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The Dalton School Faculty ‘Anti-Racism’ Manifesto Pushes Critical Race Theory Into Every Aspect of Education

The Dalton School Faculty ‘Anti-Racism’ Manifesto Pushes Critical Race Theory Into Every Aspect of Education

Demand “all faculty, staff, administration, Parent Association volunteers, and trustees should undergo yearly anti-racist training,” the curriculum be reworked centered on anti-racism, and special benefits for black faculty.

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Critical Race Theory, and mandatory racial training under the guise of “anti-racism,” is damaging higher education, a topic we explored in our recent live event:

It is not the concept of judging people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. In fact, it’s just the opposite. It is everything about judging people by the color of their skin. And it is not about equality or equal opportunity. It is about “equity”. Equity is a word you will see used very frequently, and it may slip by you. You may think equity means equality, and that’s not actually what it means. It means equality of outcome, as opposed to an equality of opportunity, as opposed to an equality of treatment. So, it’s not about affording all citizens equal rights, regardless of race or ethnicity. It’s not about what was the ethos, when I was growing up, of the civil rights movement, which is affording everyone of every race a full seat at the American table. It is in fact about flipping that table over ….

You are either racist, or you are “anti-racist”. There is no middle ground there. You cannot be simply “not racist”. Simply treating everybody fairly is a racist act. According to that doctrine, you have to be an activist. You have to actively participate in seeking to root out racism and to explore your own racism. It’s very much a doctrine where you’re either with us where you are against us. There is no middle ground. And if you are against us, by definition, you are racist. And that has profound implications for free speech on campus and for the free exchange of ideas. Because if you disagree with them, then you are racist. And, if you are racist, according to a lot of people on campuses, you have no right to be on campus. You have no right to speak. So, this is a very pernicious doctrine

The damage also is taking place before students get to college, in secondary and elementary schools. It is driven by ideologically-obsessed teachers and administrators who exhibit the worst tendencies of college social justice warriors in compiling lists of demands which focus on race above all else.

The Dalton School in New York City is a pricey and exclusive school that prides itself on its ‘progressive’ politics, including a full commitment to “anti-racism” throughout the school.

Dalton has had more than its share of controvery regarding race, no more so than now.

I first learned of the current controversy in a tweet from Colin Wright, quoting a faculty list of demands reprinted at The Naked Dollar blog run by Scott Johnston, author of Campusland.

The backdrop to the current controversy is Dalton’s plans to reopen after some parents objected to paying full tuition for online classes, leading to claims that reopening was racist and favored the wealthier white parents. Johnston writes, The Dalton School Is in a Full Meltdown:

Possibly relenting under the pressure, Dalton has announced plans to reopen, but this has ignited another firestorm, this time from the faculty.

Apparently, reopening is racist.

The charge has been leveled by black faculty and staffers. They suggest, among other things, that faculty of color are more at risk from having to come to work. The reasoning is that they have, on average, more distant commutes and therefore expose themselves longer to risky public transportation.

But that’s just the start of Dalton’s problems.

Over one hundred faculty have taken the opportunity to issue a lengthly set of racially-based demands that are breathtaking in their wokeness. Black students have added their own demands.

These demands, which have been obtained exclusively by the Naked Dollar, go on for eight pages, and have as their underlying assumption that Dalton is systemically racist. Dalton’s teachers are refusing to come back until they are met. Parents are in an uproar, some threatening to remove their children. Major donors are said to be balking. The board, filled with New York movers and shakers, is in turmoil. The Naked Dollar has learned they have contracted an outside consulting firm to advise on handling the crisis.

Johnston then recites a partial list of faculty demands, which include paying off student load debt of black faculty and reconfiguring the curriculum around diversity narrative:

Here is just a sample of the demands:

  • The hiring of twelve (!) full time diversity officers
  • An additional full time employee whose “entire role is to support Black students who come forward with complaints.”
  • Hiring of multiple psychologists with “specialization on the psychological issues affecting ethnic minority populations.”
  • Pay off student debt of incoming black faculty
  • Re-route 50% of all donations to NYC public schools
  • Elimination of AP courses if black students don’t score as high as white
  • Required courses on “Black liberation”
  • Reduced tuition for black students whose photographs appear in school promotional materials
  • Public “anti-racism” statements required from all employees
  • Mandatory “Community and Diversity Days” to be held “throughout the year”
  • Required anti-bias training to be conducted every year for all staff and parent volunteers
  • Mandatory minority representation in (otherwise elective) student leadership roles
  • Mandatory diversity plot lines in school plays
  • Overhaul of entire curriculum to reflect diversity narratives

The demands for additional staffers alone would add millions of dollars to Dalton’s annual budget. Siphoning off 50% of donations would dry up funding. Eliminating AP classes (referred to as “leveled courses”) would destroy college admissions. It’s not an exaggeration to say these demands, if implemented, would destroy Dalton altogether. According to insiders, much damage has already been done.

In a separate post, Johnston has the full list.

Dalton has confirmed the list, though refusing to characterize it as “demands” in a press release emailed to us by Dalton’s public relations firm in response to our inquiry. Instead, they characterize the list as “thought-starters” to help guide Dalton “to become an anti-racist institution”:

​Statement attributed to a spokesperson for Dalton:

​​“Dalton’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and anti-racism is grounded in our deep appreciation for the dignity of all community members, an understanding of differing life backgrounds, empathy for one another, and the ability to engage and listen with respect across differences.

​​What is erroneously being referred to as “faculty demands” is in fact a set of thought-starters created this summer by a subset of faculty and staff responding to Dalton’s commitment to become an anti-racist institution. While Dalton prides itself as a leader in this important work and welcomes honest debate around how to meaningfully bring these principles to life, the school does not support all the language or actions it contains. Instead, Dalton is actively, thoughtfully engaged in securing consensus around what equity and inclusion mean to our community, in line with our standards for academic excellence. We look forward to sharing meaningful progress towards that end in the months ahead.”

The Dalton Head of School Jim Best issued a more detailed rebuttal in an email to the Dalton community (reprinted at The Naked Dollar):

To the Dalton Community,

As you may know, a blog called “The Naked Dollar” has blatantly and erroneously mischaracterized diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at Dalton. I feel compelled to set the record straight lest it—and any additional media coverage that may follow—be taken seriously.

At issue is a “thought starter” document created this summer by a subset of faculty and staff with ideas on how to achieve Dalton’s commitment to becoming an anti-racist institution in the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death. While the blog refers to these ideas as “faculty demands,” that is not true. The document—which was only recently brought to my attention—was never presented to, nor considered by, the administration, and we do not stand behind all of the concepts shared or actions proscribed. In short, what the blog characterizes as current or possible policy is instead a set of ideas created at a specific moment in time as a well-intentioned effort to help Dalton navigate this critical issue.

What the blog post does get right, albeit unintentionally, is the spirit of intellectual debate that uniquely defines our community. Part of Dalton’s magic is that our students are inspired to “go forth unafraid” by educators who aren’t afraid to think boldly. In this instance, sparked by a national outpouring of grief and pain around racial injustice, some faculty and staff took the step of questioning the status quo around age-old structures that may foster systemic racism. And while there are better ways to go about advancing those views, I wouldn’t wish for a culture in which the authors didn’t feel free to express themselves. However, I will continue to clarify expectations and processes with faculty and staff that lead to more collaborative and productive outcomes.

Dalton prides itself as a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion and will always welcome community input and honest debate around how to meaningfully bring these principles to life. To that end, as mentioned in my December 8th “DEI and Anti-Racism Update,” Dalton is actively, thoughtfully engaged in rethinking how our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism is realized in our curriculum and in our student and community life—always in keeping with our strong values and high standards of academic excellence.

We will begin this reset with the launch of a comprehensive discipline review of our DEI efforts and will supplement this work with the results of a community-wide survey. Together, these will inform the development and coordination of a cohesive and developmentally appropriate anti-racist curriculum. I look forward to sharing an update on progress towards this goal in early January. In the meantime, you can check the Commitment to Anti-Racism Progress Report on our website.

