Friday afternoon, the former Speaker of the House and Debate Moderator Smack-downer Supreme, Newt Gingrich, joined ‘Clinton Cash’ author Peter Schweizer for a Facebook open forum.

I am answering questions now with Peter Schweizer. It is a great privilege to have Peter preview his book, Clinton Cash,…

Posted by Newt Gingrich on Friday, May 1, 2015

Both Gingrich and Schweizer took questions from respondents in real time. Questions ranged from the Constitutionality of accepting foreign donations to smarmy troll attempts to slander Gingrich (which he answered).

Turns out, compiling ‘Clinton Cash’ was an awful lot of work

Clinton Cash Clinton Foundation

On the Constitutionality of foreign donations

Constitutionality of foreign donations clinton foundation

The Clinton regime is immune to accountability, right? Maybe not…

hillary clinton scandal accountability clinton cash clinton foundation

Will millennials like, forgive Hils?

millennials hillary clinton clinton cash scandal president 2016 clinton foundation

The scoop on Schweizer’s upcoming project focusing on Jeb Bush

peter schweizer jeb bush clinton cash president 2016

Troll’s gonna troll

Newt Gingrich troll internet troll facebook troll

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