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John Kelly Leaving Position As White House Chief Of Staff

John Kelly Leaving Position As White House Chief Of Staff

Trump: “John Kelly will be leaving at the end of the year, we will be announcing who will be taking John’s place”

Although General John Kelly had agreed to stay in his position until 2020, President Trump is reportedly removing Kelly from his position as White House Chief of Staff.

Kelly was brought in to replace Reince Priebus and instill order to the chaotic Trump White House, and by all accounts he did an admirable job. Trump has announced that Kelly will leave his position by the end of the year.

Fox News reports:

President Trump on Saturday said that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly will leave his position at the end of the year — after swirling rumors that Kelly’s 17 month-long tenure in the Trump administration was nearing its end.

Trump spoke to reporters outside the White House, called Kelly a “great guy” and said his replacement will be announced in the next few days.

“John Kelly will be leaving at the end of the year, we will be announcing who will be taking John’s place, it might be on an interim basis, I’ll be announcing that over the next day or two,” he said.

“I appreciate his service very much,” he added.

Kelly, who previously served as Department of Homeland Security secretary, was widely reported to have been considering leaving his post. Trump had previously said Kelly would stay until 2020. The announcement comes amid a wider shakeup of staff by President Trump. On Friday, he announced that he had picked William Barr for attorney general and Heather Nauert for U.N. ambassador.

According to reports, the person most likely to be the White House Chief of Staff is Vice President Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff, Nick Ayers.

The New York Times reports:

Mr. Trump, speaking with reporters on the White House lawn before departing for the Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia, said that he would announce a replacement for Mr. Kelly, perhaps on an interim basis, in the next day or two.

“John Kelly will be leaving — I don’t know if I can say ‘retiring,’” the president said. “But he’s a great guy. John Kelly will be leaving at the end of the year.”

The leading candidate to replace Mr. Kelly is Nick Ayers, Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff and a Republican political operative, who possesses the kind of savvy about campaigns that Mr. Trump has craved. Mr. Kelly, a career military officer before becoming Mr. Trump’s first homeland security secretary, lacked such experience.

Mr. Ayers, 36, has told Mr. Trump that he would serve on an interim basis through the spring, when his family will return to Georgia, according to people familiar with the discussions. But Mr. Trump, who frets about the image of a White House in constant chaos, wants a full-time replacement and is eager for Mr. Ayers to stay for the duration.

If the president ultimately turns to another candidate, potential choices include the Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin; his budget director, Mick Mulvaney; and the United States trade representative, Robert Lighthizer.


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DieJustAsHappy | December 8, 2018 at 6:26 pm

Maybe, Trump out to check out Kelly Services for temporary staffing needs.

But Mr. Trump, who frets about the image of a White House in constant chaos, wants a full-time replacement

Ah yes, the NYT is famous for its sophisticated insight into all things Trump.

Trump had a long run of having hired very dedicated people who served him very well over many years.

If Kelly isn’t his cup of tea, no big thing for Trump to replace him. Trump has the weight of the world on his shoulders, and enormous swamp arrows aimed at his back (more accurately: our backs.)

Let him pick who the hell he wants to work with.

We see how well Swamp Sessions worked out.

Pearls before swine. General Kelly is a known commodity and as thoroughly capable as you will find. One of Trump’s great weaknesses is in believing in his “gut instinct”.

Guys like Mattis, Flynn, Kelly and probably the entire Joint Chiefs know their business and can focus, with detachment, on solutions to accomplish objectives. Whereas, Trump operates from a position of intimidation, willfulness, emotion, and, most egregiously, as though his comprehension supersedes others who are not “of his company”.

The best part of Trump is that he is who he is and he saved America from Hillary.

A SEAL team took out Bin Laden. Trump took out Hillary. Life is good.

    tom_swift in reply to NotKennedy. | December 8, 2018 at 9:58 pm

    A SEAL team took out Bin Laden.

    It did? Sez who? That “if you like your dead terrorist mastermind, you can keep your dead terrorist mastermind” guy? Sorry, he never developed much of a reputation for candor.

    If Osama b. L. isn’t in a bottle of formaldehyde in the Smithsonian, I’m not going to be confident that he’s dead. Too bad Barry didn’t actually deliver the goods.

      oldgoat36 in reply to tom_swift. | December 9, 2018 at 9:03 am

      Given the length of time OBL was quiet, and all the talk about his illness, and rumors of him having been blown up in some cave, he could have been dead, and known to be dead, by our government. In this case, the thought could have been not to make him a martyr. I am suspicious of Obama using a dead man to make the claim of killing him, and the prior President wouldn’t be able to say otherwise.
      If OBL died of his kidney disease or whatever it was, but it wasn’t reported what’s to stop Obama from using it as his great accomplishment, but he won’t show the pictures cause the pictures would cause uprisings, but his death wouldn’t … or some other lame thing like that.

This does not sound like good news. Kelly by all appearances is a solid and capable player, when you have someone like that you need to keep them. Change for the sake of change weakens the team.

Kirsten Njelsen or however you spell her name, is the acolyte of Kelley. Can’t say that she’s doing a bang up job on the border, although it’s an impossible job since Congress refuses to authorize building the wall, funding EROS agents, more beds AND changing the law to close loopholes, which to Congress the loopholes are features, not bugs.

If Kelley is protecting her or advocating for a more conciliatory approach on the invasion we’ve been suffering for more than 30 years, then let him go!

Anyone that enters the Trump administration gets chewed up and spit out. Regardless of his policies Trump is a thorough ass. Who needs to work for a guy like that …

    cucho in reply to PODKen. | December 9, 2018 at 10:51 pm

    People who can follow freaking orders and make things happen, gruber.

      PODKen in reply to cucho. | December 10, 2018 at 6:58 pm

      The job isn’t to be a mindless lackey to an asshole. Doesn’t matter if you’re a good little minion or a bad one … for the most part … for you’re efforts … you’ll be publicly slandered by your boss and canned. Then you can spend your next year or two having tea with Mueller and his stenographer.

“Kelly was brought in to replace Reince Priebus and instill order to the chaotic Trump White House”

Is this MSNBC?