I hope you share my pride in Dalton’s leadership role in diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism and that we stand together as a unified community. And while this forward-looking role may sometimes put us in the spotlight, it also illuminates the importance of what we are trying to achieve together.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, and I trust you’ll continue to support the hard and necessary work to get this right.

Johnston scoffed at this characterization of the list as “thought-starters, noting that the document was signed by 100 faculty:

The NY Post reports that a backlash is brewing among parents:

“My ancestors experienced white supremacy by being slaughtered,” a Jewish parent told The Post.  “The idea that being white automatically means you are privileged or a white supremacist is ridiculous. My child comes from people who had to fight for everything they got.

“It’s just about skin color now.”

Those who disagree remain silent, the insider said. “Parents are terrified to speak up for fear of retribution. Parents are acting like spineless wimps.”

One Dalton father, who said he’s removed his children from the school as a result of the manifesto, said Dalton “has totally failed in its mission to uplift the very people it professes to help.

“It’s completely absurd and a total step backwards,” the father, who did not want to be identified, told the Post.

“This supposed anti-racist agenda is asking everyone to look at black kids and treat them differently because of the color of their skin,” he said. “The school is more focused on virtue-signaling this nonsense than it is in actually helping students of color. More parents are going to be pulling their kids out.”

The Daily Mail reports that many parents are pulling their children from the school.

CRT and the misleadingly named “anti-racism” activism seeks to tear down what it views as a systemically racist system. At Dalton, that system is Dalton. As Wright perceptively notes:

Teachers are holding the school for ransom with demands, but they’re so extreme the school will crumble if they give in. But they’ll crumble if they don’t, too!

It’s happening everywhere.




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We’re witnessing in real time how dangerous ideology coupled with the dynamics and madness of crowds infects and spreads through a population.

No longer do I look at seemingly insane movements in history and wonder, “How could this have possibly taken root and spread?”

It no longer puzzles me. When I was paying bills online this morning, I showed my wife how every company’s site displayed how they were in solidarity with BLM.

    Our nation is no more. It’s being run by a Junta, who is also looting it to death.

    We need to leave it behind and start anew.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to | December 20, 2020 at 10:46 pm


      NonyaBeeswax in reply to | December 21, 2020 at 9:35 am

      We can’t run. There IS no place to run to. The USA is the LAST country in the entire world that has any semblance of freedom. Therefore, we must stand our ground and fight together…or go down separately.

        C. Lashown in reply to NonyaBeeswax. | December 21, 2020 at 5:17 pm

        AT LAST, someone who speaks the truth. Strangely, in the land of the free, most people worry about how best to compromise themselves so they’re found acceptable to the Marxists and Islamist’s and Progressives attacking their country!

        PLEASE, all you who claim manhood, either stand up or go to your neighborhood surgeon, asking for a nice clean emasculation – you’re a horrible example for other’s of the same gender.

        It doesn’t have to be this way….

    “You are either racist, or you are ‘anti-racist’. There is no middle ground there.”

    Okay. I’ll choose racist.

      Ah, trick question. If you’re an anti-racist, you’re actually more a racist than the garden variety racist. To be an anti-racist, every single decision you make has to consider race. What breakfast cereal you eat, what car you drive, what coffee you drink, what newspapers you read, every single thing. If you *ignore* racism as a factor in any decision you make, you’re acting on racist grounds.

      Oh, and we have always been at war with Eastasia.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to LukeHandCool. | December 21, 2020 at 8:55 am

    Corrected Critical race Theory

    Some races are smarted.
    Some races have better culture.
    Some races are better at child rearing.

    Some races have more than one of the above attributes.

    Guess what, they do much better that those who are stupid, shiftless, have crap culture and do not raise their children well.

    Ben Kent in reply to LukeHandCool. | December 21, 2020 at 9:21 am

    Racists taking cover under the guise of anti-racism. They cannot seem to comprehend the hypocrisy of an agenda to “fight racism with more racism.” This just perpetuates racism. But it is a useful tool to those who would destabilize America.

