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Midterm Season Goes Into Full Swing Week at Legal Insurrection

Midterm Season Goes Into Full Swing Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

The midterms are just weeks away now. Could we see some surprises this year?

What is Mitt Romney doing?

Yes, it has.

Crime is going to be a big issue in the elections.

It’s out of control.

Drugs are also an increasing problem.

The other big news of the week was Hurricane Ian.

Of course, it was politicized by the left.

But there are real lives at stake here.

This is sickening.

Biden is not well.

What happened in Italy has scared the left.


World news.

Where is crying AOC?


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Full Swing is not till midnight on election day.

Suburban Farm Guy | October 2, 2022 at 10:56 am

Got to love these cool, crisp fall nights. So perfect for ballot harvesting…

Seriously though these week roundup topics are great. Somehow I miss about half of the stories and i get a second chance. Thank you, sir!

The fun part is that the polls show the Rs +0.9%, which means +6%. All you have to do is look at the mounting hysteria at the NYT, WaPo, etc. to see just how terrified they are. Well, they’re always “terrified,” but this time they actually are. LOL

I think the October Surprise is almost on us – Russia is doing so badly in the Kherson theater of war that they will have no choice but to use nuclear weapons – and soon. While nukes don’t guarantee victory for Russia, they do provide a pretext for Biden to declare a state of emergency and use those powers to interfere in the election.