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Americans' fears about the spread of Ebola are growing, and the constant debunking of the Obama Administrations' claims regarding the severity of the situation haven't done much to gain the confidence of the public. Dan Nather of Politico doesn't seem to have a firm grasp on the reality of the current situation:
GOP 2016ers on Ebola: Panic For once, President Barack Obama and Texas Gov. Rick Perry are on the same page. At separate briefings on the Ebola crisis, Obama administration officials and Perry have delivered the same message: Don’t panic — the health authorities know what they’re doing. But for other Republicans — and conservative media outlets — it’s time for panic. The likely 2016 Republican presidential candidates — except for Perry — are practically lining up to warn that the Obama administration isn’t doing enough to keep Ebola out of the United States, now that Dallas is dealing with the nation’s first confirmed case.

Last night we wondered Will conservatives and Tea Party miss a golden opportunity in #NY22? and questioned why no big name national conservatives or Tea Party politicians were helping out in Claudia Tenney's challenge to Richard Hanna in the safe Republican NY-22 District. Tenney has faced over $1 million in negative false flag attack ads from Super PACs supporting Hanna. The anti-Tenney ads have run around the clock for weeks. Rick Santorum has answered the challenge, recording a robocall that went out to 50,000 Republican voters in the District:
Citizens United Political Victory Fund (CUPVF), the affiliated PAC of Citizens United, announced that Senator Rick Santorum will be contacting 50,000 Republican households in New York supporting conservative Claudia Tenney who is running in New York’s 22nd Congressional District’s Republican Primary which is being held on June 24th.
Will anyone else step up to the plate? In related developments, Washington Post notes Tenney's strong challenge:
Keep an eye on the 22nd District, where Rep. Richard Hanna (R) faces a surprisingly strong challenge from Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney (R).
Laura Ingraham also has endorsed Tenney:

One week ago tonight, Legal Insurrection brought national attention to a Tea Party, Marine mother running for Congress in upstate New York. Claudia Tenney has been battling a million dollar avalanche of "false flag" Super PAC ads that deceptively portrayed Tenney as the more liberal candidate, and incumbent Richard Hanna as more conservative. In fact, the opposite is true.  Conservative voters in this conservative district may mistakenly vote for Hanna thinking they are electing the more conservative candidate. The rallying cry has been picked up and amplified by Erick Erickson, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity, among others. Unfortunately, so far, no big name national conservative or Tea Party politicians have jumped into the race to help Tenney. With the primary this Tuesday, June 24, time is running out. Why the lack of interest?  This is a completely safe Republican seat, the perfect opportunity to move the caucus at no risk. And it could have been winnable (and still might be).

The story posted here yesterday regarding two allegedly "conservative" Super PACs running false flag attack ads against a conservative candidate, and in support of a liberal Republican has generated quite a bit of chatter.  Claudia Tenney, the Tea Party Marine mother who has had her record distorted by questionable groups, is starting to get national attention. Earlier today, RedState Editor Erick Erickson officially endorsed Tenney, citing the false flag article and referring to these Super PACs as "coin-operated consultants" for the GOP establishment. Via RedState:
... it is worth noting that some supposedly conservative Super PAC’s are pouring money in the 22nd congressional district to defeat Claudia Tenney. These “conservative” groups, really coin operated consultants, are accusing Tenney of being less conservative than the liberal Richard Hanna. Claudia Tenney is actually to the right of Richard Hanna and would be a vast improvement for that district and a better vote in Congress. If you like in the 22nd Congressional District, you absolutely want to vote for Claudia Tenney. Do not let the coin operated consultants tell you differently. Stand up for Marine mom Claudia Tenney. If you can spare some cash, help fund her as she battles the coin operated consultants of people lying about her. She needs all the help she can muster. And those of you who live there need to tell your friends and family to vote for her too.
The news of the disingenuous attacks on Tenney has riled up other conservative pundits as well.  Laura Ingraham took to Twitter to call out 'GOP establishment hacks.' Michelle Malkin has retweeted the article, as well as Erickson's endorsement.

Defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) hit the Sunday news programs this morning in a curt manner and seemed to lay some blame for his loss on radio talk show host Laura Ingraham cheapening the debate. Laura took it in stride. But is the Republican Party serious about finding answers following the Cantor defeat? Grassroots Republicans and conservatives still express doubt if the party has even learned the right lessons from its 2012 loss. Salena Zito tries to help the Republican Party establishment today with peeling back the onion on what is going on in America. Zito is correct -- there is a rise of populism and Dave Brat tapped into that vein during his campaign against Cantor:

Obama adviser David Plouffe appeared on ABC's This Week today and in a classic case of liberal projection, he tried to blame the GOP for politicizing the attack in Benghazi. Conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham was also on the panel and took Plouffe to task. Transcript via ABC News...
David Plouffe, you're actually on that email that caused so much trouble this week. It was an email to you and several others from Ben Rhodes. And everybody keying on this line in the -- in the -- in the email, to underscore -- this is the goals of the Sunday morning appearance -- "to underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, not a broader failure of policy." A lot of Republicans saying this is the smoking gun. I know you dismiss that, but was it a mistake not to release this email earlier? DAVID PLOUFFE, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: No, I think, you know, lawyers have spoken to this and it's out now. I think, listen, what Benghazi was was a tragedy. What we need to do is figure out how to prevent it from happening again and to try and hold those accountable, as we did bin Laden. Took a while, but after 11 years, we did. I think what you see wasn't the U.S.S. Cole bombing, 17 of our sailors died. The weeks before the 2000 election. What did then-Governor Bush say? It's time for our nation to speak as one voice. Now you couldn't handle that in this party. This has been politicized like we've never seen before.

As the 2014 midterms approach, a new conservative political action committee (PAC) has just formed with an eye toward electing more black conservative candidates to public office. Noting, "the lock that liberals have held on the black vote is slowly but surely breaking," the PAC’s homepage states,
The Black Conservative Fund is committed to helping fund and elect black conservatives who are dedicated to spreading the message of true limited government and traditional values across our great land.
The PAC, which declares itself as, “first and foremost a CONSERVATIVE political action committee” [Emphasis Original], will be spending time during the lead-up to the 2014 midterms and beyond helping to “elect black conservatives at every level of government.” First, from a conceptual standpoint, I feel the formation of the PAC is one that is absolutely necessary if the conservative movement is to expand into areas where it has traditionally had far too little political presence. If you are one who thinks the conservative movement is doing fine among black voters, consider that Barack Obama was elected in 2008 receiving 96% of the black vote, and was then promptly reelected in 2012 with 94% of the black vote. The results conservatives have achieved over the years in black communities at the national level are nowhere near where they ought to be, and Black Conservatives Fund (BCF) aims to chip away at the problem.

One of the Florida girls who had been accused of bullying Rebecca Sedwick is speaking publicly after charges were dropped in the case, and she says she wants to help stop others from bullying. Thirteen year old Katelyn Roman (whom I had not previously named in...

The analysis of the Natural Born Citizen clause in the Constitution as it applies to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. I promised to do this long ago, and did the research with the assistance of a former student, but couldn't bring myself to actually write it...

Obama was much more animated, and I'm sure liberals on Twitter and elsewhere were happy much as during the Biden-Ryan debate. But I don't think it helped Obama much. I'll be interested to see the focus groups and polling. Obama got in some one liners, but Romney completely nailed it on Obama's record of broken promises. A 2 minute primer on the failure of the Obama administration. His line "you know better" may be the line of the night. Obama did better on Libya than expected, mostly because Obama backed up by Crowley incorrectly said he called it terrorism the day after. But Romney nailed it on the issue of Obama going to fundraisers the next day. All in all it was not the game changer Obama needed. Obama showed up, but not on the central issue of the election, Obama's record and why we whould expect anything better in four more years. Update: My column at USA Today, Obama needed debate blowout but didn't get it.

Assessment -- Not sure how to rate this. I wonder how Biden's constant laughing, smirks, and bombastic language ("bunch of malarkey") played with the viewers. Biden also talked over Ryan constantly, and the moderator often cut short Ryan's answers. Ryan also didn't get a chance to respond to many of Biden's over the top comments. Biden was so over the top, the liberals will be cheering, but based on how some liberals I follow on Twitter (below) reacted, he may have gone too far.

Carbonite has been flying below the radar the past few weeks, as companies like Arby's have incurred the wrath of conservatives for pandering to the Media Matters inspired and coordinated attempt to drive Rush Limbaugh from the airwaves. Carbonite was the most visible and self-righteous of the advertisers...

Somewhere. If so, and if there are results, at some point I'll get around to it.  (As I'm writing, Romney wins big in MD)(and also, Wisconsin, now) In the meantime, some updates from prior topics (and maybe some new): Details on the plane crash which killed the founder...

On Saturday, March 3, 2012, Carbonite announced that it was dropping its advertising on the Rush Limbaugh Show even after Limbaugh had apologized to Sandra Fluke for certain comments made regarding Ms. Fluke. When the controversy originally broke, Carbonite took a principled stand that its advertising was...

Jeffrey Lord (via Instapundit) addresses the attempt to drive away Rush Limbaugh's advertisers, focusing particularly on Carbonite: In other words, to put it politely, Mr. Friend's woe-is-me I'm-withdrawing-my-company's sponsorship-from-Rush Limbaugh-because of-my-lovely-daughters is as close to certifiable BS as one can imagine. Mr. Friend, one can only suspect, placed...

Liberal groups have seized on a strategy I didn't think would be effective, but has had some success, to go after advertisers of prominent conservative media personalities. Media Matters explicitly seeks to bring down Fox News and investigate its executives, and Fox News advertisers have been...