    Phillygirl1807 in reply to LukeHandCool. | December 21, 2020 at 12:42 pm

    My high school junior granddaughter has BLM on her Instagram account. Total indoctrination at public and private schools.

    The post of the day on the right hand column is a must read.

    America’s Cultural Revolution

    The parallels to the Chinese Cultural Revolution are getting very pronounced. This includes the current rioting that is being tolerated by leaders in leftist cities who let it burn and then proclaim how “upset” the people are about injustices.

    I’m going to pick up Yang Jisheng’s The World Turned Upside Down: A History of the Chinese Cultural Revolution as soon as I can get it on audio.

    This trajectory is getting very dark.

The Friendly Grizzly | December 20, 2020 at 7:52 pm

and special benefits for black faculty.

How many of the black faculty will turn this down as unfair to others?

/I thought not.

    Follow the money. That’s what it’s all about: people who don’t want to work or don’t want to do the heavy lifting of an entrepreneur want their purported ‘share’.

    Besides politics, where would Alexandra Cortez, Maxine Waters and the like get jobs, other than bartending or sorting letters in the post office?

      Massinsanity in reply to | December 21, 2020 at 10:45 am

      In the DE&I organizations of any college, major corporation and now apparently high schools too and THAT is the problem.

      A massive industry has emerged taking the race hustle that used to be confined to the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world and turned it into big business.

      They promulgate slogans like “diversity is out strength” and theories like corporations with diverse boards outperform those who stick to qualified individuals which are pure BS.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to The Friendly Grizzly. | December 21, 2020 at 8:59 am

    Whites should sue for enough money to retire. Leave the college with all black faculty. See how long it takes them to implode.

Demand “all faculty, staff, administration, Parent Association volunteers, and trustees should undergo yearly anti-racist training,”

Well, that’s necessary, because the rules keep changing like women’s hemlines. If you don’t have annual retraining then you’ll be stuck on last year’s anti-racism, which may well be this year’s racism.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Milhouse. | December 21, 2020 at 9:02 am

    When whites are gone, dark skinned blacks will be attacking light skinned blacks. That is already quite common.

    They change the rules at their convenience, and it is more often than yearly. It would interesting to counter-demand that such training courses will never be required more often than yearly.

“Yearly anti-racist training” = yearly Maoist struggle sessions for white people — in which they must confess their sins of racism over the previous year and promise to do better next year.

This is what neo-Marxist socialists do after they steal an election.

We no longer live in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    fscarn in reply to JHogan. | December 20, 2020 at 10:27 pm

    Maybe the annual purifying of oneself could be done of December 23rd,

    In the morning you’d have the Airing of Grievances,

    In the evening you’d have the anti-Festivus of self-flagellation

    jmccandles in reply to JHogan. | December 21, 2020 at 9:03 am

    “The Dalton School Faculty Pushes Marxist Manifesto Into Every Aspect of Education.”

    Fixed the title to be truthful.

The Friendly Grizzly | December 20, 2020 at 9:01 pm

I’ve grown both cynical and realistic in my old age. Maybe Wallace and Faubus and Byrd were right.

    No, they were not right. Dr. King was right. The people doing this racist nonsense today with ‘critical theory’ would have shouted Dr. King down.

      Milhouse in reply to stevewhitemd. | December 21, 2020 at 2:11 am

      Not “shouted”, “shooted”. And their predecessors probably did. MLK’s shooting was probably an inside job, with Al Sharpton as the fingerman.

Must watch:

Black scholars Glenn Loury and John McWhorter go after “anti-racism” guru Ibram X. Kendi:

The end to this BS will be when black students decide to take education seriously. Forcing white students to believe that they were born racist and handing participation trophies to black students is not an answer. When black students decide to compete educationally America will be a different and better placd.

    Some will, but most won’t: they have the deck stacked against them by the pop media, the sports media and the Jay-Z (a former drug dealer) rap media. Then there are the black psychos in Congress and local office. And don’t overlook Peer pressure – it’s a hell of a thing for ‘buyers’ of the racist drivel of the above to watch their former peers suddenly understanding the game against them who are no moving on to success.

