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Branco Cartoon – Ain’t No Stopping Them Now

Branco Cartoon – Ain’t No Stopping Them Now

They’re On The Move, They’ve Got The Groove

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Pandemic? The Wahu Bat-Soup Flu must be over, now that Creepy Uncle Joe is in office….

Hey Joe, check your watch. It’s 9:30 am, time to call a lid, take your meds, take a nap and change your you know what.

An anonymous source with direct knowledge of the situation reported that Joe said, “The only thing in school I ever was good at was nap time in Kindergarden…

…I got straight Z’s.”

As a resident of Texas, in a de facto sanctuary city, we will be experiencing the effects of this insanity, and there is nothing positive to be anticipated.

Ol’Jo’Groper thinks he’s having a Gorbachev moment.

It is both sad and despicable how Slo Joe’s constant concern is tearing down anything that President Trump did. His concern isn’t about leading America or making the country more secure. Oh NO, it’s about dumping on President Trump.

I only hope he lives long enough to see his only son receive a long long prison sentence. He and Pelosi have got to be the two ugliest politicians I’m aware of…other than Schummer and Romney and every commie Democrat in DC. A slow death of leprous rot would fit them all really nicely

I find it fascinating that the inauguration of Biden nearly exactly coincides with the absolute peak of Covid infections and testing.