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Merry Christmas Legal Insurrection Readers! During my childhood, my maternal grandmother heavily influenced my current love for American Musicals. When my family would visit my grandparents in central Maine, I would would watch her many VHS tapes of Shirley Temple, Rogers & Hammerstein, and Judy Garland musicals.

People messing up the twelve days of Christmas has always annoyed me, even before I converted to Catholicism. Christmas is not a day. It is a season that lasts twelve days. It begins on December 25 when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and ends twelve days later when the Magi visit the nativity.

Posting this video has become an annual tradition here at Legal Insurrection, but it holds special value this year. The video features an event that took place in 2010, long before the pandemic which has closed businesses and shuttered people in their homes, apart from each other during the holiday season.

In the spirit of Christmas and the joyful traditions that come with it, I’m going to veer in a non–political direction with some thoughts on what I’m thankful for this holiday season.

Unless Kim Jung Un launches a balllistic missile or does something else dramatic today, it's likely to be a slow news day. So use this post to wish each other well, argue, or post things of interest in the comments. As long as you keep it clean, there is nothing "off topic."