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DNC Vote Saturday: Will Democrats become party of Keith Ellison?

DNC Vote Saturday: Will Democrats become party of Keith Ellison?

Long history of supporting Louis Farrakhan and anti-Israel groups, while dabbling in anti-Semitic disloyalty tropes.

On Saturday, February 25, 2017, Democrat National Committee delegates will vote in a new Chair.

The two top contenders are Keith Ellison, congressman from Minnesota, and Tom Perez, former Obama Labor Secretary.

Regardless of who is chosen, there is no centrist choice. Because the is no center of the Democratic Party.

Perez is a fairly standard leftist. We haven’t spend a lot of time covering his background because there’s really nothing particularly interesting as regards the future of the Democratic Party. He’s reportedly the Obama-Biden choice.

A New Republic writer says this isn’t a left (progressive) versus centrist battle – both candidates are leftist:

The narrative that has developed around the race—Ellison as Sanders-style progressive, Perez as party establishment—is a bit overblown. Both have strong progressive records, both have support from various unions, and both have broadly similar ideas on how they want to reform the DNC. Perez supporters are quick to emphasize that, as “the most liberal member of Obama’s cabinet,” he is just as progressive as his opponent. When Sanders stated in early February that Perez would represent the same “failed status-quo” approach, Democrats hit back. One Hillary Clinton ally told the Hill, “Perez and Ellison are cut from the same progressive cloth. Either one would be a strong leader.” Most Democrats, including voting members of the DNC, seem to feel good about both candidates—a Hill poll found that Ellison and Perez both lead in second-choice preferences. Advocating for Perez’s credentials, David Corn of Mother Jones asserted that the race “isn’t an establishment vs. progressive clash.”

This is all true. The differences between Perez and Ellison are minimal. Perez’s perceived qualities could easily be switched out for Ellison’s.

There is one thing missing from that analysis.

Ellison is not only leftist, he has a long history of supporting Louis Farrakhan, a history he has not been honest about. That involvement was far longer and more intense than he has admitted publicly.

Ellison also has a long and very current history of associating with and supporting anti-Israel groups, such as the toxic U.S. Campaign to End The Israeli Occupation (since rebranded as the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian rights). Ellison also dabbles in anti-Semitism with his documented attempts to demonize American Jewish supporters of Israel as doing Israel’s bidding.

For extensive details and documentation supporting our description of Ellison’s past, see our prior posts:

Considering that Americans overwhelmingly support Israel, at near historical highs, choosing someone with Ellison’s clear record is a break with the American people. Ellison

It’s doubtful moving left will help Democrats recover from their devastating electoral losses. Going so far as to make Keith Ellison the face of the Democratic Party would be extremely high risk.

I guess it’s something I should want to happen from a purely electoral perspective. It’s hard to imagine Ellison, teamed with Elizabeth Warren as the twin faces of the Democratic Party, moving beyond the Bernie-base of the party.

I just can’t wish for it, though. Promoting someone with Ellison’s past and current connections to a leadership position of one of the two major parties is just too dangerous to wish for it.


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“DNC Vote Saturday: Will Democrats become party of Keith Ellison?”

The Magic Eight-ball says: Probably

Of course once Keith Ellison is DNC chair we will still hear about how President Trump hates Jews, women and gay people.

    gospace in reply to natdj. | February 24, 2017 at 7:38 pm

    All too true.

    JOHN B in reply to natdj. | February 24, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    With the MSM, we could have a video of Ellison and his thugs desecrating a Jewish cemetery and they would still blame Trump. It’s what they do.

    Walker Evans in reply to natdj. | February 24, 2017 at 11:04 pm

    Ellison is a Muslim who has spoken favorably about CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. He gives a person good reason to believe he is an Islamic Supremacist.

    Just the man the DNC needs to carry its lefist-progressive agenda into the future, destroying the organization in the process.

The Proctologists of America are thrilled to have recognition.

I mean, just imagine, you check your daily appointments and see Maxine Waters just before lunch.

The Wassermann years were a steady drip, drip, drip of stupid that did no good for the Dems and much good for indies and GOP-ers, with frequent reminders of what we don’t want.

