DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison recently tweeted a picture of himself holding up a pro-Antifa book. The media ignored it but conservative students didn’t.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Conservative students blast Dem Rep. Keith Ellison’s ‘irresponsible and foolhardy’ embrace of Antifa

While most of the northern United States is embroiled in bitter cold and snowy conditions, one of the more controversial members of the House of Representatives has turned up the heat on his version of the progressive agenda. Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., posed for a selfie at a bookstore with The Anti-Fascist Handbook, billed as a relatively new historical look at anti-fascism movements past and present.

Looking at reviews of the book, all the leading scholarly reviewers openly praise it, especially in the wake of President Trump’s remarks after the Charlottesville, Va., clash between neo-Nazis, Antifa, and others.

Young America’s Foundation, however, has strongly condemned the Minnesota Democrat for taking a selfie with such a book, which the group calls an “inexplicable embrace of violent Antifa tactics.” YAF works in close concert with conservative college students to spread awareness of their shared values across campuses and also sponsors leading conservative speakers like Ben Shapiro — who almost had his Berkeley lecture canceled due to Antifa rioting.

“No one knows the dangers posed by Antifa better than the conservative college students YAF works with around the country who have been threatened, stalked, and at times attacked by the radical leftists who make up its ranks.”


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