Obama was much more animated, and I’m sure liberals on Twitter and elsewhere were happy much as during the Biden-Ryan debate. But I don’t think it helped Obama much. I’ll be interested to see the focus groups and polling.

Obama got in some one liners, but Romney completely nailed it on Obama’s record of broken promises. A 2 minute primer on the failure of the Obama administration. His line “you know better” may be the line of the night.

Obama did better on Libya than expected, mostly because Obama backed up by Crowley incorrectly said he called it terrorism the day after. But Romney nailed it on the issue of Obama going to fundraisers the next day.

All in all it was not the game changer Obama needed. Obama showed up, but not on the central issue of the election, Obama’s record and why we whould expect anything better in four more years.

Update: My column at USA Today, Obama needed debate blowout but didn’t get it.

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