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Today News Africa Reporter: ‘America is the Only Country on Earth That People Die by Gun Without Even Being in War’

Today News Africa Reporter: ‘America is the Only Country on Earth That People Die by Gun Without Even Being in War’

Has…has she not been to any countries in Africa? Nigeria? Somalia? DRC?

WHAT? Has Today News Africa reporter Hariana Veras not kept up with the news in Nigeria? Chad? Democratic Republic of the Congo (DCR)? How about Somalia?

Veras described America as the most violent place in the world in a long-winded question about gun control:

REPORTER: “Just a follow up quick, still on gun violence. We have spoke, like between me and some friends, that in this country, and this — I’m making this point because — because we need to remind people that America is the only country on Earth that people die by gun without even being in war. Because — I’m giving this example because in Africa there is countries in have in war, but people doesn’t even have access to gun. It is very hard. Because the government and everybody’s very conscious that the guns can cause a lot of destruction. But in this country it is very normal for everybody to have access to gun, and this needs to be controlled. But what can people like me, common people, can also — what can we do to help control gun in this country?”

JEAN-PIERRE: “Well, look, what I can speak to, there are many ways that people can get involved in — in dealing with the gun violence that we’re seeing here.”

Excuse me?

I remember covering Boko Haram regularly when I worked at Breitbart. How long has Africa had child soldiers?

Here are only a few examples. I won’t even get into the violence in Mexico, El Salvador, Venezuela, Honduras, etc.

Hours ago, literally hours ago, reports on the violence in the DCR forced people to move east. Who is causing this? Over 130 armed groups:

More than 130 armed groups operating in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo are creating havoc and terrorizing the population with their brutal, frequent attacks. Whole communities have become uprooted. Millions of displaced people have been consigned to a life of destitution and dependence on international aid.

The latest deadly attack occurred in Ituri province on January 19 at the Plaine Savo site for internally displaced people. U.N. refugee agency spokeswoman Eujin Byun says armed men stormed the site and killed two adults and five children.

“Many shelters were looted and burned down to the ground. As many as 17,000 people fled to the greater security of the nearby town of Bule. They are now staying in schools, churches, and poorly covered outdoor markets without sufficient food and water,” she said.

The UNHCR says more than 200 civilians have been killed in a series of attacks in Ituri in the last six weeks, causing tens of thousands to flee for safety.

How about the Catholic priest who was burned to death in his home after armed men broke into his house:

In Nigeria, Father Isaac Achi was burned to death at his residence in Paikoro, a local government area of Niger state. The armed men had set his house ablaze after a failed break-in at 3 a.m. Another priest who was at the house, identified only as Father Collins, was shot and injured as he tried to escape.

An Indigenous priest from the area ordained in 1995, Father Achi recently was the priest in charge of St. Peters and Paul Catholic Church in the Diocese of Minna, Nigeria.

A 2021 UN report found that West Africa has the most child soldiers in the world. These are “soldiers” recruited by the government and armed groups:

For five years the region has seen increased conflicts in which more than 21,000 children have been recruited by government forces and armed groups, says the report. In addition, more than 2,200 children in the region have been victims of sexual violence since 2016, says the report.

More than 3,500 children have been abducted, making it the region with the second-highest abductions in the world, said the report.

“The numbers and trends are extremely worrying for current and future generations of children,” Marie-Pierre Poirier, UNICEF’s regional director for West and Central Africa told The Associated Press.

“Not only have grave violations against children perpetrated by parties to the conflicts not stopped across West and Central Africa, but we have even seen a spike over the past five years, with a 50% increase in the total number of verified grave violations,” she said.


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Fat_Freddys_Cat | January 24, 2023 at 4:03 pm

“But what can people like me, common people, can also — what can we do to help control gun in this country?”

If you’re not a citizen of the U.S. you can mind your own damned business.

As mentioned above, Africa has massive violence by groups using guns. It is usually what keeps them in the news. What Africa is not bothered with is, too many liberals, too many criminals and too many mentally ill

    Paula in reply to Whitewall. | January 24, 2023 at 4:16 pm

    Oh, that’s different. All the massive violence by groups using guns in Africa are in a war.

      jb4 in reply to Paula. | January 24, 2023 at 9:05 pm

      Yeah, right – and what’s her explanation for the massive gun violence in Mexico, in the news on a near daily basis?

        Milhouse in reply to jb4. | January 25, 2023 at 8:40 am

        Again, there’s a state of war in Mexico. Ordinary people, who are not part of the war, have no access to guns, so they’re sitting ducks for the warriors. Like farmers in medieval times; basically a background for the warrior class’s fighting, and they lose either way.

