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Nothing To See Here: Media Steadfastly Ignoring Hunter’s “Uncle’s Brother”

Nothing To See Here: Media Steadfastly Ignoring Hunter’s “Uncle’s Brother”

And other things the media under-reported last week.

The hacktivist media would be demanding the immediate removal from office of a Republican president for far less, but because the mounting scandals involve a Democrat, they simply don’t care that the sitting president stinks to high Heaven of tens kinds of corruption.

This reminds me of the evergreen tweet by Iowahawk that we often see over at Insty:

The Democrat hactivists are, of course, pretending that there is no evidence (direct or otherwise) of Biden family corruption that includes “the big guy.” They are wrong.

Twitchy: “Try to spot the difference in Reuters’ framing of allegations against Trump vs. Biden”

Nothing To See Here

Everything is wrong with this:

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

NBC News accidentally notes what is wrong with our bloated, busy body government.

The fact that he is shocked by this is the problem.

PJ Media: “Criminal-Friendly Seattle Is So Bad This Guy’s Shocked When a Judge Won’t Let Him Go”

Kari Lake. Ugh.

The Right Scoop: “[VIDEO] Kari Lake now spreading disgusting lies about Ron DeSantis”

Don’t think this can’t happen here.

Babalu Blog: “Man arrested by Cuban police for possession of powdered milk is beaten to death”

Gruesome Newsom really wants to be president.

Hot Air: “Newsom vetoes unemployment for striking workers”

Creating little Democrat activists appears to be the only goal of education these days.

Washington Free Beacon: “How New Jersey Is Working To Turn Kindergartners Into Climate Activists”

Definitely Nothing To See Here

This is heart-breaking to me. And infuriating.

Task and Purpose: “Congress blasts Pentagon for ‘dreadful’ barracks conditions”

This is . . . I have no words.

The full text:

Meet the guy who prosecuted me in Tampa for walking in a building on January 6th.

My crimes were so egregious that he demanded I wear an ankle monitor, be drugged tested at random, surrender my passports, be restricted to middle district of Florida, and given a nightly curfew.

What restrictions do you think he should get for stabbing a man repeatedly in public?


Seth Dillon drops a truth bomb about trans activists.


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The state media ignoring something is as telling as a union voter guide: to be ignored or as a guide about what not to do, or what is really relevant.

“Reading between the lines” and parsing have become necessary arts to finding the real stories. Or going to some foreign news agencies, like Australia’s Sky News.

Unbelievable, the abrupt turn made by the media.

The corporate media derive their revenue from the folks who pay them; advertisers. The entities that advertise, other corporations are increasingly controlled by weirdo activists on the left and/or entities, like Pharma who want slanted reporting with certain topics verboten.

Unless they are presented with a photo or video of Joe Biden accepting a suitcase of cash coupled with audio of him explicitly thanking them for the bribe money they ain’t gonna put much, if any, effort into reporting this story. Even then there would be no shortage of apologists to speculate this evidence was all AI generated nonsense. The true believing kool aid drinkers gonna stand by their man no matter what.

“Brothers and sisters, I have none /
But this man’s father is a degenerate, unprincipled snake.”

Big media is usually for sale. For example, Bill Gates spends around $350 million a year for good press. He is not alone. All the major media gets paid. How many times have you seen the media reporting that they are paid to slant the news?

ThePrimordialOrderedPair | October 5, 2023 at 12:36 am

Nothing To See Here: Media Steadfastly Ignoring Hunter’s “Uncle’s Brother”

To be fair, these sorts of relations might not be as obvious in the criminal Biden clan as they would be in any normal family. After all, Hunter was cheating on the affair with his sister-in-law with the sister of his sister-in-law.

Pretending Ron DeSantis was perfect on covid doesn’t help him.

He wasn’t.

I remember the closed beaches. The cancelled reservations. The empty state parks

He was better than a lot.

But he was no Kristi Noehm.

Trump still talks good about the vaccine, and about Project Warpspeed –even in the face of booing.

I would put money on the idea that DeSantis does not shy away from admitting the mistakes he made at the beginning of covid.

But his supporters seem to find it scandalous when anyone dares mention it.

    CommoChief in reply to Azathoth. | October 5, 2023 at 1:09 pm

    I don’t see why anyone would get hot about discussing the facts about the various Chief Executives record on Covid particularly among the candidates seeking the nomination. Noam may have the better overall record among various Gov and the two Presidents who presided over Covid era policy decisions …but she ain’t running for President.