This makes perfect sense. Leftist professors are much less likely to be on the receiving end of a protest or cancel culture.

Campus Reform reports:

Harvard study: Leftist profs less likely to see ideological imbalance on campus

Harvard University lecturer of Comparative Politics Pippa Norris conducted a study about “cancel culture,” finding that conservative college faculty members are more likely than leftist college faculty members to believe that the lack of ideological diversity on campuses has gotten worse, not better.

According to the study, political scientists in the U.S. and across the world “saw themselves as located in the moderate left of the ideological spectrum.” Based on a scale from zero to ten – far left to far right, respectively – the average score for the responses of political scientists worldwide was 4.53, while in the U.S. the mean score was 3.16. When the U.S. was studied by itself, “the positive skew towards left-wing identification strengthened.”

Norris constructed a “Cancel Curve Index” by taking into account “respect to open debate from diverse perspectives,” “pressures to be politically correct,” and “academic freedom to teach and research.” Given the nearly even distribution across the curve, it suggests that ‘cancel culture’ has not gotten substantially worse or better.


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