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Hunter Biden in Court, Pleads Not Guilty to Gun Charges

Hunter Biden in Court, Pleads Not Guilty to Gun Charges

I wonder if it will turn into a circus like last time.

Hunter Biden entered a Delaware federal courthouse today. Officials will arrest him before he enters a plea on gun charges.

The gun charges are the same ones as before. It stems from his gun purchase in 2018:

Hunter Biden was indicted on felony gun charges in September for making false statements and unlawfully possessing a firearm.

According to the indictment, “on or about October 12, 2018, in the District of Delaware, the defendant, Robert Hunter Biden, in connection with the acquisition of a firearm, that is, a Colt Cobra 38SPL Revolver with serial number RA 551363…knowingly made a false and fictitious written statement, intended and likely to deceive that dealer with respect to a fact material to the lawfulness of the sale of the firearm…in that the defendant, Robert Hunter Biden, provided a written statement on Form 4473 certifying he was not an unlawful user of, and addicted to, any stimulant, narcotic drug, and any other controlled substance, when in fact, as he knew, that statement was false and fictitious.”

The court released Hunter under these conditions:

The judge went over the conditions of Hunter Biden’s release and said he discussed them with the probation officer.

The conditions of release include supervision by a U.S. probation officer in the Central District of California, actively seeking employment, not possessing a gun, not using alcohol, not using drugs and submitting to drug testing if required by the probation office. He would also have to participate in substance abuse counseling if the probation office requires it.


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I have it on good authority that the indictment ends with the phrase “nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more.”

Ironically, for living in a banana republic, I haven’t gotten my monthly allotment of bananas yet.

2smartforlibs | October 3, 2023 at 10:42 am

We are to the point in the hierarchy means there are no laws for the parasite class. Funny the SOL run in 2014 for Turmp but they are still attacking him.

How does he plead not guilty?
Apple doesn’t fall far eh?

Looks like they’re going for one True Believer(tm) in the jury to hang the verdict.

The recent decision in the 5th Circuit, United States v. Daniels, No. 22-60596, (5th Cir. Aug. 9, 2023)…

…may point to this case eventually being dismissed by SCOTUS. This clearly isn’t news to anyone at DOJ. It’s interesting that they’re ‘aggressively’ moving forward with the one indictment is most likely to eventually be dismissed.

Somewhat surprised that his lawyers didn’t argue that Hunter was employed. Monitoring and transferring funds between LLC’s requires total and complete attention. Timing of transfers must be monitored 24/7.

What about the other one? The charges are based on a revolver; but on the laptop, he was waiving around a different one. Where are the possession charges for that?

I dindt do nuffin, man.

Hunter’s rare and valuable Fullauto Colt Cobra 38SPL Assault Revolver Carbine with optional speed loader? How’s he gonna shoot a deer with that monstrosity? Is it even sporting?

It comes in two colours: assault rifle black and SS Waffen alpenflage.

One of the conditions for his release is that he actively seeks employment. Doesn’t influence peddling satisfy this requirement? I think he’s got this covered pretty well.

You know, there is a potential constitutional out here for Sniffing Hunter. Where in the 2nd Amendment does it say drug use/addiction is a prohibition to firearm possession? Are there any historical analogs that Bruen requires?

Now wouldn’t it be rather ironic, and poetic justice against this gun grabbing administration, if good old Hunter’s case resulted in the nullification of more gun laws.

Let’s see. Tax evasion, influence peddling, foreign agent registration? Nope. A gun charge. Are you kidding?

Fat_Freddys_Cat | October 4, 2023 at 8:17 am

The Democrat response to this has me rolling my eyes.

I’ve legally owned guns for decades. I have committed no crimes with them (or without them, for that matter). Nobody has gotten so much as a scratch from them. I’ve never threatened anybody with them. So the Democrats call me a “paranoid coward”, a “domestic terrorist”.

Hunter buys guns illegally. He’s seen on video waving one around while he’s under the influence of illegal substances. His girlfriend (his late brother’s wife no less) tosses the gun into a trash can near a school. So the Democrats say, “Like…it’s no big deal…like…nobody ever gets charged for that…like…come on man stop picking on him….like…his father loves him…”