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Horror in Israel Week at Legal Insurrection

Horror in Israel Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

What’s unfolding in Israel is not only horrific, it’s an outrage.

This seems relevant.

There was lots of other big news this week. McCarthy was ousted.

Who will get the job?

That story pushed Jamaal Bowman out of the news.

The Trump saga continues.


Wait, what?

In other world news…

This seems like kind of a big deal.

These two stories were just days apart.

Compare and contrast.

Well done.

Crime is still out of control.

Speaking of crime…

This is correct.

Good for him.

What a joke.

OK, this was funny.


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How could the planning of something this big, this coordinated, get by Mossad and Israel’s other spy operations?

A lotta investigations yet to be done once the current business is taken care of. And, this time, Israel should really take care of business. The left will condemn Israel regardless of its response. Meaning that there should be no hesitation to do what must be done.

The Mossad was too busy spying on Netanyahu

Israeli elections are like ours in that they reflect a deeply divided society which would include all gov agencies as well. When Netanyahu sought to finally overhaul the self dealing club called the Judiciary, it should be remembered which side, immediately organized and took to the streets. A cross section that naturally spread into the IDF. Chants of we won’t go meaning to resume their military commitment to the IDF were well documented. That meant as long as Netanyahu carried out his overhaul which to the Left meant loss of power. we won’t serve. Those chants are now gone and the marchers are now serving because now is desperation time.

If only the Left could reap the whirlwind of their failures without so much damage to others. On one hand the Left abhors violence but then claims “violence is the voice of the voiceless”. Well…they invested in violence (Iran,Hamas, Etc). And now they got it.

Them, Shinn Bet and others. How did the intelligence agencies everywhere else miss this build up and then attack? Hamas seemed to go ‘old school Russian’ meaning nothing electronic or web based, no written plans or orders. Hamas managed to accumulate what they needed for a fast overwhelm operation and it worked well, maybe to their complete surprise.

“Horror in Israel Week at Legal Insurrection”?

Awfully glib, people.

“Horror in Israel Week”. JFC.

They were said to be caught off guard, that their intelligence agencie let them down. They will be saying the same thing about us the next time we are attacked.

On September 11, 2001 , whilst the towers burned and collapsed, and thousands died , Muslims in NYC were saddened. And horrified. And shocked. And expressed condolences.

Just kidding. They reacted just like they’re reacting to the present-day Hamas killings.

(But there are a lot of folks who’ll try’n’ convince you otherwise. They’re lying.)