    Trump made enormous inroads into the national black community. But as we’ve seen, we are ruled by a Junta that routinely rigs elections.

    Jay-Z’s Past Includes Being Crack Dealer, Stabbing:

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to | December 21, 2020 at 1:08 am

      Food for thought…..

      PRESIDENT TRUMP Retweets Attorney Lin Wood: Kemp and Raffensperger “Will Soon be Going to Jail”

      Trump won the state of Georgia in 2016 by 6 percentage points and over 200,000 votes.

      President Trump is the most popular Republican in US history.
      In 2020 he won over 74 million votes that we know of. We also now have evidence that Dominion voting machines were switching votes from President Trump to Joe Biden.

      The 2020 election was entrenched in fraud.
      The liberal media wants you to believe that Georgia flipped to Democrat during the Trump years.


      As we have reported numerous times now the election numbers in Georgia are suspect, fraudulent, and impossible.

      We even HAVE VIDEO of Democrats at work stealing votes from the people of Georgia.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Gersh204. | December 21, 2020 at 9:24 am

    The only way black students are going to measure up is if black parents start doing their job. I am not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Gersh204. | December 21, 2020 at 9:39 am

    It will end even faster when admission quotas are gone, and when nonsense “studies” majors are gone.

    MAJack in reply to Gersh204. | December 21, 2020 at 9:50 am

    Sounds good, but it will NEVER happen.

One of the chapters in (black) author Larry Elder’s books is titled, “Blacks are More Racist than Whites.”

    LukeHandCool in reply to LukeHandCool. | December 20, 2020 at 9:59 pm

    I’d love to see Ibram X. Kendi try to debate Larry Elder.

    Larry would annihilate him. Maybe Legal Insurrection could sponsor?

    I’d pay a pretty penny to watch that.

    The odd part is that blacks living in cities are more racist than blacks who live in suburbs and rural areas. But then, blacks suckered by the democrat party and the left into being crammed into rotting cities must hate everyone. Can you blame them?

    Jesse Lee Peterson Claims African Americans Were ‘Better Off’ Under Jim Crow:

    Blacks living in inner cities became street monsters, and impossible to employ. That sounds exactly like pathetic white kids being churned out by the Junta’s schools.

    Blacks were the experiment. When it proved fruitful to destroy their dignified culture and family life, the left move on to women (feminism) and then to “toxic” masculinity.

    The nation is destroyed. It cannot be saved – or united – by one party’s president.

    Time to move on to our new nation, and leave leftist trash – and their useful idiots – behind.

    A leftist nation (with us gone) must might undergo a revolt to freedom. The useful idiots we leave behind aren’t challenged as far as their IQs – they just find their way and rise up.

    But we’ll be living large elsewhere.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to LukeHandCool. | December 21, 2020 at 9:36 am

    It is true that blacks are more racist, that problem continues to become worse. Pushback needs to start with killing all Affirmative Action, start judging people based on merit.

      The Friendly Grizzly in reply to JusticeDelivered. | December 21, 2020 at 9:41 am

      I am in favor of that. Why? Because the whiners and troublemakers would be back to shining shoes and sweeping floors, where they belong.

      Meantime, Shelby Steele, Clarence Thomas, and Larry Elder would be exactly where they are today.

        JusticeDelivered in reply to The Friendly Grizzly. | December 21, 2020 at 5:09 pm

        Dems are responsible for hooking blacks and others on free, for causing so many people to never strive to be better, ensuring that people wallow in ignorance and poverty, ensuring that vast swaths of Americans never know the joy striving for and achieving a better life.

        Perhaps the worst of this is people destroying their children by being too selfish or lazy to properly nurture their children, or in the case of Arab squatters in Palestine intentional raising their children to psychopathic killers.

This is metastasizing.

Watch this video about “Active Measures.” – explains a lot.

That word will never go away

In all their training, I would suppose that they never define the word “race”. Black and white are colors, not races.

Americans don’t know what race they are. Jessica Alba was on TV when they did a DNA test on her. She had no idea what race she was, but she knew that she was a little Mexican. That is who we are. We are an unknown mixture of races, but we are not sure what a race is.

