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Let Them Make Solar Panels Week at Legal Insurrection

Let Them Make Solar Panels Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

For the Biden administration, it looks like job destruction is job one. The optics of this are terrible and their justification is tone deaf.

These people are being punished for nothing.

It’s going to be a long four years.

Of course he does.

There’s just no end to this.

They’re not even trying to hide it.

The never-ending election.


This story is amazing.

Such hypocrisy.

World news.

Branco cartoons!


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Go ahead… listen to Monsieur Jean Fraud Gigilo Goodhair and learn to make solar panels and then spend years of your life at a new job only to have reality jerk the rug out from under you a few years later when the economic fallacy of this fairy dust rears its ugly head! Then maybe you can learn to code like Jackass Joe did! Meanwhile this arrogant, hypocritical not-too-swift-boat, medal-tossing, tax-dodging, flip-flopping, self-absorbed, moisturizing-metrosexual hung-like-a-field-mouse, Jihad Coddling, Easter Island fashion model with Churchill Downs Syndrome (still living off his second wife’s first husband’s fortune) uses more fossil fuel energy than your entire neighborhood!!

These people running the government are complete nitwits!

Ya gotta love the obedient lapdog press that refuses to challenge the notion that there are “millions” of jobs in the so called “clean energy” sector. They pretend that stimulus money spent on shovel ready green jobs that weren’t, to quote BHO, “Shovel ready” wasn’t anything more than a complete and utter defrauding of the American tax payer and payoffs to Obama admin cronies. If there were truly millions of “green” jobs to be created, WITHOUT the government propping them up, those jobs would already be created. This is nothing more than the continued fleecing and weakening of the United States while redistributing our wealth to 3rd world hell holes that we’re somehow, according to these phony elites, responsible for helping.

When obama was first elected he granted about 500 miilion to some crony capitalist to make solar panels and it was bankrupt before the year was out. Not a penny was recovered except the kick backs.

Yesterday (or was it the say before?) was bright and sunny as I passed by one of the taxpayer subsidized solar panel installation in CNY. Perfect day for getting power from solar panels. Were the ones I passed not covered in 6 inches of snow from the day before when it wasn’t a good day for getting power from solar panels. Looks like tomorrow will be another day with zero power from all the very expensive subsidized with taxpayer’s (my) money solar power installations.