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Austrian State to Issue ‘Ten Commandments’ for Migrants

Austrian State to Issue ‘Ten Commandments’ for Migrants

The new code of conduct urges refugees to respect Austrian law, refrain from violence.

The state government of Lower Austria has a proposal in front of them called the “Ten Commandments of Immigration,” which specifies rules of conduct for migrants seeking asylum in the country, including refraining from violence and showing gratitude to the host country.

Germany’s state-run DW News reported the details of the proposed code for asylum seekers:

Authorities in Lower Austria are set to issue a new code of conduct for refugees to follow, according to a report on Monday.

The rules would be referred to as the “Ten Commandments of Immigration,” and would be issued to new refugees as soon as they arrive in the state, the German newspaper Welt reported.

Among the rules, migrants are required to:

Learn German
Adhere to Austrian laws
Adopt “Austrian values” and raise children in accordance with them;
Resolve conflicts nonviolently
Respect religious freedom
Prevent unnecessary suffering to animals
Show gratitude to Austria
The rules would underpin integration courses in 15 different languages for individuals applying for asylum. Refugees would be asked to sign a written agreement to adhere to them.

Officials would issue the “commandments” to refugees alongside their official asylum application documents, the regional minister responsible for asylum policy, Gottfried Waldhäusl, was reported as saying.

The move comes amid growing migrant crime in Austria. The 2018 annual crime report issued by the interior ministry showed that foreign nationals committed almost 40 percent of all crimes in Austria. The police booked 105,812 foreigners for various crimes in 2017, a 100 percent rise compared to ten years ago. The Afghanistan suspects topped the migrant crime list, the official report said.

Just like the Chancellor Sebastian Kurz-led government in Vienna, a coalition made up of the conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) and the right-wing FPÖ rules the state of Lower Austria. Chancellor Kurz’s government has come under repeated attacks from the mainstream media for its “harsh” immigration policy, including cutbacks on welfare payments going to migrants.

Elected officials belonging to the FPÖ brought forth the proposal. “It is not forbidden to demand a little something in return for granting someone protection for a duration of time and give him everything he needs: namely, a little bit of gratitude for Austria,” FPÖ politician and state’s county commissioner, Gottfried Waldhäusl, said.

The FPÖ leadership has spoken out against mass immigration from Arab and Muslim-majority countries. “Let us put an end to this policy of Islamisation,” FPÖ party chief Heinz Christian Strache said during the 2107 election campaign, “otherwise we Austrians, we Europeans will come to an abrupt end.” He has also proposed legislation that “prohibits fascistic Islam,” similar to the ban Austria placed on the Nazi party and symbols following the Second World War.

The European mainstream media lashed out against the move. An Austrian province asking migrants to follow the law and respect social norms has “caused a stir,” German state broadcaster ARD reported. The “commandment” number ten telling migrants to “live in gratitude to Austria” has “generated [the] most controversy,” the British newspaper Telegraph commented.

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Terence G. Gain | May 15, 2019 at 7:22 am

This is a predictable result of allowing people into your country who are adherents of a supremacist, totalitarian, conquest ideology. Some reading of the doctrine and history of Islam would have been prudent.

Let me get this straight. Basically you have a bunch of entitled immigrants ignoring the law. Solution to give them written “commandments” on how to behave. OK.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to rightway. | May 15, 2019 at 10:13 am

    When they break laws or the commandments, then kick their miserable tails out of the country. Considering the lesson already taught by Muslims, do not let anymore of them in.

    The best solution to declining populations is to implement incentives for CITIZENS to have 3 or more children.

    Bringing in people of low intelligence that think they are superior, is nor wise.

      juliathemechanic in reply to JusticeDelivered. | May 15, 2019 at 12:26 pm

      This has always been the excuse for encouraging Islamic immigration: our people don’t have enough children to keep the country functioning into the future. Allowing angry, violent, intolerant people into your country and putting them on welfare is obviously, a non-solution to that problem. In fact, it’s just cultural suicide. In Hungary, Victor Orban decided to solve his country’s fertility rate through financial incentives. Hungary’s current fertility rate is 1.45 and it needs to be at 2.1 or above by 2030. So he’s doing the following:

      1. Women who have 4 or more children will be excused from paying income tax for the rest of their lives. In families with 2 or more children incremental tax benefits will be provided.

