible or lying or both.

    DSHornet in reply to Servius. | August 21, 2020 at 6:06 pm

    She’s a twofer.

    She’s a star in a bizarre cult. She’s in on the b.s., but has probably rationalized it so much she has it integrated into her psyche.

    But a few bucks would snap her out of it.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to | August 21, 2020 at 9:17 pm

      Like a two bit street walker………

        . . . She seems to service her low-information, TDS-addled dependents — the needy, if you will — and, certainly no less, her media capo, willingly and gladly.

        She does a good job, then, for the Organization, whatever its real form. The body politic or the country, meh; not so much, in my view, no.

        Does she “sell” her soul? It’s a challenge to read her, a present-day Calypso*, and be sure. She’s a helluva rationalizer if nothing else, and, having an accessible, public platform each night, that’s already harmful in and of itself. She has a lot of stupid and falsely impressionable followers. At bottom, I find her an artful propagandist, certainly no journalist — nor a professional, one subscribing to a distinct practitioner-community’s ethical code, in the least.

        *Greek: Καλυψώ, transliterated Kalypsō) was a nymph in Greek mythology, who lived on the island of Ogygia, where, according to the Odyssey, she detained Odysseus for seven years.
        The etymology of Calypso’s name is from καλύπτω (kalyptō), meaning “to cover”, “to conceal”, “to hide”, or “to deceive”. According to Etymologicum Magnum, her name means “concealing the knowledge” (καλύπτουσα το διανοούμενον, kalýptousa toe dianooúmenon), which – combined with the Homeric epithet δολόεσσα (dolóessa, meaning “subtle” or “wily”) – justifies the [reclusive] character of Calypso and her island.

          They like her “attitude”. In other words, they’re angry people angry about their upbringing (read: their crazy parents), and want to take it out on the rest of us. And I’m not talking about poor people: most of these people with chips on their shoulders are quite affluent.

          Emotion before logic: a very feminine way of thinking. We know how that works out (obama, trudeau, etc.)

    amwick in reply to Servius. | August 22, 2020 at 12:04 am

    I think she is full of it.

if i were her, i’d be scared every time i looked in the mirror!

I was hoping that Maddow was an outlier, only on air to bring in the weirdo viewers on the left. Sort of a more masculine version of Alex Jones. Unfortunately it would seem that she is dead center in the middle of the d party. Heaven help them.

There’s only one solution Maddow: lock yourself in your house, crawl under your bed with your binky, and never ever come back out. Then you won’t have to be frightened anymore by the scary bad orange man — although you may still experience severe discomfort at the thought that other Americans can actually have different opinions than yours.

Wait a minute. On the night in 2016 that Trump was elected president, Maddow mused on-air that she would end up in a concentration camp, presumbly because she was gay.

I can’t help but notice that it hasn’t happened. Has Ms. Maddow noticed?

She probably has. She must know that if President Trump were the monster she says he is, she’d either be in terrible danger or already dead. The fact that she keeps peddling her nonsense is evidence that she knows perfectly well it’s nonsense.

C’mon, Legal Ineurrection, you have this HORRIBLY mislabeled….That’s actually Chrissy Hayes!

SO. embarrassing.

2smartforlibs | August 21, 2020 at 5:30 pm

Roswell did you forget you and Larry OH’DUHnald pushed a Russia hoax for 3 years and never said you were full of IT.

SeekingRationalThought | August 21, 2020 at 5:32 pm

Maddow is one sick pup. If PMSNBC cared about its people, she would be taken off the air and sent out for treatment. Seriously, if she is the upset, she shouldn’t be left alone.

One sick pup alright…


I’m afraid for the end of our Republic!!!

All Democracies fail. They devolve into anarchy which is what we are seeing in single party urban America. Why would we want that for the rest of the country?

A Biden win and Senate takeover by the Dems would mean the end of the filibuster, three new states rammed through creating 6 new Senators, and Supreme Court stuffing with four new Liberal justices. That is what Madclown should be afraid of.

One sick pup alright…

Wasn’t everybody already killed by the end of Net Neutrality?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that “civilization as we know it is at stake” in the upcoming 2020 election

I wish I could find her quote after the election that she said something like our Democracy is over with the Trump election.

It is so obvious that they are trying to destroy it. The pattern is clear. They are desperate and losing power.

That dude is easily frightened.

Don’t worry, MadCow! we’re not a democracy! We are a Constitutional Republic!!

I see her sense of reality has not improved.

Based on the still, she should get her thyroid checked. (I’m not joking)

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow loved the speech, naturally, but it also scared her.

I’d admonish her to quit moaning and just “man up” . . . but find that, somewhat unexpectedly, I’m too much of a gentleman to actually say it.

During his speech today at the Council for National Policy, President Trump said that it will be the end of our democracy if the Democrats win this election.

So as much as I hate the “both sides are doing it” argument, it seems to be applicable here.

However, in this case, Trump is right. The Democrats have made their hatred of America, its history, and its institutions quite clear. They are far more likely, given recent events, to be the ones to introduce the kind of totalitarian rule Maddow says she fears.

Don’t let her fool you, Madcow would love for the Communists to take over and for you to end up in Happy Camp.

One simple question. How can she be scared about something “ending” when that thing never existed?

I’m sorry, dykes are the worst

Nicholas Fondacaro

Oops… CNN’s Van Jones let the cat out the bag!

“And we were prepared for it to be a terrible speech. As long as he didn’t embarrass himself, we were going to come out here and praise it!”

This is what the liberal media will be doing tonight, tomorrow, and the foreseeable future

Give. Me. A. Break.

You’re no journalist, Rachel; that’s been clear for a few years. You’re a clown — worse, a schlemiel and a fraud.

Get off the air!

You’re a public menace; afraid of your own thinking, you’re a threat to the general welfare.

“A republic, if you can keep it”

Barry Soetoro | August 22, 2020 at 12:19 am

Rachel, the US has never been a democracy. We are a democratic republic and our Constitution guarantees each state a republican form of government.

She is a care bear now.

InsufferableKunt. It’s going to be afraid of a lot more come November. Toyko rose spent the rest of her life running from imaginary assassin’s. This skank had best follow her example. Not all boogeyman are just boogeymen.

Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell should have a loveless love-child. It would be adorned with the best tinfoil MSNBC can buy.

Madcow does provide a wide all spectrums of entertainment, particularly in the horror (imagine waking up next to this freak) and comedy (read an excerpts from her book – or don’t waste your time and trust me: her ignorance is laughable).