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Democrats Split Over Keith Ellison Allegations

Democrats Split Over Keith Ellison Allegations

It wasn’t so long ago than another high ranking Minnesota Democrat was left out to dry by his party

Democrats are split over recent allegations of domestic abuse recently pinned to Rep. Keith Ellison, the DNC’s deputy chair.

Former girlfriend Karen Monahan claims Ellison dragged her off a bed while yelling profanities, an event that precipitated their breakup. At the point where Ellison allegedly grabbed her and began pulling her off the bed, Monahan began filming the encounter on her phone.

The allegations surfaced when Monahan’s son posted on Facebook that he’d found the video on his mom’s computer.

Speaking to CBS news, Monahan claims Ellison said, “Hey you f***ing hear me? Bitch, get the f*** out of my house.” She’s also said she has no plans to release the video. She explained the video was somewhere on a flash drive with her personal belongings in storage and that even if she could put her hand on in it immediately, she wouldn’t share the video publicly because it’s “embarrassing.”

Of course, Ellison denies the allegations.

Ellison is leaving Congress and running for Attorney General in Minnesota. There, Democrat and progressive groups are split over whether it’s best to continue supporting Ellison or jumping ship in the event it takes on too much water.

Seth McLaughlin at The Washington Times has more:

A couple of liberal organizations have called on Mr. Ellison, who is stepping down from his House seat to run for attorney general, to pull the plug on his campaign. Others that were excited about his candidacy have gone quiet.

“Keith Ellison is on the ropes,” said Larry Jacobs, director of the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance at the University of Minnesota.

Mr. Ellison’s ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan and her son accuse him of physical and verbal abuse — and claim it was caught on tape.

“There is real anxiety in the Democratic Party — particularly at the leadership level — that he is going to become the face of the ticket in the fall,” Mr. Jacobs said. “I think the concern is that not everything has come out, and more will come out, including the video and possibly complaints from other women.”

The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) endorsed Ellison amid the allegations. But committee members are aware supporting Ellison is a risky move, saying, “If he breaks our faith right now, it’s going to devastate the party.”

From the Minnesota Post:

One of the members of the DFL’s central committee who voted to endorse Keith Ellison for attorney general Saturday said his decision was both personal and political.

Joel Heller, an Iraq war veteran from Duluth, said descriptions of domestic violence like those given by Ellison’s former girlfriend Karen Monahan remind him of abuse he suffered as a child. “The triggers hit,” Heller said.

Heller said he cried when Ellison addressed the DFL’s executive committee Saturday, and said that he asked Ellison three different times during the course of the morning whether he was telling the truth in denying allegations brought forth by a former Ellison girlfriend, Karen Monahan. “When someone comes up to you and they look you straight in the face, when they say, ‘Hey, I didn’t do it,’ you’ve got to take a person’s word,” Heller said.

But Heller said he knows the consequences if it turns out that he and the party put trust in Ellison that he didn’t deserve. “If he doesn’t tell the truth, not only is he going to be branded a liar now, he’s going to branded a liar for years and years to come,” Heller said. “We put faith in this person and that’s all we’ve got is faith. If he breaks our faith right now, it’s going to devastate the party. The Republicans are going to cream us in November if that happens.”

Ellison might have party support now, but whatever support remains is trepidatious as best, which should be concerning for both Ellison and those in his camp.

It wasn’t so long ago than another high ranking Minnesota Democrat was left out to dry by his party — former Senator Al Franken.


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Anybody that has ever voted for Ellison has no business voting. But of course, we’re not allowed to screen for fools and idiots.

Every GOP candidate for ANY office
– should demand their democrat opponent
– to denounce this action or
– suffer the electoral consequences of supporting the abuse of women

the media
– would do so
– if the shoe was on the other foot

That’s “domestic violence” now, is it? To set the bar any lower, they’d have to dig a hole for it.

Good think he didn’t call her anything nastier than “bitch” or they’d be swearing out warrants to drag him in chains to the People’s Tribunal.

I think the allegations are that Ellison dragged her while yelling profanities.

Please don’t shoot me. I am just the messenger.

Ellison MUST be held to the same standard that ALL of the other “predators” have; there is no religious exemption just because the leaders of his faith treat women as chattel

    C. Lashown in reply to NoFlow. | August 23, 2018 at 4:12 am

    This lowlife deserves every negative thing that happens to him, multiplied by 10. An ex-Farrakhan disciple, he’s had decades to polish his repertoire of lies and half-truths…along with that boastful Dindu Nuffin look of innocence. Islam is his natural creed, even before he understood all of the implications.

Just another par for a democrat candidate. The only thing that counts is the D in front of their name. It would not matter a bit if they ran Ted Bundy.

He’s got three get-out-jail-free cards. One is he’s black. And two is that he is a muslim. Actually, three is he’s a Demorat. He will get to keep his position because, like many other Dems, this scandal is a resume enhancement.

    You forgot “no evidence.”

    Look, I have no use for Ellison, but right now all we have is the woman’s unsupported word. The alleged video doesn’t matter unless she finally releases it.

    I do have one question for the accuser: if the video is so inaccessible, then how did your son stumble upon it?

    Have to stop here. Pale Moon is using over 50% of the CPU and the lag is insane.

      Occasional Thinker in reply to Casey. | August 23, 2018 at 10:03 am

      I assumed from the beginning the video had little chance of being released. My guess is she is clothed in a manner appropriate for someone that had just participated in bed related activities with their lover. I know I wouldn’t want a video of myself in that state going public.

The Friendly Grizzly | August 22, 2018 at 9:43 pm

Franken was a mere Jew, thus expendable. Ellison is black. The party will do nothing.

He is a dirtbag, but… he is a Democrat dirtbag.
So, I understand it is hard to just throw him under the bus…

Just more examples of the Criminal Behavior from our Congress ,, both demoCrap and GOP. Don’t forget ,, they have a slush fund to pay off anyone who claims sexual assault !!

Nobody is talking about his decades-long membership of NOI and support of Farrakhan, which he now denies ever happened.

Or about his open support for cop-killers.

I think all of these people misunderstood the meaning of “me too” in #MeToo