      GWB in reply to Paula. | January 25, 2023 at 12:29 pm

      But it’s tribal and religious (e.g., muslim) war. So, it’s akin to our gang “wars”.
      So, in the end, you can remove a huge chunk of the inner-city violence from America, and… voila!, we don’t have much gun violence at all – outside of “war”.

    murkyv in reply to Whitewall. | January 25, 2023 at 9:15 am

    I know the man who created and runs The Okapi Project game preserve in the DRC.

    Just a few years ago, he had 6 of his people and several of that endangered species shot and killed by rebels….with guns

“America is the only country on Earth that people die by gun without even being in war.”
Rule of journalism: Remember to mention only the crimes.
Be a good little statesucker and never, ever mention their use in self-defense.

    Yes, ideally an arm, a leg, a weapon, will raise the opportunity cost, thereby deterring criminal and “heroic” affirmative action.

Ah, but those countries are at war, and only the soldiers (on all sides) have guns. Ordinary people, who are not participating in the war except as victims and as collateral damage, have no guns to defend themselves. Kind of like Chicago.

“But what can people like me, common people, can also — what can we do to help control gun in this country?”

You can go back to Africa where it’s safe.

    Paul in reply to Paula. | January 24, 2023 at 4:45 pm

    My thoughts exactly. You’re not educated in how our system works? You didn’t grow up with an appreciation for our constitution and bill or rights? Then the best way you can ‘help’ us is to shut your f*cking mouth and f*ck smooth off. Good and hard. Have a nice day.

    Flatworm in reply to Paula. | January 25, 2023 at 8:06 am

    The only correct answer to that question is “Are you high?”

Scalped, too.

Although… men, women, and “our Posterity” are from native. Feminists are from Venus. Masculinists are from Mars. Social progressives are from Uranus. Perhaps not Earth. War of the worlds!

And of course that dumb, lying, Marxist wh*re KJP didn’t correct her on the invalid premise of her question.

I have it on good authority that there are daily flights to the African continent if this foreign reporter feels unsafe in America…

I wonder what killed 31,000 in Mexico in 2022

    henrybowman in reply to Aggie9595. | January 24, 2023 at 5:28 pm

    Which, by the way, was the nearly constant gun death toll in the USA for decades, up until the Floyd Virus and that other one. Yet, if Mexico were a US state, it would be an A+ Brady/Giffords-rated state for gun laws.

Maybe our pervasive gun ownership is why we don’t have so many internal wars like Africa does. Gangs have to respect the populace.

America has the safest rate of privately-owned gun use in the world. There, I can make shit up, too.

You can cook stats to say anything. All I’d have to do to accomplish this one is count the number of people who legally own a gun but don’t use it in the commission of the crime. It’s the highest in the world!

    1% of all US counties had 42% of the homicides.
    5% of counties had 73% of the homicides.
    50% of counties had zero homicides.

    Homicide is not a national problem.

    Great study, great graphs.
    Crime Prevention Research Center

    DaveGinOly in reply to healthguyfsu. | January 25, 2023 at 11:48 am

    That’s probably true. Do the math. There are somewhere between 80 million (a figure I think is too low) and 120 million (a figure that is likely closer to the truth) gun owners in this country. Let’s call it 100 million.
    Let’s call the unlawful homicide rate 10,000/year. (It may be higher now, but it has been lower within the last few decades. I’m using this figure for simplicity. It’s close enough for gub’ment work.)
    Each year 0.0001% of gun owners use their guns for murder.
    Any statistician would look at that figure (which is “statistically insignificant”) and would conclude “American gun owners are 100% responsible and law-abiding.”
    Yet you’ve never seen a headline that reads, “Yesterday, 100 million American gun owners killed no one.”

      It’s better to count only legal gun owners and the crimes they commit. It comes even closer to actual zero.
      And, then, of course, it’s close to 95+% of illegal gun owners that commit crimes (aside from illegal possession).

Wow. That mophead lesbian immigrant must have been happy to not field a question about Brandon’s corruption and time as a Foreign Agent while being in Government and instead was able to focus on this Administrations favorite subject, how much America sucks

Wait a second, is this reporter and the WH press secretary by implication arguing that the USA is less safe and more violent than any other Nation not at war? Oops that means the USA isn’t a suitable destination for those claiming asylum b/c clearly we are too dangerous a place for refugees. Either our 2nd amendment makes us a violent hell hole or it doesn’t which is it?

We know the answer. As does anyone who looks at the stats on violent crime. The overwhelming majority of these crimes occur in blue cities whose governance is far least of center. In fact they occur in specific zip codes/neighborhoods within these blue cities.

