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This story is developing _____ At least three people, including a gunman, were reported killed and several others injured in an attack outside the main Synagogue and other locations in Austria's capital Vienna. According to Vienna-based Krone Zeitung, one of the attackers blew himself up and others accomplices are on the run in what appears to be a coordinated terrorist attack.

Austria has decided to follow the United States and Hungary in pulling out of the United Nations migration pact that is set to be ratified in December. The Austrian government was pulling out of the UN-sponsored pact to "defend its national sovereignty," local news reports say. "Austria rejects the possibility that the migration pact could establish new, customary international law which would be binding on Austria or could be interpreted as such," Heinz-Christan Strache, Austria's Vice Chancellor and head of the Freedom Party, told reporters. The international accord seeks to blur the line between legal and illegal immigration, a statement issued by the government said.

Vienna Police have booked criminal charges against three pro-Israeli activists for waving an Israeli flag to a group of anti-Israel demonstrators. They have been accused of waving the Israeli flag "in an extremely provocative way" causing "considerable offense among the Palestinian protesters," Austrian media reported, citing the police statement. If found guilty, they could face up to hundred euros in fine or two days in prison.

Last week, Austria's National Union of Students (ÖH), the country’s leading student body, passed a sternly worded resolution condemning the anti-Israel boycott campaign -- or the "Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions” Movement -- trying to get a foothold in the country. The student body raised concerns about the "growing presence of the antisemitic BDS campaign" on Austrian college campuses and vowed to combat the antisemitic agitators trying to infiltrate student politics.

Just two weeks after the right-wing AfD Party’s surge in the German election, Austria’s Freedom Party (FPÖ) is set to join the country’s next coalition government. The Freedom Party, Europe’s oldest surviving right-wing party, which ran on an anti-Islamization and anti-mass migration platform received 26 percent of the votes, party’s strongest performance in twenty years.

With 10 days until the Austria's election, the right-wing Freedom Party (FPÖ) is surging in polls. According to the pollsters, the party could win up to 25 per cent of the vote in October 15 parliamentary election. Such a strong showing at the ballot box could propel the party to the position of kingmaker as a junior coalition party in the next conservative government.

Remember the Left's chorus of "build bridges not walls", condemning every sane move from limiting mass migration into Europe to President Trump's proposed border wall? With Jihad warfare fueled by mass migration rocking one European city after another, Europe's ruling class is finally having an unpleasant rendezvous with the reality. Though it's still "open borders" for the ordinary citizens of the street, the ruling class is protecting itself as it senses the approaching disaster of its own making. Austrian government has taken the first steps by constructing blast walls -- capable of withstanding vehicle bombs -- around its vital state buildings in the capital city of Vienna, including the Federal Chancellery, the President's Office, and a few other key government ministries, local newspapers report.

"What the refugees bring us is more valuable than gold," said the Socialist German politician Martin Schulz while addressing the students at the University of Heidelberg last year. With Islamist terror attacks hitting one European city after another and Germany in the grip of a self-inflicted Migrant Crime Wave, the gifts of mass-migration from Arab and Muslim countries are manifolds indeed. While Europe’s mainstream media and the political elite, wedded to the narrative of cultural relativism, are busy peddling the 'culturally enriching' effects of mass-migration, there is no way of glossing over the fact that unregulated Arab and Muslim immigration is reviving the scourge of antisemitism across Europe. Study after study shows how Europe is mass-importing antisemitism seven decades after the end of the Holocaust.

In what should be a new low for women rights in Europe, Austria's leftist President Alexander van der Bellen has called on "every woman to wear headscarf" in order to fight growing "Islamophobia," Austrian media reported today. Going by the Austrian media coverage, the otherwise perpetually-offended feminist groups in Austria and Europe have failed to respond to this outrage. "[I]f it goes on like this, with the rampant Islamophobia, a day will come when we will have to ask every woman to wear a headscarf," President Van der Bellen, Austria’s recently elected Head of the State could be seen saying in a video clip addressing young students.

Hotel Kaiserwasser and Hotel Regina in Vienna, Austria, have canceled a BDS event by a British-Palestinian lawyer. News agency reported that Hotel Kaiserwasser canceled the event due to charges of antisemitism and one employee received threats by the Jewish community. Some have disputed this:
“Nonsense,” said Raimund Fastenbauer, general-secretary of the 7,000-member Vienna Jewish community, adding that he informed the hotel about the “antisemitic character of BDS” movement targeting the Jewish state. The Hotel said it canceled the event due to “operational unfeasability,” according to Fastenbauer told the news site, “Nazis demanded, ‘Don’t buy from Jews,’ BDS formulates the [Nazi] demand in a similar way today.”

The push back against the progressive left's agenda that culminated in the election of President-elect Trump had been gaining steam for a while now and not just on this side of the Atlantic. Faced with poor economic growth, an influx of refugees, a sense of losing their national identity, and a variety of country-specific reasons, the entire Western world seems on the verge of the same sort of election-revolution we just witnessed in America. Heralded as the "the liberal West's last defender," Angela Merkel has been under intense pressure based on her open door policy to refugees, and she now finds herself feeling the growing dissatisfaction of the German people even more powerfully than before Trump's victory.
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