I think Ellison would continue that dynamic and fail to help the left wing of the Dem party to attain/maintain control of the party. Ellison would help the GOP effort to peel away Jewish voters from the Dems, particularly important in Dem areas of strength, mainly big cities. I also think Ellison would cost the Dems a certain number of donors big and small who don’t want their names anywhere near Ellison’s love for the racist, anti-American Louis Farakhan, not to mention Farakhan’s UFO motherships in the sky.

As for the current administration, it doesn’t matter who the Dems pick for DNC chair – there will be constant attackson all fronts.

As the centrist Dem party fights with the far lefty wing, I wouldn’t be overly surprised to see someone other than Ellison or Perez elected.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to Henry Hawkins. | February 24, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    PS: A GOP and/or Trump administration willing to fight like Dems can keep Ellison on the defensive 24/7 concerning his documented history of anti-semitism, anti-Israel activism, and love for the whack-assed Farakhan.

      Tom Servo in reply to Henry Hawkins. | February 24, 2017 at 6:18 pm

      Although the heart of the Dem party is with Ellison, I’m willing to bet that the money men still strongly favor Perez. Men like Haim Saban have all but said their financing of the Dem party is over if they choose Ellison, and I think in the end that’s going to be determinative.

      But it’s going to be funny as hell to watch all of the Bernie supporters react to being shafted by the Dem establishment *twice*.

I literally laugh at the cognitive dissonance of Democrats necessary to try and label TRUMP anti-Semitic (the man with direct Jewish family members), and simultaneously wanting Ellison to be the DNC chair.

DO IT. Ellison is an absolutely PERFECT representation of what your party stands for.

    Tom Servo in reply to Olinser. | February 24, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    You put me in mind of a joke I heard recently.

    Q. What’s the difference between Donald Trump and a liberal Jew?

    A. Donald Trump has Jewish grandchildren.

Com’n, Keith, you can do it. Lets bring the Islam matter to the forefront. All of this has been postponed long enough.

Ellison, because of that Nation of Islam connection, may be the D’rat ticket to bringing the Muslims—who, aside from a dedication to totalitarianism, share absolutely no policy goals with the Liberals, the Progressives, La Raza, BLM, the Socialists, the communists, the fascists, or the sexually confused—into an electoral “big tent” large enough to out-vote plain ol’ everyday Americans. So I think he’ll be their preferred choice.

I’m guessing the DNC upper-crusts will want to keep their party relevant (well, as much as they can) and push for Perez. If they can fake him as the ‘face’ of Trump opposition and proceed to throw every nasty slur and insult at Trump to drive down his numbers, they can run him for president in two years. Name recognition, “He’s not Trump” and cash would be a tough thing to fight against.

I guess tomorrow we will see if Democrat Jews are more Jewish or Democrat. . .

Kiss of death for the party. Bring it on- make my day.

I’ve never been so aware of the election of someone to head up a party’s National Convention. The televised debates as if it were a presidential election really seems unusual. Is it the main stream media trying desperately to bring some relevance back to the party??

Ellison leaves me uneasy as a pick, beyond his anti-Semitism.

He strikes me as someone that somehow has mastered broader appeal despite what I perceive as a radical set of positions. His district is D+20 or something, but it’s quite diverse. It’s not a majority-minority VRA district but has a good swath of liberal but mainstream “Minnesota nice” in it.

I don’t think he is a standard leftist but quite committed and smarter than the Maxine Waters of the world.

He seems to me more dangerous than a Perez or certainly DWS (who was only a danger to herself and the party) and not to be underestimated.

I would hope that his radical positions would make the party more toxic and his at times quite off-putting statements would hurt party appeal.

But he has thrived all this time in flyover country (albeit urban Minnesota) despite that, so I suspect he is a canny individual.

He would hurt their large donor fund-raising for sure, but maybe improve the small donor raises.

Regardless, I see him as potentially dangerous, unlike the last clowns.

Two groups that couldn’t be more different: Muslims and progressives. And yet they are drawing closer to each other because of shared hatreds – of Jews, of Israel, of conservative evangelicals and Western culture. The cognitive gymnastics feminists, gays, Jews will have to engage in should Ellison get the nod. I mean, Islam and women’s rights or gay rights simply don’t fit into the same package…? What are these folks thinking?