      2. Citizens will receive government incentives for purchasing 7-seat automobiles to support their larger families.

      3. Couples who marry under the age of 40 will be eligible for cheaper bank loans and mortgages, with increasing amounts of money written off as they have more children. After the birth of three children the loan or mortgage would be considered paid in full.

      4. The government will build and develop many new nurseries and day care centers.

      5. Any woman owing student debt will have the balance cut by 50% if she gives birth to 2 children. For 3 or more children her debt will be cancelled.

      6. The government will establish a research institute to study demographics and will look into other ways to increase the Hungarian population.

      It seems like so many times there’s a problem and the politician’s answer is a quick, dumb fix. This is an actual fix and I wish more countries would follow suit.

    tz in reply to rightway. | May 15, 2019 at 2:03 pm

    The logical question is if they disobey, say, by raping lots of women at a music festival, doing mass Halal slaughter, throwing acid, what is the government going to do about it?

    I’m quite sure they aren’t going to throw anyone in prison for a long time as they do when their citizens post a tweet that violates some hatespeech law.

“The European mainstream media lashed out against the move. An Austrian province asking migrants to follow the law and respect social norms has “caused a stir,” German state broadcaster ARD reported.”

Yet, native-born Austrians are expected to follow the law and respect social norms without question.

Why would this cause a “stir”? When you go into the home of someone, you follow their rules, that is a societal norm.

Perhaps the “stir” is media-driven.

    zennyfan in reply to herm2416. | May 15, 2019 at 12:54 pm

    It’s the expectation of gratitude that irks the elites the most. Taxpayers should be thanking the immigrants.

    juliathemechanic in reply to herm2416. | May 15, 2019 at 1:03 pm

    The European mainstream has a noblesse oblige problem. The truth is, the Socialist vanguard sees themselves as superior to these people and feels sorry for them. They don’t believe they have the intellect or breeding to act decently so it treats them like poorly behaved, financially dependent, severely retarded children. This is ironic as Islamists are supremacists, and there are a lot of Islamists in Europe now. They don’t even think of Europeans as people, just more annoying things to be removed, another culture to over-write.

    When a person is among equals, peers, they demand honesty, non-violence and decent behavior. They expect that their peers treat them the same way they are treated. If a peer were to treat you badly you would react in kind. If you did a large favor for a peer and in turn they raped your daughter or burned down your church, what would the proper reaction be? Hint: it would not be to cover up the crimes and throw more money at the problem. It would be jail or deportation. That is, if you were dealing with a peer and not simply fulfilling your social obligations toward a lesser people. These are not lesser people. They’re perfectly capable of following laws, acting politely and treating others well. Expect it . Demand it.

Perhaps Austria has had a change of heart. Immigration reform, especially when forced by social justice adventures, is Pro-Choice, and has exhibited the characteristic anti-nativism of historical progressive regimes.

Just a simple misunderstanding. Once fluent in Austrian they will be fine citizens. isn’t that what Obama would say?

Albigensian | May 15, 2019 at 12:35 pm

These “commandments” are far beyond any that could be considered politically acceptable in the United States.

Then again, these “commandments” are nothing of the sort: with not even a hint of an enforcement mechanism, they are at best merely polite requests.

Because nothing quite projects national pride and confidence as well as demanding, “Please, please, don’t trash the country that offered you asylum!”

    juliathemechanic in reply to Albigensian. | May 15, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    Well, it’s a start. And it’s embarrassing to the Islamists. It puts them on the spot. They obviously consider themselves to be on a Hijra – migration to a foreign land in order to bring it under the control of Islam. That’s fine, they can try it, but no one has to give it to them. If Austria asks each migrant to sign the commandments and one of them commits a crime, they can use that as part of the evidence to deport them. Declaring the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s many offshoots as terrorist organizations would be a very helpful additional move for them. If you’re found to be part of a terrorist organization that means automatic expulsion.

Begging these people to obey your laws won’t work. Try rigid enforcement along with video of the offenders doing the perp walk with commentary by LE on the nightly news regarding the expectation of compliance. THAT is the only thing that will be effective.

Wishful thinking, I know.

If the refugees follow a religion that teaches your law, and indeed your hegemony over any land, anywhere, is illegitimate, what then?