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Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison will lead the prosecution in the George Floyd case with assistance from Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman. It turns out "some elected officials and the Minnesota chapter of the" ACLU demanded a special prosecutor since the community does not trust Freeman. You guys might remember Ellison as a former Democratic congressman. His ex-girlfriend accused him of pulling her around the bedroom by her hair. He also publicly supported ANTIFA.

In October, it looked like Keith Ellison might lose his race for Minnesota Attorney General, even though he was the favorite. I discussed Ellison's troubling and continued relationship with Louis Farrakhan, and the accusations by a former girlfriend of domestic abuse,  in my post, Is political end finally here for former Farrakhan activist Keith Ellison? Down 7 points in Minnesota AG race.

Anyone still claiming that #MeToo is anything other than a political weapon is either hopelessly naive or happily—and selectively—wielding it to mow down political foes while ignoring #MeToo allegations against their political friends. Case in point: the frenzy surrounding a single decades-old allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has attracted the attention of every #MeToo figure on the planet, yet these same people are surprisingly uninterested in the allegations of long-standing domestic abuse against Keith Ellison.

Democrats are split over recent allegations of domestic abuse recently pinned to Rep. Keith Ellison, the DNC's deputy chair. Former girlfriend Karen Monahan claims Ellison dragged her off a bed while yelling profanities, an event that precipitated their breakup. At the point where Ellison allegedly grabbed her and began pulling her off the bed, Monahan began filming the encounter on her phone.

Karen Monahan, the woman accusing Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) of abuse, sat down with CBS News to describe the incidents for the first time on camera:
"He looked at me, goes 'Hey you f***ing hear me … and then he looked at me, he goes 'Bitch, get the f*** out of my house,' and he started to try to drag me off the bed," Monahan said. "That's when I put my camera on to video him."

Minnesota Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison has been accused of emotionally and physically abusing his ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan. Over the weekend, Austin Monahan, Karen Monahan's son, wrote on Facebook that he found a video on his mom's computer of Ellison dragging his mom off of a bed while yelling profanities.

Minnesota State Representative Ilhan Omar is running in the Democratic Primary to replace Keith Ellison in Minnesota's 5th Congressional District. Ellison, as you will recall, is the former Nation of Islam activist who has a long history of promoting and associating with anti-Israel groups. Ellison embodied the Red-Green alliance, far-left and Islamist anti-Israel politics.

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison is a darling of the progressive movement, which pushed hard for him to be Chair of the Democratic National Committee. But Ellison had to settle for Vice Chair. An issue that has dogged Ellison his entire political career was his relationship to Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam for a decade or more ending in the late 1990s.

Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN), deputy chair of the DNC, has rattled the left with his unflinching grasp of the obvious:  Obama, Ellison claims, deserves blame for Democrat losses during his presidency. While Obama himself somehow managed to win election twice, his party suffered the loss of over a thousand Congressional, state, and governor seats.  The party, even the left grudgingly admits, was decimated; what the left is less willing to admit is that Obama's policies—policies Americans consistently said put America on the wrong track—played a role in these stunning losses. Ellison, however, admits that the historic nature of Democrat losses under Obama are not only part of Obama's legacy but are also directly related to and reflective of Obama's poor leadership of the party.

On Saturday, February 25, 2017, Democrat National Committee delegates will vote in a new Chair. The two top contenders are Keith Ellison, congressman from Minnesota, and Tom Perez, former Obama Labor Secretary. Regardless of who is chosen, there is no centrist choice. Because the is no center of the Democratic Party. Perez is a fairly standard leftist. We haven't spend a lot of time covering his background because there's really nothing particularly interesting as regards the future of the Democratic Party. He's reportedly the Obama-Biden choice.

Since he announced his intention to run for Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison has received support from top Democrats, like Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi, and the left-wing Bernie-base of the party. Yet from the start Ellison has been dogged with revelations about his past support for Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, his claim that American Jews do Israel's bidding, and his association with fringe anti-Israel groups: