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Report: Biden Admin ‘Undermining’ Israel-Saudi Normalization by Pushing Palestinian Demands

Report: Biden Admin ‘Undermining’ Israel-Saudi Normalization by Pushing Palestinian Demands

The Israel Hayom newspaper: “Biden administration’s focus on this matter has had the effect of hampering the potential momentum and has impeded would-be breakthroughs.”

While President Donald Trump negotiated the landmark Abraham Accords by de-linking them from the Palestinian demands, the Biden White House is reportedly ‘undermining’ the normalization of diplomatic ties between Israel and Saud Arabia by doing the bidding of the Palestinian leadership.

Biden staffers’ obsession with the ‘Palestinian aspect’ threatens to derail the historic breakthrough nearly three years after the Arab-Israel peace accords were signed in the White House under Trump’s watch, the country’s leading newspaper Israel Hayom reported Monday.

The newspaper noted that the Biden administration’s “emphasis on the Palestinian aspect has been perceived as over the top and thus had the potential of undermining the entire process,” citing both Israeli and Saudi sources.

The latest revelation shows that the Biden administration is sticking to the myth that Israel can’t have peace with its Arab neighbors unless every single Palestinian demand is met — ignoring the fact that the Palestinian leadership has no interest in peace.

In December 2016, John Kerry, the then Secretary of State, declared that the “Arab countries have made clear that they will not make peace with Israel without resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” Trump shattered that fallacy by roping several Arab countries into the Abraham Accords framework after Palestinians rudely rejected his generous peace plan.

The Israel Hayom reports:

Sources familiar with the ongoing talks have told Israel Hayom that the Biden administration’s focus on this matter has had the effect of hampering the potential momentum and has impeded would-be breakthroughs.

One source noted that on the big issues – including a potential US-Saudi defense alliance that would come alongside a new civilian nuclear program in the kingdom – there are no insurmountable gaps because the disagreements are not substantial. The source noted, though, that the American emphasis on the Palestinian aspect has been perceived as over the top and thus had the potential of undermining the entire process.

The criticism of the White House among Israeli figures and Saudi elements has been voiced behind closed doors. The officials stress that Riyadh is not part of the pressure on Israel to make major diplomatic concessions to the Palestinians. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in an interview with Fox News several weeks ago, refused to make demands from Israel on the Palestinian issue and has simply stated that his expectation was merely that Israel “improved the lives of Palestinians.”

Nevertheless, Biden administration officials currently engaged in the mediation process between Israel and Saudi Arabia have floated a series of demands from Israel on this matter. As Israel Hayom reported several days ago, the US asked Israel to allow the reopening of an independent US consulate general in Jerusalem that would effectively serve as a diplomatic mission to the Palestinians. Additionally, pressure is mounting on Israel to increase economic support for the Palestinian Authority.

Guess who else isn’t too keen on the prospect of Saudis putting aside their longstanding hostilities towards Israel? The Mullah regime of Iran. On Sunday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi responded angrily to the ongoing Israel-Saudi talks, calling a possible peace deal “reactionary and regressive.’

The Israeli newspaper’s disclosure comes days after a bombshell report that several senior officials of Biden’s Iran team were, in fact, working for Iran. At least three top aides to Biden’s Special Envoy to Iran, Robert Malley, were members of the notorious Tehran-run “Iran Experts Initiative” (IEI), set up to influence policymaking in Washington, the U.S. news website Semafor reported September 29.

Malley, according to CNN, was playing a “prominent role” in finalizing a ransom deal between the Biden White House and Iran — before he was suspended and stripped of his security clearance for undisclosed reasons three months ago. In September, Biden released $6 billion for rescuing 5 U.S. hostages being held in Iran illegally.

The Times of Israel reported Iran’s angry response:

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Sunday denounced any attempts by regional countries to normalize relations with its arch-enemy Israel as “reactionary and regressive.”

The remarks came amid ongoing US-brokered negotiations between Israel and Saudi Arabia to establish formal ties, with the United States saying on Friday that the two countries are moving toward the outline of a deal.

“Normalizing relations with the Zionist regime is a reactionary and regressive move by any government in the Islamic world,” Raisi said during an international Islamic conference held in Tehran. (…)

Raisi on Sunday further labeled any normalization attempt as the “foreigners’ desire,” while stating that “surrender and compromise” regarding Israel were not on the table.

The Biden White House is unwittingly siding with Iran and PLO-Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmud Abbas by pushing the Palestinian agenda at the cost of Arab-Israeli reconciliation in the Middle East.

The towns and cities run by Abbas’s PA have turned into cesspools of jihad and terrorism. The PA gives more than a hundred million dollars yearly to convicted terrorists and their families. Despite its terrorism-financing “Martyrs Fund,” the Biden White House reversed Trump’s decision to stop payments to the PA and announced aid worth $235 million in 2021 and raised it to $316 million in 2022.


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These people are dangerous idiots, especially Malley.

One hopes that cooler heads among the Israeilis and Saudis will prevail, even as Biden tosses monkey wrenches.

They should push ahead anyway, with or without America. Their peace should mean more than what ever peace can be achieved with Democrats (which won’t be worth fuck all).

The Duke d’Escargot | October 3, 2023 at 2:06 pm

Israel haters have zero incentive to negotiate.

Their strategy is working just fine:

1. Threaten to kill anyone who disagrees with them. Only kill a few.

2. Claim victimized status whilst living off the largess of donors around the world.

3. And eventually, win a case — ANY case at all will do, no matter how big or small — in front of a rigged “international court”

They may well succeed.

If they can get a ruling by a “court, “ then that ruling will be used to justify every kind of undermining of Israel’s government and destroy Israel.

    The Duke d’Escargot in reply to The Duke d’Escargot. | October 3, 2023 at 2:31 pm

    By “only kill a few” what I mean is that they titration the killing in accordance with the effect it has on public opinion. It’s warfare but there isn’t near as much killing as in say Ukraine right now. It’s very effective in part because they get to pick and choose when to expend resources, whilst Israel and the world must expend lots f resources every day in order to defend themselves.

    The moment that they agree to any kind of peaceful coexistence, they lose all power to threaten.

    They’ll never do it because (1) the leaders are living quite comfortably as it is today, and (2) these are people whose traditions include honor killings — eg, a brother murders his sister for dishonoring the family by going to a movie with a Christian boy and kissing him good night.

    For some reason that I’ve never understood, a lot of people do not accept that if someone is willing to murder his sister for dating a Christian boy , perhaps such a person is not real amenable to compromise or win-win solutions in other aspects of life.

    Hey Blinken, did they ever discuss such things at any of your super expensive super sophisticated schools ?

Another day, another way the pedophile in Chief jeopardizes prosperity and peace.

As much as I despise the regime in Washington, I can’t help but think that MBS is the one pushing to get as much as he can on the Palestinian issue.

He is the head of the World Capital of Islam (whether Iran likes it or not). If he is going to do something that could raise as much ire as creating diplomatic relations with Israel, he has to have something concrete and sizeable to show the Islamic world on the Palestinian issue.

    Milhouse in reply to Eric R.. | October 3, 2023 at 11:28 pm

    Nope. Neither he nor any of them give a sh*t about the “Palestinians”. Any concern they express for the “Palestinians” is only to signal their virtue, and the moment it becomes in their interest to sign an accord without concessions (i.e. if Israel stands strong and refuses to make any) the demands will evaporate.

The Biden White House is unwittingly siding with Iran and PLO-Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmud Abbas

“Unwittingly”?! They’re not that dumb.

USA Let’s make peace

Abbas No

USA Ok but let’s make peace

Abbas Ok but no

USA Here’s half a billion dollars and there’s much more where that came from.

Abbas Thanks

USA Ok so now let’s discuss the beautiful advances that could be made if there was peace.

Abbas No

USA But please pleeease pleeeaaasseee with a cherry on top. Can’t you understand that peace is the best?

Abbas No

USA But please baby , please baby , please baby , baby baby please


Is this how the diplomats and employees of the US State Department conduct their affairs in their private lives as well?

The utterly witless and malevolent Biden Administration is aligned with the malignant Iranian regime’s interests — what a disgrace these idiots are.

Steven Brizel | October 4, 2023 at 8:44 am

Israel and the Saudis especially Netanyahu and MBS are ignoring Biden because Biden has sold out to the Iranians and Malley & Co were Iranian agents of infliuence paid for by US taxpayers dollars

William Downey | October 4, 2023 at 10:22 am

“Unwittingly siding?” Please. The administration is well aware that it’s cozying up to a snake.

The Biden administration’s now-suspended Iran envoy Robert Malley helped to fund, support, and direct an Iranian intelligence operation designed to influence the United States and allied governments, according to a trove of purloined Iranian government emails. The emails, which were reported on by veteran Wall Street Journal correspondent Jay Solomon, writing in Semafor, and by Iran International, the London-based émigré opposition outlet which is the most widely read independent news source inside Iran, were published last week after being extensively verified over a period of several months by the two outlets. They showed that Malley had helped to infiltrate an Iranian agent of influence named Ariane Tabatabai into some of the most sensitive positions in the U.S. government—first at the State Department and now the Pentagon, where she has been serving as chief of staff for the assistant secretary of defense for special operations, Christopher Maier.

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It’s dizzying-the possibility
Ashes to ashes all fall down