The next few days will be critical to the shape and passage of the Gang of 8 bill, with recent additions to border security being characterized as window dressing and unlikely ever to be implemented anyway.

This all still skirts the key issue which no one among Republican supporters of the bill wants to talk about — providing amnesty to adults who broke the law to come here and now will receive both legalization and a path to citizenship.

All the border security measures are meant to justify having Republicans ratify the amnesty, as I pointed out in my prior post, Time for Republicans to debate the central immigration issues — legalization and citizenship.

Bill O’Reilly is on board with the modified Gang of 8 bill (via Hot Air). Note the video below was uploaded to Marco Rubio’s YouTube account:

Rubio did not upload the segment where Laura Ingraham took on O’Reilly (also via Hot Air):

There will be a Tweet Up today against the Gang of 8 bill:

Ted Cruz also has launched a petition drive against the bill.

Jeff Sessions issued a rebuttal to the recent changes and a call to action:

The link below provides Senate contact information:


As the source sees it, the Senate will vote on the still-unreleased Hoeven-Corker amendment on Monday. And then, Majority Leader Harry Reid will move for a final vote. “We’ll vote on Corker, a couple of remaining pending amendments, and then cloture on the final bill as amended by Corker, and call it a day,” says the aide. By “call it a day,” the source means the Senate will pass the bill.


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