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Criticizing Communism is Frowned Upon Week in Higher Education

Criticizing Communism is Frowned Upon Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

Higher education in America has gone so far to the left that criticizing Marxism is now problematic.

Stepping out of line can even get you banned from campus.

Liking the current President of the United States is also a big no-no.

If you disagree, just keep your mouth shut.

Meanwhile, anything the left wants is required.

The left sees no problem because it doesn’t affect them.

On the bright side, higher ed is getting some much needed scrutiny.

Big update on Gibson’s vs. Oberlin.

Coronavirus is still making a mess of things.

Remember when college was fun?

Who could have predicted such a thing?

Alrighty then.


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Marxism is the main curriculum in public schools from kindergarten to graduate universities

At least that is progress. How many times have we been called conspiracy theorists for using the word “communism” to describe the communists. At least now they are acknowledging who they are but “frown” at the word. They prefer “progressive”.

But that is getting worn out to so we should expect them to again co-opt another word like they always do. Liberal used to be a good word ?when it meant freedom. But now? Everything is about lying and deception with these commies.

Where are the republicans that used to champion education reform, school choice, etc? We have an opportunity to make great changes across the board and suddenly they are silent.

What an effing surprise.