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Austria: Antisemitism widespread among Muslim Students, Study Reveals

Austria: Antisemitism widespread among Muslim Students, Study Reveals

European leaders in denial as study after study reveals rising Antisemitism within Europe’s Muslim population

“What the refugees bring us is more valuable than gold,” said the Socialist German politician Martin Schulz while addressing the students at the University of Heidelberg last year.

With Islamist terror attacks hitting one European city after another and Germany in the grip of a self-inflicted Migrant Crime Wave, the gifts of mass-migration from Arab and Muslim countries are manifolds indeed.

While Europe’s mainstream media and the political elite, wedded to the narrative of cultural relativism, are busy peddling the ‘culturally enriching’ effects of mass-migration, there is no way of glossing over the fact that unregulated Arab and Muslim immigration is reviving the scourge of antisemitism across Europe. Study after study shows how Europe is mass-importing antisemitism seven decades after the end of the Holocaust.

“Among youth with Muslim background antisemitic bias is widespread,” reports the Austrian newspaper Der Standard. The majority of young Muslims hold strong anti-Semitic views, reveals a recent study conducted in vocational training schools across Austria. Other studies aimed at youth in Austria have come up with similar conclusions. This trend is also consistent across Europe.

Germany’s dwindling Jewish community makes up a measly 0.2 percent of the entire population. But antisemitism in the country, given the utter irrationality that comes with it, is thriving even without any Jews.

A German study published last month found that 50 percent of the recent migrants held anti-Semitic views. The same study found 20 percent of Germans affirming antisemitic statements — a worrying number in itself.  The numbers dipped sharply when Christian migrants were approached. Only 5.4 percent of migrants originating from the northeast African country of Eritrea, a Christian-majority country, affirmed antisemitic views.

Vienna-based newspaper Der Standard reports the Austria study:

A recently published study looking into the political opinions of trainees [at vocational training schools] indicates that anti-Semitic bias is widespread among Muslim students. Last year, Centre for Civic Education at the University College of Teacher Education (Vienna) interview nearly 700 trainees. (…)

Half of the respondents, 48 percent, agree with the statement that “Jews have too much influence in Austria.” If German was spoke at home, that number was 24 percent. (…)

This isn’t the first time that studies carried out among teenagers and young adults of Muslim background in Austria show strong anti-Semitic tendencies. In 2015-16, Vienna-based sociologist Kenan Güngör used interviews to investigate extremist tendencies among Viennese youth. The study found that 47 percent of young people of Muslim background displayed disparaging attitude towards the Jews. Here too, the negative attitude among non-Muslims was significantly lower.

How are Europe’s politicians and the establishment media responding to the challenge of rising Antisemitism in their midst? Simply by covering up the facts and shutting down the debate.

Recently, German public broadcasters made a concerted effort to censor a documentary that exposed antisemitism among Europe’s Muslim population and German government’s funding of antisemitic groups. Only after weeks of public outrage, the broadcasters were forced to release and air the documentary.

After decades of bankrolling antisemitic incitement in the name ‘Palestinian cause,’ European governments are upping the ante by importing antisemitism en masse.

According to German government’s own admission, more than 300 Hamas and 1,000 Hezbollah members have found a safe haven in Germany. They are in good company, considering Germany is already home to more than 9,000 known radical Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood members. Going by the intelligence reports, these numbers are on constant rise. One doesn’t have to be a mathematical genius to foresee the impending catastrophe.

Europe’s antisemitism is not just a threat to its tiny Jewish population, but a symptom of a much deeper malaise. And Europe’s Liberal elite are not merely in denial, but actively covering it up.

Antisemitic demonstration in Belin [July, 2014]

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Humphrey's Executor | June 20, 2017 at 2:37 pm

Good plan. Import antisemitic migrants into a country with a history of severe antisemitism issues. What could go wrong?

well, that’s TOTALLY unexpected…

Shocked, just shocked. It probably means the other half are lying.

Well, they’ll fit right in with the rest of the anti-Semitic europussies.

While that is worrying, I would like to see a comparison of their anti-Semitism to their anti-Christianism, just to see if its really that much worse or, as I suspect, they just hate all non-Muslims.