    DaveGinOly in reply to CommoChief. | January 25, 2023 at 11:50 am

    Consistency is not a liberal strong point.
    Guns aside, we all know American is an oppressive, racist, and xenophobic country. Why would anyone encourage foreigners to seek refuge here?

Africa suffers from endemic corruption and stupidity. Hariana Veras is just representing.

Got to represent

Who knew the Democrats Propaganda Ministry had personal in Africa?

Ok, Let’s play; “Who can spot the planted question!”

Ok, everyone will have 3 guesses!

What a joke.

    You’re from screwed-up Africa. I’m from screwed-up Jamaica. Let’s play: “How can we fix America?”

      NorthernNewYorker in reply to Paula. | January 25, 2023 at 9:44 am

      Jean-Pierre is from Martinique, but her parents are Haitian, which makes your point even stronger. Jamaica is still stable, last I looked.

Otto Kringelein | January 24, 2023 at 9:34 pm

What’s funny in a sick, sad, and pathetic manner is that the democrats controlled the House, Senate, and White House for two YEARS did not push any gun control/safety reform legislation into law. They could have done it easily. But chose not to. And now somehow it’s the republicans fault that there were two shootings in California. A state that has some of the strictest gun control laws on the books. democrats, hypocrites all.

    Democrats love nothing more than dancing on dead bodies. It’s what they live for

    Wayne Lapierre said in the 90’s that Clinton had no problem with gun deaths as long as it advances the democrat agenda

    They want the issue. Not solutions

    DaveGinOly in reply to Otto Kringelein. | January 25, 2023 at 11:55 am

    Notice the narrative that “one more gun law” will solve the problem/make us safer, even though all previous gun laws failed to do either. Why does anyone believe this narrative when the mere proposition that we need more “gun control” is an admission that it hasn’t worked?

Steven Brizel | January 24, 2023 at 9:58 pm

This is progressive hogwash

Queue up that armored vehicle viral video from 2 years ago getting shot to hell in South Africa.

Although to her point, the guns in the hands of criminals are usually “stolen” ie- sold from the corrupt police and military there.

What about all the people Muslims are killing all over Africa?

Ah, OK. A lying reporter asks a question of a lying White House rep. Almost as if the whole thing were scripted so the WH could get the subject on air again. Got it.

Hariana Veras is from Angola. Angola has been in various states of internal armed conflict since their socialist revolution against Portugal in 1961.

Miss Veras is apparently opposed to anyone possessing firearms except govt officials violently suppressing the civilian populace.

Firearm possession in Africa is probably the best current example of how firearms give organized groups political power, and how they give individuals the ability to resist those groups to which they are opposed. Africa also provides many excellent examples of what can happen to individuals and groups who are not armed for their own protection. (Tutsis v Hutus, remember that match?)
“Political power emanates from the barrel of a gun.”
Mao Zedong
Nothing more true has ever been written. Governments understand this, and prefer that we didn’t.

    henrybowman in reply to DaveGinOly. | January 25, 2023 at 4:16 pm

    Mao was even more transparent when he admitted in the very next sentence, “Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party.”

Eewww . . . the recitation of relevant facts and history is SSOOOOO white supremacist!

And the White House mouthpiece just blithely goes along with whatever anti-American nonsense this poor excuse for a reporter spews

Maybe she just means America is the only country in the world where we make a fuss about it.

Try a Third-World Country:

El Salvador – 78.2/100K.
Venezuela – 49.73/100K
Jamaica – 35.22/100K

Or a Generationally Democrat Run City:

St. Louis, MO – 64.54/100K
Baltimore, MD – 58.27/100K
Birmingham, AL – 50.62/100K
Detroit, MI – 41.45/100K
Kansas City, MO – 28.81/100K

Meanwhile, where it’s civilized:

New Hampshire 0.9/100K
Maine 1.6/100K
Vermont 2.2/100K
Idaho 2.2/100K
Utah – 2.9/100K

BTW, the murder rate in MO (11.8/100K) is driven by St. Louis & Kansas City which are responsible for the overwhelming bulk of the State’s murders. So when someone says ‘high murder rates in Red States’ there’s a reason for it. Every single one of them has a high-murder rate city run by Democrats. Baton Rogue, Memphis, Birmingham, etc, etc., etc.

    henrybowman in reply to MosesZD. | January 25, 2023 at 4:18 pm

    “So when someone says ‘high murder rates in Red States’ there’s a reason for it. Every single one of them has a high-murder rate city run by Democrats. Baton Rogue, Memphis, Birmingham, etc, etc., etc.”

    A fact upon which those who believe red secession is any kind of an answer should cogitate.

Yes, Wakanda is an African paradise. Wealthy, technologically advanced and boasting societal/ethnic/religious harmony. Too bad it’s a fictional country.