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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said during a recent interview that if Republicans take back the House of Representatives in November, that certain Democrats will be stripped of their committee assignments. He pointed specifically to Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, who serve on the House Intelligence Committee and Ilhan Omar, who serves on Foreign Affairs.

Rep. Ilhan Omar and other leftists spent months pushing the idea of defunding the police. Now crime in Minneapolis is completely out of control and who does Ilhan Omar blame? The police. In addition to having their budgets cut in various cities, police have been demeaned and demoralized. It's hardly fair to blame them for any of this.

It's never a good idea for an elected official to reveal themselves as a Useful Idiot, especially when it comes to their country and/or its allies defending themselves from terrorist attacks. That's exactly what happened earlier this week when a Wisconsin Democratic congressman defended Rep. Ilhan Omar by insinuating that criticism of her anti-Semitic stance on Israel defending itself against Hamas attacks was based on racism.

Following the Supreme Court's denial of the Texas lawsuit—later joined by 17 states, New Jersey Democrat Rep. Bill Pascrell is demanding that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuse to seat the 126 House Republicans who supported the Texas suit. LI readers may recall Pascrell filing complaints against and trying to get lawyers representing President Trump disbarred.