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Lev Parnas is Julie Swetnick, and Dems are trying to ‘Kavanaugh’ the impeachment trial

Lev Parnas is Julie Swetnick, and Dems are trying to ‘Kavanaugh’ the impeachment trial

Let Adam Schiff put on his pathetic case based on the record in the House, then dismiss the charges as legally and constitutionally insufficient, or move to a quick vote. To allow Democrats to ‘Kavanaugh’ an impeachment trial would be unforgivable.

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Lev Parnas is to the Impeachment Trial as Julie Swetnick was to the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, if Republicans let Democrats get away with it.

Recall that after the Kavanaugh hearings were done, but before the committee vote, Democrats leaked that they had a surprise witness they had known about for several weeks, Christine Blasey Ford. Her claim that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school fell apart when the four people she said were present in the house that night all said they had no memory of such an event — not just the sexual assault, but even of being in the house as a group.

So out of the woodwork came multiple other accusers, particularly Julie Swetnick, represented by then-Democrat-presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti.

Swetnick pushed her ludicrous story out on cable news. The story was that Kavanaugh ran gang rape parties in high school in which men lined up in rape trains. The story was absurd on its face, but Democrats and liberal media treated it as more proof that no vote should be held on Kavanaugh until there were full investigations of all allegations. Swetnick’s claim not only was absurd, her background cast serious doubt on her crebility. Her claims fell apart when she was pressed. But she served Democrats’ purposes.

This is what “to Kavanaugh” something is: to drag a hearing out with serial accusations and accusers so that the process becomes interminable. And this is what is happening with the Democrats’ attempt to remove Trump through impeachment and trial.

The impeachment case was rushed through the House without Democrats seeking subpoenas of key witnesses or seeking judicial compulsion of witnesses who objected to testifying. There was a supposed emergency so dire that impeachment could not await a full House record. Then Nancy Pelosi sat on the Articles of Impeachment trying to coerce the Senate into trial procedures that would find new evidence through witnesses and documents subpoenaed for trial that would fill in the weak House record.

And true to form, a new witness is rolled out who supposedly is so important that the trial must turn into an investigative tool not a trial tool.

That person is Lev Parnas who has lots of opinions about Trump’s supposed knowledge of a conspiracy to coerce Ukraine to help Trump’s campaign — but Parnas has no first hand knowledge. And he is an even more suspect character even than Swetnick. Parnas has been charged with conspiracy, including making false statements and falsifying records.

Yet Parnas got a prime time interview on Rachel Maddow’s show with the largest audience Maddow EVER had. Maddow is an Alex-Jones-like conspiracy nut who nonetheless is the star of MSNBC and pushes conspiracy theories to feed #TheResistance masses, in this case to feed the argument that the Impeachment Trial needs to call witnesse and expand into an investigative endeavor. Lev Parnas is Julie Swetnick (no offense intended to Swetnick).

Shut this down. The Democrats behind this are not acting in any more good faith now than in the Kavanaugh hearing.

Weakness will get Republicans and the country nowhere. Let Adam Schiff put on his pathetic case based on the record in the House, then dismiss the charges as legally and constitutionally insufficient. Or move to a quick vote.

It’s bad enough to ‘Kavanaugh’ a confirmation hearing. To allow Democrats to ‘Kavanaugh’ an impeachment trial would be unforgivable.


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Didn’t she have that jailbird creepy porn lawyer helping her or was that one of the others?

    Olinser in reply to tz. | January 17, 2020 at 12:52 am

    Yep that was her.

    Honestly we owe Swetnick and Avenatti a debt of gratitude. They were so LUDICROUSLY obvious about their insanity, coupled with the media and Democrat’s attempt to push her as ‘credible’ (seriously one of them actually tried to ask Kavanaugh about it), made it crystal clear to even the most casual observer that the whole thing was bullshit.

      Tom Servo in reply to Olinser. | January 17, 2020 at 7:34 am

      One of the good pieces of news this week is that Avenatti is finally behind bars where he belongs, and there’s a good chance that he will *Never* be released. (Unless he makes it to 80 years old in prison and someone lets him have a pity release then)

“To allow Democrats to ‘Kavanaugh’ an impeachment trial would be unforgivable.”

Nevertheless, that is exactly what will happen. The Democrats’ ace-in-the-hole has always been the Vichy Republicans like Mitt Romneycare & Co. Charles Schumer will be running this trial.

Never forget how badly the Vichy Republicans want open borders, gun control, and government-run healthcare. They will do ANYTHING to get those policies enacted.

    The mistake we always make is to assume that just because the Republicans drove 99 yards to the goal line they will score. Somehow, the ball always seem to end up in the other end zone on the next play. So here we are again.

    I just can’t get myself to trust these guys. I’ll believe it when I see it. I still strongly suspect McConnell has cut a deal with the Democrats.

    let’s have a close look at the *Demoncrat party of “today”! Leadership: Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Waters, Omar, Tlaib, Pressley, Feinstein, Booker, Warren, Sanders, K.harris….{ & many more anti-American idiots}…{ Leadeship?}…:O}}}

    Now let’s look at their party platform: Rampant Abortion { paid for by Taxpayer money, through Planned Parenthood}…..No holds barred for the trimester….even killing normal healthy “un-wanted babies”, :O{{{ Open Borders, Sanctuary Cities, giving “safe harbor”, to convicted criminals, Allowing Illegal Aliens to vote in national elections, Flagrant violations of the law, & due process, by *Demoncrats…..How could “ANYONE”….’Ever”, clam to be a “*Demoncrat? That is ludicrous, disgusting, & Constitutionally un-acceptable! { SHAME, & DEGRADATION}

    I agree. That is exactly what will happen. Lev Parnas, John Bolton, Marie Yovanovich, “The Whisleblowers” (Both “A” and “B” team), Harvard and Yales Law Professors, etc.,etc. The string of Christine Fords, Julie Swetniks and Anita Hills will be endless. And Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Doug Jones and Lisa Murkowski will not only allow it, they will promote it.

    “Vichy Republicans “. Love it and am going to steal it.


Professor, from your mouth to cocaine Mitch’s ears

It’s the….NEXT BIG THING…!!!!!
This will the ONE…that….FINALLY….DOES IT…!!!!
Until……… don’t……

“Appearance of impropriety”

It’s a non-stop machine of bureaucratic laws and statute, media outrage, and administrative leakers and saboteurs who work endlessly just to create an appearance of impropriety

Flies buzzing around a smelly pile of obama named nancy pelosi trying to cover the stench of treason and corruption.

TRUMP IN 2020!

Btw, nice hairdoo, what’s your name.

Dismiss these fake articles outright or we’re going to invite more of this schiff. I don’t think the democrats involved in this are capable of shame, but these articles need to be dismissed in a manner that will cause future generations to be ashamed of them. The names adam schiff, nancy pelosi and jerry nadler should become the modern day versions of benedict arnold.

    txvet2 in reply to CKYoung. | January 17, 2020 at 1:55 am

    “”capable of shame””

    You’re right. They’re capable of a lot of things, but not that.

      ROTONDARON in reply to txvet2. | January 17, 2020 at 9:21 am

      “TO BE CAPABLE OF SHAME”……One must possess, a reasonable sense of Honor, Decency, Morality! *Demoncrats, possess none of these….{ “they used to”}….many years ago…..Now, that is all gone, & these *Demoncrats, have no soul, & are condemned to hades! All led by the aforementioned “soul-less *Demoncrat’s”….starting with the worst 4…..pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, & Schumer….{ There are about 400 more, just as useless….Most in Congress, & Senate!}…These Political reprobates are what comprise the *Demoncrat party of today!

The Constitution charges the Senate with trying the impeachment delivered to it by the House, and not any other. The idea was to separate the finders of fact from those who sit in judgment of those findings.

    Exactly. The Senate was just sworn in as the jury. If the prosecutors are arguing that the investigation was incomplete, why did they submit the case for trial?

    I am so not on board with the “need” for a trial in order for Trump to get his day in court. McConnell needs to end his tactic of “impeachments are inherently political” to somehow assuage and assure us that this will end in acquittal. The prosecution has not produced enough evidence to warrant a trial. By allowing this to proceed, McConnell is allowing this dumpster fire into the Senate.

    And there is growing evidence that Romney’s “gang of five” may be larger too. Shame on you McConnell!

Lev reminds me of Dan Rather with a bald spot, showing, conspicuously. The kind of guy you see hanging around train stations, too often, and you remember to not make eye contact.

There is something unclean and to be avoided.

If this is what the Dems are pulling now, I shudder at the thought of what else they’ll try when they get really desperate.

That they can perpetually dig up characters like this is clear evidence that (a) the government is too freaking big, and (b) the Civil Service Act needs to be thrown out in its entirety.

January 16, 2020; Chief Justice Roberts saw to it that all 100 US Senators committed perjury by requiring them to publicly swear an oath of impartiality and to sign their name to that juror ‘impartiality agreement’. With that, this farce officially begins.

The oath, which dates back to the 1700s, reads: “I solemnly swear that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of Donald John Trump, president of the United States, now pending, I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws: So help me God.”

    Barry in reply to Philip. | January 18, 2020 at 12:40 am

    “Chief Justice Roberts saw to it that all 100 US Senators committed perjury by requiring them to publicly swear an oath of impartiality and to sign their name to that juror ‘impartiality agreement’.”

    Perjury? How so? Can you read the minds of all 100 senators?

    Let me clue you in, those senators that are declaring Trump as innocent of breaking any law or violating the constitution did not commit perjury. The house has not charged the president with bribery, treason, or high crimes or misdemeanors.

The one thing Trump has shown Republicans is that to “win” you must fight. I hope we see that now and that the Lindsey Graham from the Kavanaugh hearings makes a comeback!

Barry Soetoro | January 17, 2020 at 5:16 pm

The Senate ought to dismiss the articles of impeachment with prejudice, based on them being unconstitutional, being brought in bad faith, being vexatious, failure of Schiff to adhere to House rules by refusing to release all testimony transcripts, and failure to prosecute in a timely manner. Such ruling would hopefully set a precedent to prevent future shampeachments.

You only need to look at the hairs on the top of his head to recognize his dishonesty.