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Today's update starts with some disturbing news for residents of New York City. Like, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has read the reports of beaches across the country, from California to Virginia, being visited by quarantine-weary citizens. Furthermore, there are stories that New York City's residents are partying like its Mardi Gras in some sections of the city.

Thousands of health care workers headed Cuomo's call for help and volunteered to go to New York to help amid the COVID-19 pandemic. New York was hit particularly hard. Now, those that spent more than 14 days in the Empire State will be required to pay state income tax, even if they're being paid by entities in other states for their work in New York.

On Tuesday night, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio oversaw the police breaking up a Hasidic funeral for a rabbi who died of the Wuhan coronavirus. De Blasio lashed out at the Jewish community (but made sure to also say "all communities" to probably try to save his butt) in a tweet, which has set off anger and condemnation from all fronts.

A Brooklyn man who describes himself as a "progressive, socialist, bicyclist, feminist, environmentalist, globalist, he/him" and native New Yorker on his Twitter page caught New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYC First Lady Chirlane McCray out for a walk on Saturday in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. The man, who goes by @brooklyn_darren on Twitter, didn't take issue with the fact they were out for a walk on a sunny day. The problem, he stated, was that they were 12 miles away from their Gracie Mansion home, which is already in the middle of a park.

The left is completely loving this coronavirus lockdown stuff.  It gives them the opportunity to control even more of our lives than ever before. We've covered the unreasonable edicts flowing from leftist local and state governments, and now the mayors of New York City and Los Angeles are urging people to report their fellow citizens for social distancing violations and for "operating a business illegally."