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Will flood of false flag PAC ads doom conservative in #NY22?

Will flood of false flag PAC ads doom conservative in #NY22?

Is any national conservative or Tea Party help on the way?

Last Sunday night we called attention to the flood of PAC advertising on behalf of incumbent Republican Richard Hanna in the safe-Republican NY-22 district. The Republican primary is June 24. There is no Democratic candidate, because the district was considered so safe Republican.

The PAC ads are “false flags” because they present Hanna as the most conservative candidate, when in fact challenger Claudia Tenney is the most conservative. WBNG 12 reports:

Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney held a press conference to call out Hanna, who she said is partnering with liberal companies in Washington and is sending out false information to voters.

She said Hanna is putting out flyers that are simply not true.

“He’s putting out flyer after flyer describing himself as ‘Your Conservative Voice, Your Conservative Choice.’ There’s a reason he keeps using the word conservative because that’s who votes in Republican primaries,” Tenney said.

Tenney is the top-rated conservative in the state legislature and Hanna is the third most liberal of the Republican caucus.

Pro-Hannal liberal PACs have spent several hundred thousand dollars or more on these ads in a relatively small market where the advertising rates must be much lower than in large markets. I would not be surprised if $700,000 of ads in NY-22 is the equivalent of millions in big city markets.

The ads are non-stop. This evening the ads were on TV during Special Report with Bret Baier:

Richard Hanna PAC ad American Unity PAC


(added 8:50 p.m.) And on the O’Reilly show:

Anti Claudia Tenney Ad Partiot PAC 6-19-2014

Our coverage of these false flags ads was picked up by numerous national conservatives, and there has been increased interest and coverage.

But so far, no big name conservative or Tea Party political figures have gotten involved in the race on behalf of Tenney.

Hanna has more money and large PACs behind him. I think the tide could change in these last days, but it might take a big name political endorsement to help offset the PAC ads and reset the false narrative.


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NC Mountain Girl | June 19, 2014 at 9:02 pm

My state senator faced this in reverse in last month’s North Carolina primary. With no Democrat on the ballot come November, the state employees union flooded the district with ads and mailings claiming he wasn’t a real conservative.

It failed miserably.

She needs to use the Brat template. Door to door personal contact by volunteers. Knock on the front door of every home in the district. Talk about issues (not opponent) and if no answer leave a doorknob hanger flyer personally signed by the candidate expressing regret at missing them. A phone number to call for a personal makeup visit is good.

Money is nowhere near as important today than it used to be.

Doug Wright Old Grouchy | June 19, 2014 at 10:39 pm

We might have a similar situation in MN-02, Rep. John Kline has served well for several terms and is a strong Republican and mostly Conservative. There is a fellow named Gerson who is trying to gain traction as a “conservative” but is failing; in my opinion he is not a Conservative, merely an office seeker without good standing. Gerson tried to get elected in Minneapolis and when that failed moved into the MN-02 area.

Gerson’s a phony, IMHO, and does not respond well to challenging questions; at least that was the case during our district convention this Spring. I think he’ll fail and if not then the Dhimini candidate running for MN-02 has a chance, unfortunately.

Lastly, MN-02 is generally a “Red” district yet a weak Republican candidate could swing this seat.

Hanna is no conservative, it is true, but neither is he anywhere near the “3rd most liberal in the caucus” either.

His ACU ratings are 50.76 lifetime, 48 2013, and 64 2012.

Is Hanna pro-amnesty? Last year we had tons of ads in South Carolina touting the “conservative solution to immigration reform” and asking us to call our Senators & congressmen to urge support for a “conservative bill” – which was the Senate 8 bill.

Turned out, those ads were funded by Mark “Facebook” Zuckerman.

[…] Legal Insurrection has more on these false ads and this primary race, which is basically the election because there is no Democrat running. Well, except for Hanna. […]

Bruno Lesky | June 20, 2014 at 1:35 am

Juba: Calling Sarah Palin!!!

Can you rally her to the cause?

I am devoted to Ms. Palin in her support for Tea Party office-seekers.

I have an idea re: another name conservative but it’s a long shot.

Her people need to bring this to the attention of Mark Levin and Sarah Palin – publicity and muscle, respectively.

The LaTourette people used exactly this tactic against Congressional candidate Matt Lynch in the Ohio primary. He ran a good campaign, but was vastly outspent, and lied about and portrayed as liberal in a flood of TV advertising. In other words, it was from the Axelrod playbook used against Romney in Ohio and elsewhere in 2012. The Republicans are taking down conservative candidates this way in the primaries. How will they defend against the tactic when the dems use it in the fall?
Michelle Malkin has a good article about this NY race on her blog.