This is where we are at, and yet we have this story.

This is pure, unadulterated reverse racism and the only thing that’s going to put a stop to it or at least slow it down are lawsuits for defamation (libel or slander as appropriate) by someone directly affected with the courage to confront it. Trump stopped mandatory critical race theory training for white employees at US nuclear research labs and other federal agencies but we can expect it to resume with 100 times the intensity after Biden and his new, even more vengeful racists take over the bureaucracy. Race relations are about to get much worse if CRT persists.

    Massinsanity in reply to COStaurus. | December 21, 2020 at 10:49 am

    Just wait for the Chauvin trial when the full details of what caused the death of Mr Floyd emerge and Chauvin is either acquitted to convicted of lesser charges. We will see another round of massive rioting and CRT will mutate into something far more infectious than it is today.

“we can expect it to resume with 100 times the intensity after Biden and his new, even more vengeful racists take over the bureaucracy.”

SO much negativity. Never count Trump out because he is so much smarter than the left. Most of those cretins are concept challenged and have the common sense of a gnat. Not one of them is as clever as they think they are. Evil and stupid plus cunning are a dangerous combination, but Trump will have another four years. He who laughs last always laughs best!

It may look like Trump has failed in his previous tactics of this criminal sham of an election but you can bet that there is a primo plan in place setting up all the sharks and barracudas.

Better days are ahead.

    I agree. It’s not a completely done deal, what with all the weak and traitorous RINOs about. I think it’s close enough that Trump is planning to announce his victory in the election at the “protest” he has announced for Jan. 6. Hence, “wild.” Pence will not certify the fraudulent “certified” votes, leaving his re-election to the majority Republican Senate, and throwing Trump’s to the majority Republican state delegations in the House. I plan to attend. We should put pressure on the RINOs, and the larger the Trump crowd the more the pressure.

The parents’ Facebook pages undoubtedly bear BLM logos and innumerable anti-Trump postings and warnings about Islamophobia. They are greatly concerned about White Supremacy groups, but not the racists among them. They donated to causes fighting climate change as their chauffeurs delivered their children to the Dalton School, before whisking them off each weekend to a 10,000 square foot house in the Hamptons. None of this mattered to them because they were rich and they thought they were beyond the reach of the results of their actions. They weren’t. They are hypocrites. Now they have made their own beds (not literally–the maids did that) and now they will sleep in them.

Preppy. Progressive. Woke enough to croak. New York City. Outrageous racist manifestos, followed by quick backwalking.

I can’t even muster enough concern over this story to go make popcorn.

According to Mr. Beard, Head of School, “we do not stand behind all of the concepts shared or actions proscribed”. It would seem to me that the school must therefore, issue a statement of, exactly, which concepts/actions they do support and what issues are present in the school which would make supporting these concepts/actions necessary. Also, what measurable criteria will determine when these issues are overcome.

    artichoke in reply to Caver37. | December 21, 2020 at 10:18 am

    They stand behind some of them, though. He writes “Together, these will inform the development and coordination of a cohesive and developmentally appropriate anti-racist curriculum.”

Does anyone else find it amazing how this anti-racism training along with demands of equal outcome never appear in those businesses where minorities are over represented such as the NBL or NBA? Why shouldn’t a 5’8″, 145 pound, white person be afforded an equal outcome in the NFL? Why is it that minorities most be the recipient of equal outcome everywhere other than where they already have an advantage? (Yes, that is a rhetorical question that “they” will never bother to answer for the answer is both obvious and too threatening to ask let alone answer.)

