The students driving this effort probably can’t stand the fact that a conservative newspaper is even allowed to exist.

The College Fix reports:

Petition demands Dartmouth College punish conservative student newspaper

A petition circulating within the Dartmouth College community denounces the 40-year-old independent student newspaper, the Dartmouth Review, accusing it of having “hateful ideologies” and demanding campus leaders force it to stop using “Dartmouth” in its title.

It also demands some sort of punishment for its writers, calling on administration to “hold student staffers accountable for their bigotry.”

The petition circulated at the Ivy League university in New Hampshire accuses the Dartmouth Review of incubating “racist hate and white supremacy” and “contributing to our nation’s divisive and racially denigrating public discourse through both its publications and the comportment of former staffers.”

The petition was launched July 20 and has nearly 1,000 signatures as of Tuesday afternoon. Notable alumni of the Dartmouth Review include Fox News host Laura Ingraham and conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza.

The petition references the recent resignation of Dartmouth alumnus Blake Neff from Fox News after past posts of his were revealed, leading to accusations of racism against him. Neff wrote for the Dartmouth Review and worked for Fox News host Tucker Carlson after college.

The petition criticizes the university for not publicly condemning the Dartmouth Review:

The College has stood by in complicity while the Review has wielded its brand of malicious and dishonest ‘conservatism’ through vituperative ad hominem attacks, covert and overt racism, vicious taunting and race-baiting, and blatant homophobia and misogyny. BIPOC students, faculty, and staff have been harmed by this bastion of racism on campus, as have Jewish people, women, and members of the LGBTQ community.


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