Some students and alums are angry that Mike Pence may give the commencement but the school is standing with Pence.

The Daily Signal reports:

College Refuses to Back Down After Protests Over Pence Speaking

What’s so controversial about an evangelical college inviting an evangelical leader to speak? Absolutely nothing—unless that leader is Vice President Mike Pence.

Apparently, there isn’t anywhere the former Indiana governor can go these days without generating debate—including a Christian university in his own home state. But is the protest on Taylor University’s campus real—or just another orchestrated smear campaign by LGBT activists?

For the media, at least, the controversy at Upland’s small liberal arts school is a goldmine. Any time the press can drive the narrative that there’s trouble on the administration’s horizon with evangelicals, they’re more than happy to fan the flame.

The Washington Post did just that with a feature piece on the supposed outrage on campus. Pointing to a petition meant to be signed by students and alums—but has instead been co-opted by outside liberals—reporters seem intent on turning the visit into a bigger dispute than it actually is…

“There are some people who are upset about it, and that’s their right,” Garringer said. “But large numbers of students are happy about it—and some others [who are on the fence] are interested in giving it a fair hearing. And ultimately, that’s what the university is about.”


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