    Stuytown in reply to Cleetus. | December 21, 2020 at 8:39 am

    Love this comment. I have a basketball-crazy 12-year old son. Whenever we watch NBA, I tell him that basketball needs to be more inclusive, more diverse. He reacts dismissively but I know it has him thinking. I want him to understand meritocracy–which is fairness–and, as a secondary matter, just how bad the NBA would be–and how unfair–if its players represented the overall population proportionally.

      henrybowman in reply to Stuytown. | December 22, 2020 at 12:28 pm

      Often I wish I had even a smidgen of graphic talent. I’d love to parody that ballpark “equity” graphic with another showing a basketball hoop set at 13′ for a black player and 8′ for a white player.

    civisamericanus in reply to Cleetus. | December 21, 2020 at 1:31 pm

    “Elimination of AP courses if black students don’t score as high as white”

    AP courses can give students free college credits, so elimination of AP courses would be another reason to give this school a lousy recommendation. I got a free semester of college thanks to my high school’s AP courses.

What’s more racist than this racial crap?

Well, if they are truly “woke” they will disband the school and make the students attend public school. Elite educational opportunities are the epitome of racism and privilege, right?

    SpeakUpNow in reply to Music Man. | December 21, 2020 at 10:00 am

    I find it difficult to drum up a crumb of sympathy for those parents who are anti anti-racist. They are paying big bucks for their offspring to attend this nonsensical private school. The solution is laughably simple: withdraw your kids from the school! Then the faculty will all lose their jobs, but remember the first to go must be the white faculty who signed the document.

New York, the City and the state, are withering and they have done it to themselves. Hard as I might try, I have a problem being concerned about it. They can escape to my own location (unlikely since they consider my location as beneath their elite contempt) as long as they leave their socioeconomic ideas behind.

Having gone to another elite country day school in NYC where Bully AG Billy Barr was also a student, many of us were fully aware of Dalton’s complete and utter strangeness. Donald Barr, Bully Billy’s father had been a principal at Dalton and had abandoned his own Judaism for Catholicism. Jeffrey Epstein was a teacher at Dalton as well for a stint. So it gives you a real flavor of the history of management and decision making at that school. This appears to be another example of where being elite and wealthy does not provide enough evidence for good and worthy decisions. Incidently the elite country day school I went to in NYC had a 50 year history of pedophilia which has never been fully revealed. Being rich and elite doesn’t always mean honor and integrity, wisdom and truth. Sometimes quite the opposite.

Anyone not a “POC” should sob and cry during those mandatory re-education training sessions. When they ask you to stop, just tell them that you can’t; you’re too ashamed of being born white.

Tyrants are tyrannical.

By Glenn Beacon; August 27, 2020
“Whatever happened to “There’s no such thing as race”?
“Consider the irony. In the name of anti-racism, we now condemn individual whites as racist on the basis of their race and worship individual blacks on the basis of theirs.
In this new paradigm, good whites who behave as if race is not important to them –people living in, oh, about 2017 – are the worst of all for failing to recognize the racism lurking in their subconscious.
I prefer the good old days when we pretended that race didn’t exist even though we knew it did. “There’s no such thing as race” is a lie, but I like it better than “whites are racist, and the non-racist ones are the worst.”

    artichoke in reply to Philip. | December 21, 2020 at 10:14 am

    Even the race industry says there’s no such thing as race. Their party line is that race doesn’t exist, it’s just a social construct. And it seems that’s why they use the strange word “racialized” to describe some people. Race doesn’t exist, but some people are racialized, and those people have a claim against the others — who presumably racialized them!?

    Intersectionality is also fun to play with, don’t get me started.

My summary, screw these people, every last one of them.

“Together, these will inform the development and coordination of a cohesive and developmentally appropriate anti-racist curriculum.”

So they’re not just going to say no. They want to say yes, but the publicity has forced them to scale back — for now.

I don’t think all the non-URM parents will be pulling their kids from the school though? Who will admit such a large spike of kids in mid-year, and even between years? Especially because most other private school admissions offices are probably woke too and would frown on someone seeking to escape the richness of diversity at Dalton.

If they band together to try to form their own homeschool, look for DeBlasio to throw a wrench into that plan. He doesn’t like escapees either. He’s into wealth transfer, by his own words.

And now to the extent possible, he’s rejiggered admission to the city’s public schools so that Dalton kids can’t just test into an elite middle school.

