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I don't even know where to begin with the story on President Donald Trump's tax returns in The New York Times. There is so much wrong with it that someone like me, with no accounting or tax background, can figure out the article is worthless. But how about the three media conspiracy theories debunked by the story?

Back in July, Kemberlee blogged about CNN's "explosive" report that, according to "sources," President Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen claimed the then-presidential candidate knew about the June 2016 meetings at Trump Tower between Donald Trump, Jr., and Russians. Cohen's lawyer Lanny Davis appeared on CNN on Wednesday night and directly refuted the story.

Are you getting tired of this yet? I know I am. The media obsession with non-stories is tiresome, but because the he-said, she-said is what's passing for serious news these days (regardless of veracity) we can't ignore it. So, here we are. Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen recently claimed that President Trump was aware of Don Jr.'s Trump Tower meeting. Left-leaning media is obsessed with the Trump Tower meeting. They're completely, wholly convinced it was during this meeting that Russia collision occurred.

The Senate Judiciary Committee released 2,500 pages of transcripts and documents about a June 19, 2016, meeting at Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer. Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort attended in hopes of leaving with dirt on failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Turns out they didn't get what they wanted. The left has also received nothing since they hoped this would help prove collusion between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia.

Daniel Frisiello, the man who allegedly sent envelopes containing white powder to Donald Trump Jr. earlier this month, has been freed from jail while he waits for his trial by a Massachusetts judge. Vanessa Trump, wife of Donald Trump Jr., was rushed to a hospital after opening the envelope. Frisiello is confined to his home and prohibited from using the internet and from mailing anything.

Donald Trump, Jr.'s wife Vanessa is at a New York City hospital after she opened an envelope with white powder. From ABC7NY:
The letter was addressed to Donald Trump Jr. and sent to the couple's apartment on East 54th Street in Manhattan. His wife, Vanessa, opened the letter just after 10 a.m. She and two other people were decontaminated by firefighters at the scene and taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

The Bannon v. Trump v. Bannon drama just got a bit more interesting. Axios is reporting that Bannon has clarified the Woolff book controversy and has released a statement to Axios regarding his regrets about not responding to the "inaccurate reporting" of his quoted remarks. From Axios:
Battered by the backlash from Michael Wolff's book, Steve Bannon is trying to make amends with the Trump family, providing a statement to Axios that expresses "regret" to President Trump and praises his son, Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. celebrates his 40th birthday in two weeks. To kick off the birthday festivities, several friends held an early birthday party for Don Jr. at a Dallas restaurant. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz attended the party. Because it's funny, someone brought a cookie cake with the likeness of President Obama from his iconic "Hope" poster iced on the front. The two posed for a picture with the giant cookie, Don Jr. posted it to Instagram, and then the internet lost its mind, hurling Racist™ accusations and the like.