Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) thinks that the government should regulate CEO pay. Ellison paraded a study showing that CEOs generally make 339 times more than a median employee.

Hmmm…I wonder if he thinks we should apply this same principle to his office.

Ellison made the remarks when he appeared on Bloomberg:

From The Washington Examiner:

Bloomberg’s David Westin asked, “Are you favoring the government actually regulating the relationship between CEO pay and the average worker?”

“I think it is a very good idea, and I think we should start talking about it,” Ellison responded. “This is a broad conversation that needs to, of course, take in policymakers like me,” the congressman said. “But shareholders and investors need to be worried about this too because I do not think this leads to the overall health of the company. I think it takes care of a few people at the tip-top.”

Ellison criticized what he called “exorbitant” salaries for CEOs. He said the differences in pay were “bad and extreme.”

Something tells me that Ellison doesn’t know how all of this works. Like how the CEOs worked their way up to that position and their workload includes more duties and longer hours than a median employee.

The CEOs aren’t just lounging back in their offices doing nothing. It’s their responsibility to keep the company profitable and running so those said median employees have a job.

Let’s look at Ellison’s salary and the salary of those who work in his office. Ballotpedia has his base salary at $174,000. reports that the employees of Ellison “earn an average of $39,718. The top earners in the office make $47,202.

That’s what, a 22% difference between his salary and the average pay? Why doesn’t he distribute his wealth among his employees?



The Democrats are desperate to take back the House but those hopes have started to slowly slip away. Democrats once held a double-digit lead over the GOP in the generic ballot test, but the latest data shows that “the GOP is now typically behind by mid-to-high single digits.”

If the Democrats want to win I suggest stepping away from the crazy and maybe learning math.


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