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For months, Democrats and their media allies have been talking about a blue wave coming in the midterms this fall. However, Democrats squandered their lead on the generic ballot and the ground is shifting under the left's feet. Newt Gingrich suggests that the blue wave is turning red.

Newt Gingrich appeared on the Kelly File Tuesday night and fireworks flew. Things started out fine with Gingrich offering his assessment of the presidential race but went downhill quickly when Kelly started bringing up Trump's negatives. Like many Americans, Newt has clearly tired of Trump bashing in media. Mediaite has more details:
Newt Gingrich Lost It and Blew Up at Megyn Kelly: ‘You Are Fascinated with Sex!’ Gingrich started to get a little snippy and said we all should just go home if she thinks the election’s over. He insisted that the odds “are pretty good” that Clinton doesn’t win.

Welcome to our live coverage of the third night of this year's Republican National Convention! Primetime speeches kick off at 7:30 EST. Watch speakers live and see real time commentary from political media and LI authors. I'll be updating throughout the evening as the situation warrants. Full speeches can be found beneath the Twitter feeds as they're available.

The lineup:

National Review has a special issue Against Donald Trump, with columns by 22 people, most of whom are familiar conservative writers and media personalities. I skimmed a few of the columns and they make the case persuasively that Trump is not a conservative. You know the arguments already. He's for activist big government, a populist with no conservative ideological compass, and is not what he purports to be even on his core issue of immigration (where he may be to the left of Marco Rubio in reality). National Review Conservatives Against Trump Cover

We are now beginning to see the first signs of an air war against Donald Trump. The Club for Growth just released this ad: Will it work? It did against Newt in 2011-2012. The airwaves in Iowa and Florida were flooded with ads like this one, which is clearly cut from the same cloth as the anti-Trump ad:

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich moonlights as a tech reporter for Mashable. Friday, Mashable published Gingrich's first tech review -- the Apple Watch. Gingrich has been field testing the Apple Watch this month and decided to test it's usability at a TSA checkpoint:

Newt Gingrich has always been an ideas guy, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that when he looks at what recently unfolded in Baltimore he sees a unique opportunity. Republicans, who haven't had a chance to influence politics in Baltimore for decades, would be wise to follow his advice. Transcript and video via National Review:
Former House speaker and Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich had advice for Republican candidates on Sunday’s Face the Nation:
The number one thing that Cameron did was emphasize working Britons. I’ll give you an example that’ll probably be controversial: A party which goes into places like Ferguson, Baltimore, and says, ‘It is the working African American who was hurt by the riot. It was the working, small-business African American and Latino American and Asian American who was hurt by the riot. Somebody ought to stand up for the people who are trying to create a decent future.’ That party’s going to start a debate that’s really important for this country, between those who want to work and those who want to disrupt and destroy, and I think that’s a very important debate for the next year.

Friday afternoon, the former Speaker of the House and Debate Moderator Smack-downer Supreme, Newt Gingrich, joined 'Clinton Cash' author Peter Schweizer for a Facebook open forum.

I am answering questions now with Peter Schweizer. It is a great privilege to have Peter preview his book, Clinton Cash,...

Posted by Newt Gingrich on Friday, May 1, 2015
Both Gingrich and Schweizer took questions from respondents in real time. Questions ranged from the Constitutionality of accepting foreign donations to smarmy troll attempts to slander Gingrich (which he answered).

Turns out, compiling 'Clinton Cash' was an awful lot of work

There is a growing attempt to paint Wendy Davis as the victim of a double standard, in which a woman is treated more harshly than conservative men as to family failings and career ambition. Kirsten Powers articulated that view in her post at The Daily Beast, The Right Subjects Wendy Davis to Litmus Tests No Male Would Ever Face (interestingly, the title shows up in search engines as "Wendy Davis the Piñata Parent," not sure if that was the original title):
It seems that Wendy Davis needs to learn her place.... It’s fair to criticize Davis for her misleading bio that implied she had been a single mother during law school. Instead, a misogynistic mob is determined to punish her for her parenting choices.... Where were the headlines claiming the unfitness of male Republican candidates who ditched wives with whom they had children (think Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani)? Or are we to understand that conservatives believe that cheating on a spouse and getting divorced is not relevant, but giving your husband full custody of a child is?
Similarly, Politico Magazine has a lead article playing up the "Wendy as victim of sexism" defense.  In The Most Judged Woman in America, the sub-title tells the story:
Wendy Davis did make a mistake. She thought that we were ready for a single mother.
Just Google "Wendy Davis Sexism" and you will see that these two examples above are not exceptions, they are part of a pattern of defending Davis. There is no double standard. Both Newt Gingrich and John McCain were seriously attacked because of their treatment of first wives and kids, as I shared with Powers in a Twitter exchange:

What better way to end the work week than Newt beating up on an journalist, I mean Piers Morgan. Brings back such good memories. Via Hot Air, Newt suggesting that gun control hearings be held in Chicago: ...

Some advice for congressional Republicans, via Right Scoop (h/t Patricia), start at the 4:00 mark: Watch the latest video at <a href=""></a>At the Reagan Forum, an hour's worth of history (jump to 19:50 on how things looked in 1974 and why we do not now need...