I love the demand to have 50% of donations shipped off to the NYC schools. Say bye, bye to any fundraising efforts at Dalton. Further, the people paying full freight at Dalton are already paying NYC property taxes and income taxes so they are supporting the public schools without having any kids in the system.


civisamericanus | December 21, 2020 at 1:16 pm

” It is everything about judging people by the color of their skin” which is the very definition of racism.

civisamericanus | December 21, 2020 at 1:28 pm

“The Dalton School in New York City is a pricey and exclusive school that prides itself on its ‘progressive’ politics, including a full commitment to “anti-racism” throughout the school.” Sounds like an excellent argument for steering students elsewhere. If the school wants to teach Snowflake 101 instead of job and life skills for whatever tuition it charges, that is a good reason to give it a 1 star out of 4 or 5 (worst possible) recommendation.

I am tempted to say the same of Cornell University which, I understand, is instituting a mandatory for-credit course on racial something or other for which students must pay Cornell’s astronomical tuition. “The creation and implementation of a for-credit, educational requirement on racism, bias and equity for all Cornell students.” I believe the cost of this course would cover a full semester at SUNY (students should check current tuition and fees at both institutions) and perhaps that is where NY students ought to be steered by their high school guidance counselors.

I also read that Hardin-Simmons, another private college, expelled a student or otherwise caused her to withdraw for posting material that was accurately critical of Black Lives Matter. Regardless of how good the school’s academic reputation might be, nobody should attend a place that might kick them out or take other disciplinary action for not going along with BLM’s own questionable agendas that include racist statements of its own (e.g. calls to not buy from white-owned businesses). I would accordingly give Hardin-Simmons a bad recommendation to anybody who asks; that is my opinion and I am entitled to it.

    Last week two Faculty Senate task forces delivered their first reports on the plans for the required “anti-racism” course and required “anti-racism” training for Cornell faculty. There was healthy skepticism on both plans. There will be faculty in-fighting for the rest of the spring before either is adopted.

    The problem is that Dalton gains its advantage in its market by the track record of having its students admitted to the Ivy League, and Cornell and the Ivy League gain their advantage by having their graduates achieve better-than-average careers, including working at schools like Dalton. In fact, the relationship between Dalton staff and Ivy League faculty and admissions staff keeps the relationship going. Going forward, Dalton will hire on a “school-name-blind” basis, and its grades will be inflated for minorities vis a vis majority students. Both Dalton and the Ivy League are in the process of shifting away from a meritocracy. (How can the Dalton English teachers teach to Ivy League expectations, or SAT expectations, when the Cornell English Department is changing its name and is moving away from requiring standardized tests for admissions?)

    Prep schools and Ivy League schools are quickly shifting from trying to be the most plugged-in to being the most un-meritorious. They are actively devaluing their product and role in society.

What could possibly be more elite and privileged than a prep school in Manhattan? Sheesh…self-awareness training is what is needed.

civisamericanus | December 21, 2020 at 2:19 pm

“Elimination of AP courses if black students don’t score as high as white”

AP courses can equate to free college credits so, if the school eliminates the AP courses, it is academically inferior to public schools that have them and should be given a lousy academic recommendation as well.

Funny how this is only and ALWAYS about black folk.

Only a matter of time before the other minorities say they have had enough.

Not too much longer after that these same foolish parents with more money than sense will realize what a waste of money these schools are.

Just imagine your child going to some fancy school where some surly POCbilly tells the administrators when they want to come to work. Let’s face it – affirmative action teachers have no place in a school like this but these parents deserve what they are getting since they think they are saving the world by their selfless idiotic actions.

Who cares if Johnny and (some non generic fashionable name given to girls these days – fill in the blank) are not getting a very good education just think what they are learning about … I keep forgetting what is supposed to be good about this fractured form of expensive education.

We have a country, which is a parallel to a dysfunctional marriage. We can pussyfoot around for another fifty years, but the spouse will just get more abusive, until we either split up or be canceled to the max !!!

}}} Instead, they characterize the list as “thought-starters” to help guide Dalton “to become an anti-racist institution”

No, these are entirely RACIST.

We need to stop coddling this crap. IT IS RACIST. PERIOD.

Notice Best’s use of “not just “equity” but also “reset”.