If so, and if there are results, at some point I’ll get around to it.  (As I’m writing, Romney wins big in MD)(and also, Wisconsin, now)

In the meantime, some updates from prior topics (and maybe some new):

  • Details on the plane crash which killed the founder of Neptunus Lex.  (original post)  And some of his guest contributors have started a new blog, The Lexicons.
  • Richard Lugar “under attack from all sides.”  Both sides on air with attack ads.  (Support Richard Mourdock, we can do this)
  • I’m hoping to have some more House races to add to the focus list, now that redistricting is sorting itself out.  As to Senate races, I’m pretty much set with Mourdock primarying Lugar, and Barry Hinckley against Sheldon Whitehouse (below).
  • Kathleen is graduating Cornell next month, and has just been awarded a prestigious Publius Fellowship at The Claremont Institute.  Add that to her prior Charles Koch Fellowship and Bartley Fellowship at The Wall Street Journal, and Kathleen is ready to do some major damage once she leaves the education bubble.  (added) Two people you may recognize who were Publius Fellows in their youth, Laura Ingraham and Dinesh D’Souza.
  • Barry Hinckley can take down Sheldon Whitehouse in the sleeper of the year. I’m not saying it’s anything but a long shot, but it’s doable.  Consider supporting him.


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