The Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York (NYCPBA) lashed out at the “cowards who run” NYC and demanded the NYPD stop policing social distancing.

“This situation is untenable: the NYPD needs to get cops out of the social distancing enforcement business altogether,” stated PBA President Patrick J. Lynch.

Lynch then said that those “cowards who run this city” have not given the police anything “but vague guidelines and mixed messages, leaving the cops on street corners to fend for ourselves.”

Lynch noted that “[N]nobody has a right to interfere with police action.” The NYPD has received some backlash, which means those who run the city “are once again throwing us under the bus.”

He could be referring to the situation on May 3. Cops went to break up a group in NYC when two of the people “allegedly refused to move along and resisted cops’ efforts to cuff them.”

People gathered nearby to watch, which made Officer Francisco Garcia mad:

“Move the f- -k back right now!” a Taser-wielding Garcia yells as he breaks away from the melee to engage the bystanders. “What you flexing for? Don’t flex!”

Garcia then holsters his Taser — only to grab one onlooker from the crowd, identified by cops as Donni Wright.

Garcia wrestles the 33-year-old to the sidewalk, repeatedly slapping his head and punching him, as another cop moves in to help cuff him, the video shows.

The NYPD said Garcia felt threatened when Wright struck a fighting stance — a move not caught in the clip — and that the cop suffered an unspecified injury in the brawl.

Wright was hit with charges including assault of a police officer, menacing and resisting arrest.

Internal Affairs Bureau began a probe on Garcia, who will remain on modified duty until it’s completed.

Lynch pointed out that NYC politicians have put the cops in a bind by “watering down our laws, releasing real criminals and discouraging proactive enforcement of fare evasion and quality of life issues.” This has led to NYC subways “in chaos” and “hero nurses getting mugged on their way to the hospitals.”

He concluded: “As the weather heats up and the pandemic continues to unravel our social fabric, police officers should be allowed to focus on our core public safety mission. If we don’t, the city will fall apart before our eyes.”

I’m shocked Lynch did not call out NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s hypocrisy. Then again, he did not name names, but we all knew who he is talking about in his statement.

At the beginning of the crisis, de Blasio encouraged people to go out and live their life. The New York City health commissioner told de Blasio to shut down the city, but the mayor refused.

It did not take long for the virus to ravage NYC, making it the epicenter of the pandemic.

Plus, de Blasio has defied his own social distancing and lockdown rules. He used a public gym in Brooklyn. De Blasio and his wife recently went on a walk in a park 11 miles away from his residence. With no self-awareness, de Blasio even waved to a person taping his adventure.


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